The bluetooth speaker market has not released new products for a long time. The JBL FLIP6 portable bluetooth speaker brought by the JBL brand has been upgraded in terms of audio connection and appearance design while retaining many advantages of the previous generation. So how does this speaker perform? Has it surpassed the previous generation? Is it worth buying?

Appearance Design

The appearance of JBL FLIP6 is still the series’ iconic cylindrical design. This design has been proven by the market and has been preserved as a classic. The overall appearance of the speaker almost continues the design of the JBL FLIP 5. If it is an old JBL user, it will definitely feel very friendly after getting it. The only major change is the logo on the front of the speaker, from the previous JBL classic orange logo to a metallic “JBL” logo. And the color of the logo will also be unified according to the overall color matching of the speaker, and the overall look and feel is very harmonious.

Sound Quality

JBL FLIP 6 achieves stunning sound field performance in a very compact body. I use the JBL FLIP 6 to play music in my 15sqm bedroom, and at just 50% volume it fills the room with music. JBL FLIP 6 uses an independent 10W tweeter in the vocal part, which restores the vocals very transparently. In the mid-bass part, the 20W track-type speakers and the classic double bass enhancement diaphragm are used, and the performance is very shocking when listening to rock music or hip-hop music.

Functional Experience

On the back of the JBL FLIP 6 speaker, from left to right, are the power button, bluetooth switch, power display, and USB-C charging interface. The function distribution is clear, and it can be easily used even without reading the manual.

On the side of the JBL FLIP 6 speakers are the play button, the volume button and the PARTYBOOST button. The PARTYBOOST function is a special function of the JBL FLIP series. If you feel that the sound volume is not enough when using it outdoors, you can connect up to 100+ PARTYBOOST-compatible speakers in series wirelessly to form a more powerful playback sound field. Two JBL FLIP 6s can also be paired in stereo.

The left and right channels in stereo can be set through the JBL Portable APP

In terms of functionality, JBL FLIP 6 has been slightly improved to improve the overall experience of the speaker. In terms of connection, JBL FLIP 6 has upgraded from Bluetooth 4.2 of JBL FLIP5 to Bluetooth 5.1, making FLIP 6 lower power consumption and more stable and efficient audio transmission in terms of connection.

Waterproof Protection

Camping has become more and more popular among young people in recent years, and outdoor is one of the important usage scenarios for portable bluetooth speakers. As a speaker for outdoor playback, the protection performance of JBL FLIP 6 has also been improved to IP67, which can be used normally for 30 minutes in a water depth of 1 meter. In addition, it also has dust protection, which can completely prevent solid foreign objects and dust from entering the speaker and causing damage.

Battery Lfie

The JBL FLIP 6 still uses a 4800mAh battery capacity, and its 12-hour battery life is on par with the JBL FLIP 5. No battery anxiety when using outdoors, no need to worry about finding a charging cable.


As a main outdoor portable bluetooth speaker, JBL FLIP 6 has upgraded the dustproof and waterproof protection, so that this speaker can be used in any outdoor occasions. The upgrade of Bluetooth 5.1 has also significantly improved the stability and speed of the connection of this speaker. Trust me, the JBL FLIP 6 is definitely the portable bluetooth speaker you want to take out the door.

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