In June 2021, Beats launched its first TWS noise-canceling headphones——Beats Studio Buds. Adopting a brand-new design scheme, bean-like compact size, compared with the sports style of the first generation of Beats Powerbeats PRO, it is more in line with the daily use needs of users. After less than half a year, the third-generation product Beats Fit Pro has also been officially launched recently.

Beats Fit Pro true wireless noise reduction headphones have been further optimized in appearance design, charging case returns to the first-generation horizontal rounded square design, but the volume has been greatly reduced. On the basis of the second generation, the headset adds flexible earwings. By optimizing the ergonomic design, it provides a universal solution to achieve comfortable and stable wear for all people.

In terms of functional configuration, based on the exploration of Apple and Beats in the audio field, it is equipped with the most powerful system of Apple products. It adopts a customized acoustic platform, Apple H1 chip, supports three listening modes of active noise cancelling, transparency mode, and adaptive equalization, and supports dynamic head tracking spatial audio. The battery life has been improved again, and the comprehensive battery life has reached 27 hours. What kind of experience can such a powerful configuration bring? Let’s take a look with me below.

Integrated earwings design, personalized, comfortable and stable to wear

The Beats Fit Pro charging case uses a rounded square design that is more similar to the first generation, but the volume is more compact and flat. The body adopts a matte process, and the touch is similar to that of liquid silicone material, which is very delicate.

This evaluation uses the new purple color scheme, in addition to classic black, white and another new gray color scheme. The two new color charging cases are designed with contrasting colors, and the color matching is more novel.

The appearance of charging case in purple, black and gray. The color of “b” LOGO is different for different color combinations.

Three color matching charging case internal appearance. The color of the earphone is consistent with the color of the charging case. The interior of the purple charging case is dark gray, and the interior of the gray charging case is blue-white, and the color corresponds to the external “b” brand LOGO.

The earbuds inside the charging case is placed flat in the cockpit, and the back of the earbud and earwings protrude from the cockpit, which can be easily taken out.

Beats Fit Pro is still a bean design from the appearance of the earphones. The curve of the earphone is similar to that of Beats Studio Buds. The back cavity is designed with a pinch groove according to the curvature of the human belly, which is convenient for wearing and picking when using.

The back cover of the earphone adopts a new design, adding an integrated earwings to improve the stability of wearing. Earwings are made of flexible silicone material, similar to the “memory collar” of neck-mounted headphone, which will recover no matter how you bend it.

Beats Fit Pro is based on the structure of the human ear and uses the experience, test data and feedback information obtained from Beats and Apple’s previous products to further optimize the fit and long-term wearing comfort while ensuring non-destructive acoustic performance and product functions. sex.

In terms of wearing effect, the flexible earwings can adapt well to the auricle structure of different people, ensuring a comfortable fit and stable wearing effect. For small ears like mine, earwings can be hooked on the auricle, while users with large ears can plug earwings into the auricle to further improve the stability.

The “b” position on the back panel of the headset is still a hidden physical button that supports multiple control modes such as single-click, double-click, triple-click, and long-press, which are used to pause playback, switch noise reduction mode, previous/next and other operations. Compared with touch buttons, it can effectively avoid the accidental touch problem and improve the accuracy of control.

And unlike the previous generation, the entire cover is a floating keycap. Due to the increase in earwings, the location closer to the earwings is a fixed structure, and only the “b” area is a floating keycap. Therefore, a structure similar to a “springboard” is formed, which can be manipulated by easily pressing the edge position during use, which greatly reduces the pressure on the ear canal during manipulation.

The earphones are designed with L/R logos for users to distinguish, silver metal contacts for charging the earphones, and a new skin recognition optical sensor for automatic playback/pause and call control.

This optical sensor uses an upgraded version of multi-wave LED to better determine the proximity to an object and whether the object is skin, improve detection accuracy and avoid accidental touch operations.

We used cardboard, metal, plastic, woven fabric, leather, toilet paper, orange peel and other materials for the occlude experiment. Only toilet paper and orange peel had mistouch problems. And for the dark scenes such as pockets and bags, there is no need to worry about accidental touches.

