I just bought the Meizu POP Pro recently and I borrowed it from a friend. Since I have experienced true wireless earphones with active noise reduction, I use them back to ordinary ones, especially in a noisy environment. I always feel less listening to music. Something was uncomfortable, so I bought another dyPlay ANC Elite. In addition to active noise reduction, it has more transparent modes than Meizu POP Pro, but the price is the same.

Charging case and earphone, charging cable, manual, spare eartips and earwings in two sizes. The independent earwings design can increase the wearing fixed fulcrum, which is more stable and suitable for use during exercise.

Different from the generally round shape of true wireless earphones on the market, the appearance of dyPlay ANC Elite is very tough, full of lines, very recognizable, small in size, and easy to carry.

The charging case has a hexagonal design with a flip-top structure. Because of the earwings, the internal charging compartment has a relatively large space. The front of the earphones is shaped like a shield, and the indicator light is displayed in red and blue. The texture is very rich.

There are four power indicator lights on the front of the charging case. From this perspective, the upper cover has two hollow positions, whether it feels like Alienware.

On the back is the USB-C charging port and Bluetooth pairing button. The button is relatively large and easy to press, and it is treated to prevent accidental touch. The height is flush with the surface of the charging case, so you don’t have to worry about touching it when you put it in the bag.

I prefer the location of the USB-C charging port. I have used a lot of TWS earphones. Many manufacturers design the charging port to the upper position. As a result, the flip cover will be affected during charging. In fact, it can be avoided as long as you go down this problem.

Including the earphones, there are three pairs of eartips and earwings in L, M, and S sizes, which can be replaced according to my own habits. I am not used to wearing earwings, so I took them off after getting the earphones.

The Bluetooth protocol is version 5.0, the transmission distance is about 10 meters, the mobile phone is placed in the bedroom, and I am separated by a wall in the living room. It can also be used normally, and the connection is very stable. dyPlay ACN Elite supports open lid connection, non-inductive switching, and the left and right earphone are not distinguished between the main and the auxiliary, just pick up one and you can use it normally.

For interactive operation, click on either side of the left and right earphone to answer the call, press and hold for two seconds to reject or hang up. When listening to music, click on the right earphone to play/pause, double-click the next song, triple-click the previous song, and long-press 2. Start the voice assistant in seconds, double-click the left earphone to switch between ANC on/off and transparent mode, and long press for 2 seconds to turn on or off the game mode.

The speaker uses a 12mm high-quality composite diaphragm dynamic, supports SBC/AAC decoding, and the three-frequency adjustment is relatively balanced. It has outstanding performance for pop music, rock and roll genres, and vocals, and the customized composite diaphragm unit is pressure-bearing The ability is also better. Under high volume output, it can still maintain low distortion, and the overall sound quality is still more in line with this price.

The noise reduction of dyPlay ANC Elite can reach about -35dB, and the noise reduction bandwidth is 2.1Hz. It can maintain high sound quality while reducing noise. From the data point of view, it is very Nice. In actual use, compared with the Meizu POP Pro I used before, there is no obvious difference. When commuting on the subway or bus, turning on the noise reduction can basically filter out the noise and keep it clean. Radio environment. dyPlay ANC Elite has a transparent mode, which can still carry out normal conversations without taking off the headphones. This function is still very practical.

The battery capacity of the earphones is 60mAh, and the battery capacity of the charging case is 500mAh. Without noise reduction, the battery can last about 5.5 hours in a single time, and the total battery life is 22 hours. The noise reduction mode is turned on throughout the entire process, and the earphones has a single battery life of about 4.5 minutes, and the overall battery life is 20 hours. This set of data is given by the official laboratory. In actual use, I turned on noise reduction throughout the whole process, and did not specifically calculate the time of use. It was just commuting to get off work and listening to music before going to bed at night, and basically I would not receive a low battery prompt. The accumulated battery life is about 30 hours, and it is no problem to meet the requirements of one day.


The overall feeling of using dyPlay ANC Elite can be described by one word: balance. The performance in all aspects is not particularly outstanding, but there is no place to be ridiculed. There are some functions. Noise reduction, sound quality, battery life, interaction and other aspects are above the pass line. I prefer such products. It is very comfortable for daily use, and its black appearance is more resistant to dirt than white.

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