TOZO T20 review: 13 hours playtime and weighty bass punch

TOZO T20 is a relatively all-around tws earbuds, they work great, from their touch sensors to long battery life. However, at $36, they hold an awkward spot between wireless earbuds at $30 and more feature-rich ones at $50.

Tozo T20 specs and features:
  • 13 hours playback of per charge
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • IPX8 waterproof rating (rain and sweat resistant)
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC/AAC codec
  • LED digital display & Wireless charging
  • Comes with 6 sets of eartips, USB-C cable, user manual
  • $36 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US, Amazon Germany, other Amazon countries or TOZO Store

Design, Comfort and Battery Life

The size of the TOZO T20 charging case is convenient, the weight and finish have a premium feel, and the display is clear. The case is compact and easily fits in my pocket, and the magnetic lid keeps the earbuds securely in place.

The design choice to put the usb-c port on the back of the case instead of the bottom like so many others. The only disadvantage is that it is easy to contain fingerprints and scratches – this disadvantage is the same as TOZO T6.

The appearance of the TOZO T20 earbuds can be summed up as AirPods Pro. While its design is not very inspired, they have an ergonomic with oval design, which fit the ears and ensures excellent comfort. They come with 6 sets of eartips to ensure a snug fit, and I can wear them for extended periods without any discomfort. They’re also lightweight, which makes them perfect for workouts or long commutes.

Up to 13 hours playback of per charge, and the total battery life is up to 48.5 hours, I can go days without needing to recharge them. This long endurance is perfect for long trips, workouts, or just everyday use without constantly worrying about the battery running out.

The LED digital display is a brilliant addition that keeps me informed about the battery status at a glance. It’s incredibly convenient and ensures I’m never caught off guard with a dead battery. Plus, the case charges using USB-C or wireless charging.

Connectivity, App Support and Controls

The TOZO T20 features Bluetooth 5.3, which offers fast pairing and a stable connection. It only features SBC and AAC codec, but I never took issue with the connection quality.

When connecting for the first time, you only need to select “TOZO T20” in the bluetooth device list of the mobile phone to quickly connect. When you use it again, open the lid to automatically connect to the successful bluetooth device that has been paired. The earbuds are stable with the mobile phone within 10 meters. Unfortunately, tozo T20 does not support multi -point connection.

The T20 supports the TOZO App for Android and iOS systems -installation and open the APP, it will automatically connect to the earbuds. In the APP, there are very few exclusive functions of T20 – only preset EQ, custom EQ, control settings and OTA upgrade.

It’s worth noting that the touch-sensitive area is awkwardly placed near the top of the earbud (above the grill that protects the small LED). The controls are very sensitive, and I often activate them when readjusting the earbuds. There’s no setting to adjust the sensitivity.

Calls and Video Playback

You don’t have ANC, but you do have ENC which makes isolation feel more natural for phone calls. Plus, TOZO T20’s passive noise isolation effect is higher than the average level.

TOZO T20 have a good call quality, especially when speaking in a quiet room. When exposed to loud background noise, the added distortion doesn’t hurt your voice too much. The microphone performs well when speaking someplace quiet. Your voice is decently clear and full, making it easy to understand.

Clarity slightly worsens when moving into loud or windy environments. While “dual-mic call ENC noise cancellation” technology works well at canceling outside noise, it also makes your voice a bit muffled and distorted.

Therefore, you can still use the T20 in noisy situations. Although, it’s best to avoid them for the best call quality.

The T20 plays videos without issues on both Android and iPhone. There’s lipsync performance in video apps like YouTube and Apple TV.

Sound Quality of TOZO T20

They are equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver and tuned by the exclusive OrigX Acoustic 2.0 sound technology, which can accurately restore the sound.

In its standard EQ, the bass has a strong bloom, resonating through the mix well enough. It’s missing depth in the sub-bass, mainly conveying its punch through the middle of the mix, lacking a bottom-end vibration.

Plus, lowering the quantity with the custom equalizer reveals slightly more nuances in the rumble and bass guitars. You can’t give the bass much more depth, but you can increase the intensity of its tone while also decreasing muddiness.

Overall, having 10mm dynamic drivers, the TOZO T20 produce a weighty bass punch but not as many details. If you enjoy pop or hip-hop music, you will enjoy a thumping performance of these earbuds.

The midrange is pretty quiet, but flattens out rather than attenuates. However, they’re noticeably quieter compared to the rest of the response. With adjustments from EQ, the sound elements gain a clearer shape on the T20, but it’s still only the surface timbre of the frequencies.

The vocals are particularly quiet, so they need some boosting in the app’s equalizer. That also helps them sound slightly fuller and clearer.

They’re balanced evenly with the sound signature and also give you a touch of crisp tale to bring out height and texture. Splashes of cymbals and other airy elements are pretty lively through the TOZO T20, and due to frequency bands in the app’s EQ, boosting vocals also boosts lower treble, which adds even more shimmer to cymbals.

The soundstage is decent in size and rounded in shape, meaning equal width and depth. Its spatial imaging doesn’t feature a ton of depth, and its movement feels stunted in the mix. There are moments where the T20 displays some nice wrap-around around though, and it makes the headspace appear a little more open. It makes you hear as if the sound is playing slightly out of your head.

Overall, while their sound quality is not suitable for audiophiles, but leisure listeners who like bass music genres may prefer their punchier performance.


As a piece of affordable earbuds, they work great, from their touch sensors to long battery life. Its original sound might not take your breath away, but with EQ you can get it to a place where the sound is textured and gripping.

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