TOZO Golden X1 review: Comfortable ANC earbuds with the good sound

TOZO Golden X1 is currently TOZO’s most expensive TWS wireless earbuds – $149. With available Active Noise Cancellation, transparent mode, and support LDAC codec. But, they’re not perfect – no in-ear detection, no low-latency game mode.

TOZO Golden X1 specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with AAC/LDAC codec
  • 12mm dynamic driver + balanced armature driver
  • IPX6 waterproof rating (rain and sweat resistant)
  • 4.5-8 hours playback of per charge (ANC on/off)
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • Comes with 6 sets of eartips, USB-C cable, user manual
  • $149 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design and Comfortable

In terms of appearance design, the charging case adopts an oval shape, and the bottom is designed with a flat surface, which can stand on the table. The fuselage adopts a matte process, which is comfortable to touch and does not stain fingerprints.

There is an LED light bar in the front groove of the charging case, and a USB-C charging port is set on the back. The color of the LED light bar is only white and red – white for the battery power is more than 20%, red for less than 20%. The charging case is very small and can be easily put into a jeans pocket.

When the lid is opened, you’ll see an LED digital screen that shows the charging case and each earbud’s battery level. You can also check the battery status on the TOZO APP. Above the screen is a circular multi-function button.

The earbuds are very small and delicate, with a short headset stem design – somewhat similar to the MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir, but smaller and with a shorter headset stem. A single earbud weighs about 6g. Inclined in-ear design with light wearing feeling, long time use will not burden the ears. In addition, it is not recommended to wear it when sleeping on your side.

Connectivity, APP Support and Controls

The earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.3 and support SBC, AAC and LDAC codec. When connecting for the first time, just select “TOZO Golden X1” in the bluetooth device list on your phone to connect quickly. Open the charging case for subsequent use to connect to a successfully paired bluetooth device. The earbuds is connected to the mobile phone stably within 10 meters. In an environment without obstacles, the connection will be intermittent if the distance from the mobile phone is more than 10 meters.

Getting connect alway failed, you must try again again again…or “+”

Also, Golden X1 support multi-point connection, which can connect two bluetooth devices at the same time.

The bad thing is that when TOZO App connects to the earbuds, it needs to be repeated many times before the connection is successful.

TOZO Golden X1 can be used with TOZO APP, which has three main functions – Earpint, Active Noise Cancellation, Sound Efftct.

Earpint: Listening test – involves listening to a series of beeps from low to high frequency and noting whether you can hear them. This only takes about one minute, but doing so improves your listening experience as the earbuds compensate for hearing deficits.

Active Noise Cancellation: You can choose from six noise cancellation modes – ANC Mode, Transparency Mode, Reduce Wind Noise, Leisure Mode, Normal Mode, Custom Pattern. It should be noted that clicking the earbud can only switch between ANC mode/Transparency mode/Normal mode.

Sound Effect: You can choose from 16 EQ presets or customize the EQ settings the way you want. The preset EQ is very sensitive and really does its job, even if it still doesn’t get what you want.

TOZO App allows you to customize audio setting or noise cancellation mode according to your needs

The touch control method of the earbuds is very comprehensive, and can be operated directly on the earbuds. Also, the touch control can be changed according to your preference in the APP.

ANC Mode, Transparent Mode and Calls

TOZO Golden X1 adopts the current mainstream 3-layer hybrid active noise cancellation technology, which detects external environmental noise through the outer microphone, and simultaneously sends reverse sound waves to cancel the noise. With the microphone in the ear to picks up the noise inside the ear canal and performs noise cancellation to achieve a noise cancellation depth of up to 42dB.

On the other hand, the Golden X1 fits closely to the ear canal in terms of appearance curve design, and is equipped with the most suitable silicone eartips to achieve a good physical noise cancellation effect. There is also a great reduction in the mid-high frequency vocals, which improves the overall noise cancellation width of the earbuds.

ANC Mode: TOZO Golden X1 has a good noise cancellation effect on mid-low frequency noise. However, faint sounds were still audible for car horns, close-up keyboard taps, and sudden high-pitched sounds. (Tested with the music turned off)

Transparency Mode: The sound heard in transparency mode is closer to the ear and clearer than when the earbuds are removed. It can even enhance hearing, which is slightly stronger than the Baseus Bowie M2s. Voice can also be heard after playing music (50% volume), but it is not very clear.

Leisure Mode: A weakened version of the ANC mode, which is more suitable for use in quieter places such as coffee shops and reading rooms.

Calls and Voice: Available calling features. The ANC and ENC noise cancellation functions of TOZO Golden X1 isolate me from all noises outside the game, allowing me to immerse myself in the voice call and game environment with my teammates. The earbud has 4 built-in microphones designed with ENC noise cancellation technology, which can block 90% of background noise and accurately capture voices, providing a clear voice call effect. Wind noise is still the killer of calls – after turning on “Reduce Wind Noise Mode”, most of the wind noise can be blocked, but there is still wind noise passing through the earbuds.

Sound Quality of TOZO Golden X1

In terms of hardware, TOZO Golden X1 is equipped with a combination of 12mm dynamic driver and Knowles balanced armature driver. The use of polymer composite film materials with tweeters allows Golden X1 to have a wide frequency range from 10Hz to 44.1kHz and high sensitivity.

In terms of software, the earbuds adopt the OrigX sound effect technology exclusively developed by TOZO, which realizes a golden frequency response curve in line with the characteristics of the ear canal with an original lossless sound effect. Golden X1 support SBC, AAC and LDAC codec, LDAC can transmit 96KHz/24bit streaming music via bluetooth, the speed can reach 990kbps. And got the Hi-Res audio wireless certification.

TOZO Golden X1 can perfectly express the pure sound and high resolution of the female voice, and the heavy bass male voice was thick and powerful. The high resolution brought by the combination of dynamic driver and armature driver makes the treble clear and transparent, with extremely rich details.

Overall, the tri-frequency of Golden X1 is balanced, and the sound is full and elastic. The low frequency has texture, not stuffy. The mid-frequency voice is round and full, with high recognition. The high frequency is clear and transparent, without glitches, rich in details, and the layering of musical instruments is distinct. The soundstage doesn’t expand too far in terms of width, but it still keeps the imaging organized.

Battery Life, Accessories and Waterproof Rating

The battery capacity of the charging case is 500mAh, and the battery capacity of the earbuds has not been officially announced by TOZO. After turning off the ANC mode, the single battery life of the earbuds can last up to 8 hours, and the comprehensive battery life can reach 32 hours. The battery life after turning on the ANC mode is about 4.5 hours.

Also, Golden X1 support wireless charging. One shortcoming is that the earbuds don’t support fast charging, so you have to keep an eye on the remaining battery.

Comes with 6 sets of eartips, USB-C cable and user manual

For comfort and ANC experience, you must wear the correct size of eartips to create an appropriate fit in the ear canal. The package box includes six eartip pairs for you to choose from, with sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

The earbuds have an IPX6 waterproof rating, which means they’re more resistant to rain, sweat, and splashes than the IPX4 waterproof rating some other noise canceling earbuds have.


The Tozo Golden X1 brings a great design to a clean and tuneable sound signature. Its EQ is very responsive and really does its job, even if it still doesn’t get what you want it to. With available ANC noise cancellation, transparency mode and excellent sound quality.

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