The earbud pressure relief hole is used to ensure air circulation in the cavity, reduce the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the wearable earphone, and improve the wearing comfort. The inside is protected by a dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the cavity. At the bottom of the earbud is a call microphone opening for voice call pickup.

The side of the earbud is a noise reduction microphone opening, which is used for the active noise cancelling function to pick up external environmental noise; during a voice call, it beams with the call microphone to identify the subject’s human voice, and is equipped with an internal acceleration sensor to eliminate external environmental noise and improve the clarity of the call Spend.

The sound mouth of the earbud is equipped with an inward microphone to pick up sound from the ear canal for active noise cancelling, call, adaptive equalization and other functions. Micro vents are also provided at the bottom of the sound tube to relieve the potential pressure on the user’s ear film and achieve a more comfortable listening experience.

Perfectly compatible with Apple’s ecology, Beats APP enhances the Android experience

Beats Fit Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones are equipped with Apple H1 chip. When used with Apple systems, they are no different from Apple AirPods series. Supports one-key pairing, headphone fit detection, automatic switching between Apple devices, audio sharing, “Hei Siri” voice wake-up, and find functions.

When connected, open the charging case cover and approach the phone, there will be a pop-up window reminding you to connect via iCloud. After the connection is successful, use the open cover to automatically reconnect. And all Apple devices paired to the same iCloud account at the same time, there is no need to re-pair when changing other devices. Up to two devices can be connected at the same time, and the calling device can be switched seamlessly during a call.

In the bluetooth secondary interface, you can adjust the noise reduction mode, preset long-press control options, automatic ear detection and microphone, and perform headphone fit detection, upgrade firmware and other functions. The noise reduction mode and audio mode can also be adjusted in the status bar.

For Android users, you can quickly pair and connect through the Beats App. Open the charging case cover, open the mobile app, and the quick pairing information will pop up in the status bar of the mobile phone. After the connection is successful, you can view the charging case, earphones remaining battery information in the Beats App, and use the same functions as the Apple bluetooth secondary interface mentioned above.

Customized acoustic platform, dynamic head tracking spatial audio

In the product design of Beats Fit Pro true wireless earbuds, fit and sound are the top priorities. Among them, the former is realized based on ergonomic design and the newly-added flexible and flexible earwings structure, and the latter, Beats, is a tailor-made acoustic platform for it, and supports the spatial audio function of dynamic head tracking and adaptive equalization mode.

Beats Fit Pro true wireless earphones are equipped with a customized dual-element sensor this time, the sensor length is only 9.5mm, with an excellent dynamic range of the full frequency band. The rigid central vibration material provides precise audio response at maximum output. The ventilation structure can effectively minimize the high pitch distortion produced by the flexible diaphragm. By aligning the axially aligned acoustic structure of the ear canal, the sound is more effectively transmitted to the user’s ears.

Beats Fit Pro true wireless earbuds also support adaptive equalization. When the noise reduction and transparency mode are turned off, the sound is picked up through the inward microphone inside the headset, and the low-frequency and intermediate-frequency sound quality is automatically adjusted according to the ear shape and wearing state to achieve the best listening experience with consistent hearing.

With an Android phone and using a third-party music platform, Beats Fit Pro provides a three-band balanced audio effect with its excellent acoustic configuration, with a comfortable low-frequency vibration and cleanliness. The mid-frequency human voice is full of details. At high frequencies, the rich audio details can still be maintained, the sound is clear and bright, and it has a good sense of transparency.

With the use of Apple’s ecology, you can experience the complete spatial audio function. From an experience point of view, it is currently used with an Apple mobile phone, and basic spatial audio is supported globally. After turning on the third-party music platform that is not Apple Music, you can also feel the obvious music moving from the ear to the head around, the overall listening experience is more loud, and the surround sound listening is more comfortable.

Listening to songs specially made for spatial audio on Apple Music can experience the best results, and dynamic head tracking spatial audio is also more spatial. When experiencing the song “以上皆非”, the spatial audio made the atmosphere rendered by the prelude to the music more intense, with lingering drums and ethereal vocals.

