The way of working from home during the epidemic has spawned many interesting and practical products. Among them, video teleconferencing has the most communication products, such as speakers, microphones, and cameras. The Poly Sync 20 portable smart speakerphone is a product suitable for remote meetings. It solves the two major difficulties in remote conferences very well, one is clear listening, and the other is clear speaking.

Even though the epidemic has been well alleviated, Poly Sync 20 has still been recognized by many users. And what kind of interesting experience will this speakerphone, which integrates audio and microphone, bring in daily use?

Pink Ribbon Special Edition, IP64 Dustproof and Waterproof

The Poly Sync 20 smart speakerphone purchased is a breast cancer prevention special edition jointly created by Poly and the Pink Ribbon. The style is biased towards female users. The pink canvas textile material is used on the main body, and a silver control area is spliced ​​below. The touch control button area is printed with icons of volume “+” and “-“, mute, call button, etc. The design is relatively simple and direct, and it is more convenient to control. There is an RGB light strip above the button, and the call status can be judged by the color of the light. Green represents the call, and red represents the mute.

In terms of size, Poly Sync 20 is also relatively small, about 18cm long and 9cm wide, about the size of a palm, and it is very convenient to carry around, which also allows this speaker to be used in more scenarios. In addition to meeting rooms and homes, it can also be used in outdoor picnics, meetings and other occasions.

Moreover, the Poly Sync 20 speakerphone is IP64 dustproof and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry too much about the impact of dust when using it outdoors. However, the waterproof performance may be slightly weaker, and can only meet some splashes of water.

There is a portable rope hole on the side of the speaker, which also provides convenience for carrying out. In addition, the on/off button, USB interface and bluetooth pairing button are designed on the other side of the fuselage. Among them, the USB interface can be connected to electronic products such as mobile phones, and the Poly Sync 20 smart speakerphone can be used as a power bank to supply power. The built-in 3200mAh battery is great for short-term power supply when the phone is out of power, adding another reason to carry it out.

It is worth mentioning that the base of the Poly Sync 20 adds an integrated junction box design. When in use, you can directly pull out the USB cable, and when not in use, you can also put it into the hub box at the bottom to ensure cleanliness and tidy, and avoid the clutter caused by the cable.

3-mic array noise cancelling, 360° pickup to solve radio pain points

What is more interesting is that although the Poly Sync 20 smart speakerphone is a speaker, it has added the function of microphone noise cancelling. Compared with the microphones that come with mobile phones or laptops, Poly Sync 20 is more prominent in the clarity of sound pickup and the ability of noise cancelling.

People who often use mobile phones or laptops to hold voice conferences or video conferences should feel this way. In the case of no radio auxiliary equipment, the sound effect of the built-in microphone is very poor. Not only will the surrounding ambient sounds be picked up at the same time, but everyone must be close to each other to ensure relatively clear radio, which is very inconvenient for conference communication.

The front of the Poly Sync 20 body is equipped with a total of 3 microphone arrays, which can perform 360° omnidirectional pickup, no matter what angle you sit, you can pick up the sound. The measured sound pickup effect is relatively good, the air-conditioning wind noise in the conference room has been well suppressed, and basically any position in the small conference room can get clear sound pickup, and the pickup radius is basically not affected within 3 meters.

It is also very simple to use, just plug the USB-A cable that comes with the Poly Sync 20 speakerphone directly into the computer without installing a driver. Of course, it can also be connected to tablets, mobile phones and other devices through bluetooth. The operation can be controlled directly according to the icon buttons on the fuselage, and the learning cost of use is very low.

In terms of sound quality, Poly Sync 20 is equipped with 40mm full-range speakers that support HIFI sound quality, as well as 2-fold passive diaphragm woofers and bass reflex systems, bringing a good music listening experience. In particular, the bass effect is excellent, strong and powerful. The performance in the mid-high range is also quite good, full of layering and clear sound quality, which can completely replace portable speakers.

In addition, the Poly Sync 20 is also equipped with a pink storage bag in the same color, but the main color is black, which can be kept clean, and pink is used as an embellishment to enhance the beauty of the storage bag. When going out for meetings or picnics, the storage bag can carry and protect the Poly Sync 20 very well.


Poly Sync 20 is a small, portable working device for video and voice conferencing. With the built-in 3-mic array and portable operation mode, the pain point of unclear teleconference calls is solved, bringing clearer and easier-to-operate voice interaction. At the same time, the built-in 40mm full-range speaker and passive diaphragm woofer present HIFI sound quality and a strong bass sense of hearing. In your spare time, you can also listen to music to relax your body and mind, and you can also use it as a mobile power bank when you go out.

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