Among MEIZU’s acoustic products, there were previously two active noise reduction headphones on sale, one is neck hanging MEIZU EP63NC, and the other is head-mounted MEIZU HD60. Now, MEIZU TWS has finally been able to follow up. MEIZU POP Pro is its first true wireless headset that supports active noise reduction. Compared with the POP digital series, its product positioning is higher and the overall performance is correspondingly better.

Like many similar products, MEIZU POP Pro is also equipped with an exclusive charging case, which is also the pure white color of MEIZU. Compared with the other products in the POP series, in fact, its design style has changed quite a lot. This time it does not pursue “standing charging”. The whole is more rounded and compact, and it looks much more refined.

There is not much to say about the layout of the front and back of the charging case. Above the MEIZU logo on the front is the status indicator, and below the connection area on the back is a round physical reset button. The MEIZU POP Pro charging case feels very delicate, but this kind of surface treatment is more prone to scratches, and AirPods users should have a deep understanding.

After changing the design style, the charging port of MEIZU POP Pro has been moved to the bottom of the charging case accordingly. MEIZU POP Pro does not support wireless charging, which leaves room for updates for next-generation products. Used together with charging case (active noise reduction is turned off) can reach 20 hours of battery life. After active noise reduction is turned on, it can be used for about 13 hours, and the battery life performance is still good.

In this product, MEIZU uses the official design language called “YUN RAN”. In terms of intuitive visual effects, whether it is the overall appearance or the connection transition between the earphone and the ear handle, it is very smooth and natural, no matter which angle you look at Look, there is no sense of incongruity.

If you are a MEIZU mobile phone user, of course you can experience the portable connection brought by “Flyme Connect in Seconds”. Open the charging case close to the phone, the phone interface will automatically pop up the connection interface, and you can directly understand the current battery status of the headset. However, this function has certain requirements for the system version. It is recommended to confirm it on the official website before purchasing to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage.

MEIZU POP Pro adopts the “triple hybrid active noise reduction technology”. The implementation method is the same as many similar products. It is composed of a feedforward microphone, a feedback microphone and an In-Ear structure. With the third generation noise reduction algorithm of MEIZU, MEIZU POP Pro has the largest The depth of noise reduction can reach 35dB. The actual noise reduction effect is basically at the same level as the OPPO W51 we have experienced before.

For sound quality, MEIZU POP Pro uses a 10mm dual composite diaphragm dynamic driver. In actual use, its low frequency performance is not bad, and the mid-to-high frequency is relatively better. This is also a strategy that most manufacturers prefer at present, which can meet the hearing needs of more ordinary consumer groups. In addition, the sound quality does not change significantly after the active noise reduction is turned on, so don’t worry about this.

Although it is MEIZU’s first true wireless active noise reduction headphones, you can find some of the functions you should find on MEIZU POP Pro. With the help of infrared sensors, MEIZU POP Pro can achieve in-ear monitoring more accurately. The song will automatically pause when the headset is removed, and it will continue to play after wearing it. The control logic is also relatively simple. You can control song playback, answer calls, and switch noise reduction modes by double-clicking or long-pressing.

Comfortable wearability is also one of my favorites of MEIZU POP Pro. Compared with many similar products, it not only has a relatively lighter weight, but also because the earphone handle is shorter, it is more convenient to wear on the ear, and there will be no discomfort when worn for a long time. However, for the sake of ear health, whether you are comfortable or not, you should try to avoid wearing headphones for a long time.

In addition to the above mentioned, MEIZU POP Pro also has IPX5 water resistance. You don’t have to worry about sweating during exercise that will damage the headphones. At the same time, it also has great delay control. After a few days of use, there may be a slight inconvenience because it is impossible to switch songs and adjust the volume through headphones.

In general, the advantages of MEIZU POP Pro are mainly reflected in three aspects: excellent sound quality performance and noise reduction level, wearing comfort is also satisfactory. If you are a MEIZU mobile phone user, it is naturally the most ideal true wireless earphones option, even if it is not, it is not bad to buy it for 499 CNY.


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