TOZO HT2 review: These are definitely worth the asking price

The TOZO HT2 are a great value for the price. They offer good sound quality, effective noise cancellation, and a comfortable fit. The headphones would be even better if they came with a carrying case, but overall, I am very happy with them.

TOZO HT2 specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC/AAC codec
  • 38dB hybrid active noise cancelling
  • 40 – 60 hours playback of per charge (ANC on/off)
  • 40mm dynamic drivers & 16 types of preset EQ
  • Comes with USB-C cable, headphone cable, user manual
  • $49 – Check latest price on Amazon US, Amazon Germany, other Amazon countries or Aliexpress

Appearance Design, Comfort and Control

The quality of the TOZO HT2 is exceptional. The fashion and modern design is complemented by durable materials that give the headphones a premium feel. The folding design makes them easy to carry, but unfortunately there is no storage case included.

All of the buttons and ports are on the right headphone, and they activate with just a single touch. The method of switching the noise cancellation mode is very simple, but to switch to adaptive noise cancellation, you need to turn on the ANC mode and then double-tap the NC button. The touch controls on the earcups are intuitive and responsive, adding to the overall user-friendly design.

Comfort is another highlight of the TOZO HT2 headphones. The over-ear design combined with memory foam earcups provides a snug fit that won’t cause any discomfort during extended use. The adjustable headbeam ensures a personalized fit for any head size, and the lightweight construction makes it perfect for long listening sessions.

The earcups are big enough to fully surround my ears (without looking particularly big), so the earcups press against my head not my ears. The inner part of the headbeam close to the top of the head is filled with sponge, and the outer layer is made of leather, which is more comfortable to the touch. Also, I have no problem wearing glasses.

Overall, these headphones are lightweight and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They don’t put much pressure on the ears or head. The lightweight and portable design also makes them ideal for travel and exercise.

Connectivity, App Support and Battery Life

The headphones uses a Bluetooth 5.3 chip and supports SBC and AAC codec. When connecting for the first time, you need to press and hold the headset power until the LED light flashes, and then select “TOZO HT2” in the Bluetooth device list of your phone to quickly connect. When using it again, turn on the headset to connect to the successfully paired bluetooth device.

The bluetooth connectivity was seamless, and I appreciated the option to use the included headphone cable for a wired connection when needed.

I had no problem getting it paired to my phone and connected in the TOZO App. On first connection to the app, it found a firmware update and that got installed with out issue.

6 types of noise cancellation modes and 16 types of EQ sound modes

TOZO HT2 supports the TOZO App for Android and iOS systems – once you install and open the App, it will automatically connect to the headset. Noise reduction controls, sound effect selection and firmware updates are available in the app.

The battery capacity of the headphone is 500mAh, and the battery life is up to 40 hours when the ANC on, and the battery life is up to 60 hours in ANC off. And when the battery finally taps out, just switch to wired mode with the 3.5mm audio cable.

Calls and Videos Playback

There are 3 microphones with enhanced noice cancellation to help ensure phone conversation clarity when you are on the go. I had a couple of calls outdoors today and listeners on the other end confirmed the quality of the sound of my voice was good.

The TOZO HT2 plays videos without issues on both Android and iPhone. There’s lipsync performance in video apps like YouTube and Apple TV.

ANC Noise Cancellation of TOZO HT2

TOZO HT2 has a noise cancellation depth of 38dB and has 6 types of noise cancellation modes: Noise Cancellation (ANC Mode), Transparency Mode, Reduce Wind Noise, Leisure Mode, Normal Mode, and Adaptive Mode. Among them, ANC mode, transparency mode, normal mode and adaptive mode (double-tap in ANC mode) can be switched directly on the NC button, and the other modes need to be selected in the app.

The Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation is a standout feature. It effectively eliminates ambient noise, providing a serene and immersive listening experience. Whether I’m in a bustling coffee shop, on public transportation, or simply want to enjoy my music without any interruptions, the TOZO HT2 delivers on its promise of exceptional noise cancellation.

However, there are some noises that they cannot eliminate – for example: keyboard sounds, sharp knocks, etc. (in music off). I noticed that they both blocked almost all of the lower frequency fan noise but let through the higher frequencies.

Another feature I really like is the transparency mode that allows you to hear your surroundings as if you weren’t wearing them. Great if you’re on a flight and there are announcements or you need to speak to someone and you can do so without taking the headphones off.

There is also an adaptive mode which automatically adjusts the level of noise cancelling depending on the background noise. I haven’t used this much, but I imagine it would be really useful for people who wear them in different settings.

Sound Quality of TOZO HT2

The 40mm drivers and TOZO ORIGX Acoustic 2.0 Technology deliver Hi-Res audio with a punchy bass.

Sound quality is another area where these headphones excel. They deliver clear audio with a rich, balanced sound profile that’s perfect for a wide range of music genres. The bass is deep but not overwhelming, the mids are clear, and the highs are crisp without being piercing.

I notice that compared to JBL Tour One M2 especially, the HT2 sound a bit closed in – the JBL’s feel more expansive – have a wider soundstage. This is kinda expected tho – the One M2 costs 5-6 times more than the HT2.

However, what truly sets these headphones apart is the customizable equalizer. The ability to fine-tune the audio to my preferences ensures that I get the best possible sound quality for every genre of music. The equalizer is user-friendly and allows me to tailor the audio profile to match the type of content I’m enjoying.


Overall, the TOZO HT2 have exceeded my expectations in every way. These are a great for someone who wants to give full size headphones a try.

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