JBL Tour One M2 review: Not weaker than Apple AirPods Max

JBL Tour One M2 has a great design and sound quality – not weaker than Apple AirPods Max? They’re also excellent for portability, comfort, and noise cancellation. The disadvantage is that there is no low-latency game mode and the call effect is not satisfactory.

JBL Tour One M2 specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC/AAC codec
  • 40mm dynamic driver + LPC diaphragm
  • 30-50 hours playback of per charge (ANC on/off)
  • Multi-point connection + spatial audio
  • Support smart adaptive ANC
  • $299 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design, Comfort and Controls

The main material of the JBL Tour One M2 is plastic. Most of the headphone shell has been frosted, and a small part is a bright black mirror that is similar to piano paint. The mirror part cannot be touched, so it is not easy to get fingerprints.

TOUR ONE M2 adopts a foldable design, and the adjustable angle is very large. The active joints have been reinforced, and the toughness and elasticity of the head beam are good. The headphones can be rotated 90° or flipped inwards. The weight of JBL Tour One M2 is only 272g, so you won’t feel tired even if you wear it for a long time.

The earmuffs and the middle part of the head beam are wrapped with skin-friendly and soft leather material, and the inner filling is soft memory foam with good resilience. The earmuffs fit closely to the contour of the ear, effectively reducing sound leakage. The telescopic structure of JBL Tour One M2 has moderate damping and a strong sense of paragraph, and the adjustment lever inside the head beam is also printed with a scale.

The left headphone has an ambient sound button – one key to turn on the transparent mode, and pressing it again will return to the noise cancellation mode. The right headphone has volume +/- and power buttons, the bluetooth pairing button is integrated with the power button. Also, on the outside of the right headphone is the touch panel. By default, single-tap is play/pause, double-tap to next song, triple-tap to previous song, and long press to activate voice assistant.

The touch control of TOUR ONE M2 can be changed through the JBL Headphones APP. If you are worried about accidentally touching the touch panel when adjusting the headphones, you can turn it off in the APP.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The headphone uses Bluetooth 5.3 and support SBC and AAC codec. The connection of JBL Tour One M2 is very simple, you only need to push the power button to the middle position to connect to bluetooth. If you want to switch the connected device, you only need to push the power button to the direction of the bluetooth logo.

JBL Tour One M2 support multi-point connection, which can connect two bluetooth devices at the same time. The headphone is connected to the mobile phone stably within 10 meters. In an environment without obstacles, the connection will be intermittent if the distance from the mobile phone is more than 10 meters.

JBL has launched the audio sharing function, you can connect two sets of JBL Tour One M2 to the same device without affecting each other. In addition, the headphones also support wired connection with the 2.5mm headphone jack can be used directly in the off state.

The headphone has a built-in 920mAh battery, and the battery life is up to 50 hours after the ANC mode is turned off. After turning on the ANC mode, the battery life is up to 30 hours. TOUR ONE M2 support fast charging function – charging for 15 minutes, listening to music for 5 hours.

Noise Cancellation and Calls

I have a deep understanding of the noise cancellation capability of JBL wireless headphones on JBL Live Pro 2. From the experience of my friends and me, its noise cancellation ability is stronger than that of Apple AirPods Pro.

JBL Tour One M2 adopts the mainstream doubly-feed microphone noise cancellation scheme. The difference is that TOUR ONE M2 is optimized for the noise cancellation scheme of the double-feed microphone, which greatly improves the ability to identify environmental noise. After recognizing the noise, TOUR ONE M2 will automatically match the noise cancellation effect, so that the noise cancellation experience is always in the most comfortable state. The noise cancellation level can also be adjusted through the JBL Headphones APP, and the current best noise cancellation effect can be manually selected.

Tour One M2 offers two ANC modes – adaptive ANC and adjustable level ANC. The difference is that adaptive ANC integrates fully adaptive digital noise cancellation technology, which can smart adjust the noise cancellation level according to changes in the environment. In addition, JBL Tour One M2 can also compensate for the noise cancellation effect by detecting the wearing status of the headphones in real time.

It can help me block out low-frequency noises such as voices, air conditioners and fans. Especially when I use it in the subway, it can achieve very good noise cancellation for the roar of the subway and voices.

JBL TOUR ONE M2 uses four microphones array with adaptive beamforming technology. The AI smart algorithm recognizes the environmental noise and voices, and performs noise cancellation for the environmental sound. I tested the phone and voice calls separately, and the TOUR ONE M2 can provide clear vocals no matter which way. However, the other party could not hear me clearly in a noisy environment. Also, wind noise can still be a hindrance to them.

JBL Tour One M2 has a very smart hands-free calling function. When the free calling mode is turned on, the headphones will reduce the music volume and improve the perception of the environment to facilitate the call. It does not need to pause the music, the headphones will automatically reduce the volume of the music to reduce the impact of the music on the call.

Sound Quality and Spatial Audio

JBL Tour One M2 is equipped with 40mm dynamic driver+LPC (Liquid Polymer Crystal) diaphragm, which can bring more dynamic bass and good mid-high pitch. Also, Personi-Fi 2.0 technology is also applied to TOUR ONE M2.

The transient response speed of the headphones is very fast, thanks to the characteristics of the diaphragm material with the excellent in low frequency performance. The low-frequency quantity sense is moderate, the resolution is high, the low-frequency extension and flexibility are also very good. The mid-frequency will not modify the voice too much, and the sound reproduction is very high. The mid-high frequency sound is rich in details, with a clear sense of layering, and the high frequency is delicate. The headphones have a strong sense of line, and there is a strong separation between vocals and instruments.

Personi-Fi 2.0 provides targeted sound compensation after testing the hearing range of your ears – this technology can provide you with an exclusive headphone soundstage. The JBL Headphones APP also provides a low-volume dynamic EQ, which can enhance the bass and treble at low volumes, so as to ensure that the details of the sound are fully reflected.

JBL Tour One M2 has three spatial audio modes – music mode, movie mode and game mode. The headphones virtualize the stereo content into spatial audio sound effects through an algorithm, which has obvious spatial effects in terms of hearing with the wider soundstage. The spatial audio function of TOUR ONE M2 is independent of the playback device, so it can be used in any sound format.


JBL Tour One M2 has a great design and sound quality – it’s on par with Apple AirPods MAX. They are also excellent for portability, comfort and noise cancellation. The disadvantage is that there is no low-latency game mode and the call effect is not satisfactory.

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