ZMI PurSpace X Review: Original dual-mode noise cancellation design, semi-in-ear earbuds can also be active noise cancellation

The biggest highlight of the product – “Dual-Mode Noise Cancellation“, allows ZMI PurSpace X to have both the comfortable wearing of semi-in-ear earbuds and the deep noise cancellation of in-ear earphones. A pair of earphones solves two needs. The disassembly and installation of eartips, which play a key role, are very simple, and there is also a special storage area in the charging case.

ZMI PurSpace X specs and features:

  • Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC/SCB codec
  • 12mm DLC dynamic driver
  • 43dB noise cancellation depth
  • 5 hours playback of per charge (ANC OFF)
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3.5 times
  • Support dual-device connection
  • $174 – Check latest price on AliExpress

Design & Comfort

The charging case as a whole is a relatively square rounded rectangle with smooth edge transitions and a comfortable grip. There is a ZMI brand logo in the lower right corner, which is also an indicator light, which is used to prompt the status of the device.

There is a red button on the right side of the charging case, which is used for pairing/resetting, etc. At the bottom is the Type-C charging port, with a red circle as decoration. In the middle of the case cover is the eartips storage place, which is more convenient for centralized storage.

When earbuds are not installed with eartips, they are a pair of semi-in-ear earphones. The sound outlet also has a red circle, which, together with the above-mentioned red decorations, plays an embellishing role in the appearance, making the product more characteristic and improving the appearance recognition.

The headset stem is relatively square, and the rest of the lines are softer. The red area on the top of the headset stem is the feed-forward microphone hole. The side bar-shaped protrusion is a pressure-sensitive area and supports sliding operations at the same time. All touch operations can be completed on the earbud. A charging contact is provided under the sound cavity housing. A pill-shaped window on the sound chamber housing gathers capacitors, optical dual detection sensors, and pressure relief holes. The L/R logo is printed on the inside of the headset stem, and the bottom is the call microphone hole.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of ZMI PurSpace X is about 72.4g, and the weight of a single earbud is about 5.7g. Thanks to the relative lightness of the titanium alloy material, combined with its small and compact size, it is comfortable and firm for daily wear.

Connectivity & APP

When connecting for the first time, just select “ZMI PurSpace X” in the bluetooth device list on your phone to connect quickly. Open the charging case for subsequent use to connect to bluetooth devices such as mobile phones that have been successfully paired. The earbuds can be charged when placed in the charging case, and the connection is automatically disconnected when the case is closed.

ZMI PurSpace X adopts Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which has good compatibility, high stability, and supports dual-device connection. At the same time, it also supports LC3 codec technology, and the full link latency is as low as 72ms. The earbuds are stably connected to the mobile phone within a distance of 10 meters. In a scene without obstacles, the connection will be intermittent if the distance from the mobile phone exceeds 11 meters.

ZMI PurSpace X is also adapted to the MIUI quick connection pop-up window function. When paired with Xiaomi phones or Redmi phones, it can be paired and connected with one button, which is convenient and fast.

After downloading and installing the ZMI Hear APP, you can check the connection status and remaining power of the device. You can also switch the noise cancellation mode, choose different sound effects, and make other custom settings. Among them, the sliding touch can be customized to turn on/off.

Hearing health includes two functions: hearing adjustment and earbuds volume: hearing adjustment combines each user’s ear canal data and hearing characteristics through a detection algorithm to build an exclusive sound model to obtain a more realistic sound by customizing the hearing. eartips volume is to limit excessive volume to protect hearing.

Considering that earbuds need to switch between in-ear and semi-in-ear, the eartips detection function will automatically detect the eartips wearing status and turn on the corresponding working mode, such as adjusting the noise cancellation mode. It is also very necessary to check the fit of earbuds. Choosing the right eartips size will help to improve subsequent wearing, sound quality, and noise cancellation effects.

Among other more settings, there are functions such as voice hot words, automatic answering of incoming calls, wearing detection, dual device connection, anti-lost reminder, and find earphones.

Battery Life & Game Latency

Use a portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the charging case, and the charging power is about 1.62W. The earbuds have a single battery life of up to 5 hours (ANC OFF), the charging case can provide an additional 19 hours of battery life, and the overall comprehensive battery life can reach up to 24 hours.

ZMI PurSpace X supports low latency mode. The full link latency as low as 72ms can keep the audio and video in sync, greatly improving the listening experience of watching videos and playing games. The IPX4 anti-sweat and waterproof function is also convenient for users to wear earbuds for exercise and fitness.

Noise Cancellation Performance

Thanks to the innovative design of detachable eartips, ZMI PurSpace X’s “Dual-mode Noise Cancellation” can bring a unique experience that other TWS earbuds currently cannot have during daily use – earbuds support two different working modes: Semi-in-ear wear and in-ear wear, can be switched at will, both support ANC function.

Moreover, the noise cancellation depth can reach up to 43dB when worn in-ear. After actual experience, it is very easy to use in high-noise scenes such as subways, shopping malls and restaurants. After returning to a relatively quiet scene, you only need to take off the eartips. The comfortable semi-in-ear wearing with just the right noise cancellation effect can make people wear it comfortably for a long time. Especially when working or studying for a long time, the experience is quite good.

It not only retains the semi-in-ear wearing method, but also provides sufficient noise cancellation performance when needed. Other features such as adaptive noise cancellation, transparency mode and vocal enhancement are also available.

In addition, the call noise cancellation of ZMI PurSpace X is also very good. Using feed-forward + feed-back microphones and call microphones with VPU bone conduction sensors, it can accurately separate human voice and ambient sound, and filter background noise efficiently. Even in the noisy environment of the station and the street, the voice of the call is also pure and clear.

Sound Quality

The earbuds have a built-in 12mm DLC diaphragm dynamic driver, which has good performance in high frequency extension and low frequency extension. At the same time, you can switch between preset sound effects and custom EQ in the APP to obtain a richer sense of hearing and meet different listening needs.

In the actual experience session, I chose some pop and rock music for trial listening. The actual sense of hearing is also quite good, the sound is relatively peaceful and natural, with a good degree of restoration. The high and low frequencies are slightly enhanced, the sound sounds more dynamic, the resolution is stronger, and it is easier to be popular with the public.

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