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There is no doubt that in the past two years, DUNU has continuously launched new products. Whether it is a flagship product or a mainstream high-end product, it has been loved by many fans. For the entry-level product line, DUNU has not made any new moves. It was not until the Beijing Headphone Show in 2021 that I saw the engineering prototype of the product to be evaluated today for the first time, and the first time I heard it left a very good impression on me. I didn’t expect it to be so high cost-performance when it was launched. This product is the entry-level high cost-performance earbuds to be reviewed today —— DUNU Titan S.

Cost-effective Configuration (Accessories & Design)

As an earbuds product priced at $80, the accessories of DUNU Titan S can also be said to be very comprehensive. In addition to earbuds, the accessories also come with a beautiful cloth storage bag, 12 pairs of eartips and cable clips and other user-friendly accessories.

In terms of Titan S earbuds, a high-density alloy is used as the shell of the earbuds, and the dynamic unit ventilation holes on the outside of the cavity can be seen. The 11mm dynamic unit of earbuds uses a polymer crystal diaphragm, which has excellent performance and excellent damping characteristics, ensuring the transient response of the diaphragm.

In terms of cables, DUNU Titan S is equipped with a 4-stranded copper-silver mixed cable, and a 0.78mm 2PIN pin is also used between the cavity of the earbuds and the cable, which is convenient for users to replace the cables.

Reference Equipment and Audio Sources

Although it is an entry-level earbuds, we still chose the flagship player as a reference. On the one hand, you can fully understand the potential and sound performance of DUNU Titan S. On the other hand, it is also because I have used the FiiO M17 player more recently, and I am very familiar with the sound, and I can clearly feel the sound performance of the earbuds.

In terms of audio sources, I still choose the two streaming media platforms I usually use: Qobuz and Apple Music’s lossless audio. The default headphone interface is 3.5MM interface, which is driven by medium gain.

In terms of albums, I mainly listened to a few recent recordings that I am familiar with, most of which are major compositions of classical music, chamber music and piano works. In terms of popular vocals, I mainly listened to several new albums that are relatively popular recently, such as Adele’s “30”.

“Irrational Internal Competition” of Voice Performance (Sound Quality)

If there is one word that the DUNU Titan S’s vocal performance reminds me of, it is “irrational internal competition”. This is a word that has only become popular in the last year, describing the industry’s irrational competition and excessive internal development. The DUNU earbuds, which cost only $80, have been unimaginable in terms of sound performance in the past few years. It’s just that compared to the same price products in the industry, DUNU Titan S is indeed a leader, and it has a rare balance.

Titan S has a very balanced sound performance. The overall sound style of the final retail version is also more balanced than the engineering version heard earlier. It is no longer a warm and thick sound, and it is more in line with the mainstream aesthetics of current audiophiles. For most types of music, it has enough resolution, soundstage and imagery to perform at the hard quality level. And the overall sound style of DUNU Titan S is a “restrained” but clear sound. Compared with many high-end products with mainstream sound styles, its sound style is more restrained and maintains the same high level of quality performance, which is very rare. Therefore, such a sound style will have a relatively balanced performance for the listening tastes of most entry-level users and most types of music.

Of course, DUNU Titan S also has regrets, but it should be called a trade-off for this price. The sound of the Titan S is more modern, fast, and clear, but slightly worse in sound thickness and looseness. Of course, if you want to have both, maybe 10 times the price may not be enough. And for such a style choice, the DUNU Titan S is certainly right. Such a sound style is more in line with the preferences of current users, and for entry-level users, this style is also easier for ordinary consumers to feel the features and advantages of an earbuds product with sound quality as its biggest selling point.


For the $80 price of DUNU Titan S, it is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective products in the industry. And for a product at this price point, the Titan S has a very balanced sound style. I believe that it can meet the expectations of different users whether it is an entry-level first choice or a cost-effective listening choice.

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