Creative Outlier Pro

Creative Outlier Pro is a highly comprehensive true wireless earphones, which is comprehensive in terms of ease of use, interactivity and sound quality. There are not many TWS earbuds at the same price that can achieve such a balanced performance. The biggest advantage of Outlier Pro is battery life and Super X-Fi technology.

Creative Outlier Pro specs and features:

  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • 10 mm Graphene-coated Driver
  • 15 hours playtime per charge (ANC OFF)
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • Support Wireless Charging
  • IPX5 Water Resistance
  • $80 – Check latest price on: Amazon US, Amazon Germany, other Amazon countries

Appearance Design & Accessories

The packaging of the Creative Outlier Pro is still small. The front is the actual picture of earbuds, and the back is mainly printed with various highlights of the product. When you open the box, you can see a simple instruction manual printed on the inside, and the overall style design is very delicate.

Accessories included in the package include: Quick Start Guide, Compliance Leaflet, Warranty Leaflet, Type-C cable and 2 pairs of silicone eartips.

Since the first earbuds of the Outlier series, Creative has adopted the charging case with this side-push design. Although the opening method is different from the common flip-type charging case on the market, it is also very convenient to use. The charging case is made of brown frosted metal body, which is not easy to scratch. The surface color is more difficult to say, dark gold tone, but some environments will appear gray, the touch is not smooth, and there is a certain sense of damping.

Compared to the true wireless bluetooth earphones I’ve used before, the Creative Outlier Pro charging case is slightly larger and weighs 72g. This is because it has a built-in lithium battery with a larger capacity. Still, its portability is high.

There are 3 battery indicator lights on the left side of the charging case, representing the left and right earbuds and the charging case respectively. Through the 3 colors of the indicator lights (red, yellow, and green), you can know their approximate power remaining. Below the indicator light is the Type-C charging interface. The charging case has a built-in 900mAh lithium battery, which can fully charge the earbuds 3 times.

The Super X-Fi logo is silk-screened on the right side of the charging case. As an award-winning audio technology, it has made Creative’s various series of headphones and speakers stand out in the market over the past two years. If I were to name the biggest selling point of the Creative Outlier Pro, it would undoubtedly be the blessing of Super X-Fi technology.

The side-push opening method is very simple, and the inner box can be pushed out by poking it with your finger. The placement of the earbuds is a little slanted, and it is very convenient to take out the earbuds.

The design of the earbuds does not seem to be very different from the previous generations of the Outlier True Wireless series. But I still like this design style, especially the earbud touch area. In order to make the touch of the blind operation more accurate, the area of ​​the touch area is deliberately enlarged, and the surface is smooth to the touch, which is more comfortable whether it is clicked or long-pressed.

Connectivity & Control

The Creative Outlier Pro uses the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol. The main features of this technology are the enhanced version of ATT protocol, LE power consumption control and signal synchronization, the connection is faster, more stable, and better anti-interference. The most intuitive feeling it gives me is that the stability of the wireless connection is very good, and the left and right earbuds have never been disconnected. The transmission distance can also reach about 10 meters.

After opening the charging case, the earbuds will light up. It is searching for nearby bluetooth signals, indicating that it supports open the box and pair devices automatically. If your mobile phone is connected to Creative Outlier Pro for the first time, you need to connect it in the bluetooth settings of your mobile phone, and you can open the box and pair devices automatically when you use it later. Put the earbud back into the charging case to automatically shut down and start charging.

The touch area on the cavity shell is not only larger, but also flatter, which makes touch control easier. Control music playback, incoming calls, ANC ON/OFF, wake up the voice assistant and bluetooth pairing and other related commands through double tap, triple tap or long press earbud.

Comfort & Noise Cancellation

Among the true wireless bluetooth earphones I have used, the Creative Outlier Pro earbuds are not small in size, and the weight of a single earbud reaches 7g. Although it is an in-ear earbuds, the sound guide tube is relatively short, so there is not much pressure on the ear canal. The earbud shell can fully fit the ear canal, and it is relatively comfortable to wear. But if you want to use it for some sports, my point is that as long as earphones without ear-hook, I never recommend it. In addition, Creative Outlier Pro also has IPX5 waterproof rating.

Each earbud of Creative Outlier Pro has 3 built-in high-quality microphones, which can not only bring a clearer voice call experience, but also bring better noise cancellation effect. The front microphone next to the touch area can detect external noise and cancel the noise through the ANC anti-signal. This hybrid active noise cancellation technology allows users to enjoy music quietly even in a noisy environment.

After some relatively simple tests, after turning on noise cancellation, the sound of rain can be significantly reduced, and the engine sound of cars on the street can be basically eliminated. For high frequencies, such as horn sound, it is not so obvious. In general, the noise cancellation performance of Creative Outlier Pro is still very good. If you need to hear the surrounding sounds clearly while wearing earbuds, just double-click the earbud to switch to ambient sound mode (transparent mode). Especially when crossing the road or need to communicate with others, this function is very useful.

APP & Battery Life

Creative Outlier Pro supports App to do some user-friendly settings. 5 sound presets and 1 custom equalizer are provided in the app. There is the SXFI sound effect on and off keys. Here you can also let the software AI automatically generate sounds suitable for your auditory system based on your ear mold test. It is recommended to use earbuds for the first time, but it is more troublesome to do.

Although the appearance design of the charging case has not changed much, the battery life has been upgraded. The single battery life of up to 15 hours has surpassed most TWS earbuds. When used with charging case, the total battery life can reach 60 hours. It is worth mentioning that the charging case also supports wireless charging.

Sound Quality of Creative Outlier Pro

In terms of sound quality, Creative Outlier Pro also has a certain improvement. It features 10 mm graphene-coated driver diaphragms, the strongest configuration in the Outlier True Wireless range. After a week of burn-in, the sound quality performance stabilized. Compared to other earbuds in the same series that I have used before, the Creative Outlier Pro has a wider soundstage.

I auditioned some big compilation tracks. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, the sound field contains many details and the separation is in place. Although it is not comparable to the sound field performance of over-ear headphones, in true wireless earphones, this sound field performance is completely the level of the first echelon.

Secondly, it is no problem to listen to vocal lyrical songs with Creative Outlier Pro. It reproduces the sound realistically without rendering. In terms of tri-frequency, I think Creative Outlier Pro will be slightly biased towards low frequency, which does not mean that it emphasizes the feeling of quantity of low frequency. But the elasticity and transient of low frequency are excellent, there is a certain extension. The transparency of the high frequency is acceptable, although not as good as the low frequency, but there is no obvious short board, and the sense of extension is quite satisfactory.

Overall, the sound performance of the Creative Outlier Pro is quite satisfactory to me. Compared with TWS earphones at the same price, it has more advantages and can also meet the higher listening needs of some audiophiles. However, when listening to music, it is recommended to turn off the SXFI sound effect. If you are playing games or watching movies, it is strongly recommended to turn on SXFI sound effects.

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