In addition to listening to music scenes, spatial audio is also very suitable for use in scenes such as watching movies and playing games. The movement of the head and the device is tracked through the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the headset, and the sound field is continuously remapped according to the movement data, so that the sound field is always positioned on the device in use. As a result, the audio has a sense of space and can bring a more immersive experience.

Three listening modes: noise cancelling, transparency, adaptive equalization free choice

The Apple H1 chip equipped with Beats Fit Pro provides three listening modes: active noise cancelling, transparency and adaptive equalization. Adaptive equalization has been mentioned in the music experience above, let’s experience the excellent noise reduction performance of Beats Fit Pro.

Beats Fit Pro adopts the dual-microphone hybrid noise reduction technology of feedforward + feedback. The anti-noise curve is continuously monitored through two external and internal microphones, and adjusted accordingly according to the ambient sound, which has achieved a precise noise reduction effect. The built-in microphone also uses efficient software algorithms to further eliminate residual noise in the ear.

From the noise reduction experience, the noise reduction effect of Beats Fit Pro can be compared with AirPods Pro, especially for the suppression of mid- and low-frequency environmental noise. After turning on the whole world, the whole world is instantly quiet, leaving only the faint communication sound of the surrounding passers-by.

Transparency mode is a companion function of active noise cancelling, which can obtain external information more clearly while wearing headphones, and can be used in public transportation to listen to stations, short-term communications and complex traffic scenarios. The Apple TWS headset is a product that is very close to the real sound in my experience so far, and Beats Fit Pro also maintains this level. Remove the earphones in transparency mode to achieve the effect of seamless connection to external sounds.

Improved battery life, Fast Fuel fast charging

Although in terms of functional configuration, Beats Fit Pro true wireless noise reduction earbuds are very close to AirPods Pro, but the relatively compact body in terms of battery life has also been improved. And given the product positioning of Beats, the Type-C charging interface is still used this time to facilitate the use of more user groups.

In terms of battery life, after the active noise cancelling or transparency mode is turned on, the headset supports a single battery life of 6 hours, and the charging case uses a comprehensive battery life of 27 hours. In the adaptive equalization mode, the single battery life reaches 7 hours, and the comprehensive battery life exceeds 30 hours. It supports fast charging function, and it can be charged for 5 minutes in the charging case when it is out of power, and it can be played for 1 hour.


Follow us to here, I believe you have a very detailed understanding of the Beats Fit Pro true wireless noise reduction headphones. First of all, in terms of appearance design, Beats Fit Pro is a summary of the previous two generations of products. Integrating the needs of daily life and sports and fitness scenes, through the fit and comfortable curve design of the fuselage, with the flexible and flexible earwings structure, it provides a comfortable and stable wearing effect that meets more people.

Sound quality is the original intention of the Beats brand and the main feature of Beats Fit Pro. The customized dual-sensor unit and axially aligned acoustic architecture lay the foundation for a high-quality music experience, and the dynamic head tracking spatial audio and adaptive equalization functions further enhance the audio effect and enrich the user experience.

The blessing of the Apple H1 chip brings excellent active noise cancelling and transparency modes, which are comparable to AirPods Pro in experience, providing users with pure active noise cancelling effects and a transparency mode that seamlessly connects to the external environment. And in terms of battery life has also been greatly improved, the noise reduction mode can still provide 6+21h battery life.

In addition to the main functions, some small functions have also effectively improved the experience of using this product. The newly added skin recognition optical sensor is sensitive and accurate, effectively reducing the problem of false triggering of occlusion. IPX4 grade is anti-perspirant and water-resistant, reducing the risk of accidental splashing and damage from sports use. Apple’s ecological automatic switching, audio sharing, voice wake-up and find functions, etc.

From the perspective of packaging, product design and functional experience, it is not difficult to find that the Beats Fit Pro true wireless earhones are basically in line with AirPods Pro except for their appearance. And how to carry so many components in a smaller volume, and to ensure the comfort and battery life of wearing, shows the design level of Beats.

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