Baseus Bowie M2s review: Spatial audio and 48dB hybrid ANC earbuds under $45

Equipped with 48dB hybrid ANC and spatial audio, Baseus Bowie M2s has a high cost performance. Its transparency mode should be one of the best ANC earbuds I have experienced.

Baseus Bowie M2s specs and features:
  • Bluetooth V5.3 with SBC/AAC codec
  • Baseus immersive spatial audio
  • 4-7 hours playback of per charge (ANC on/off)
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • Support in-ear detection function
  • $39 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon Germany or Banggood

Appearance Design and Comfortable

Unlike most TWS earbuds, Baseus M2s charging case adopts the semi-open design, similar to the design of Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro. After opening, not only can you see the earbuds, and it is also more convenient to take out.

The material of the charging case is designed in a differentiated way – the surface of the case cover is treated with the glossy finish, while the other parts have a delicate matte texture. There is an LED light on the front of the charging case, which can indicate the power and pairing status by different colors or flashing. For example, the red light will flash when charging, and it will turn blue when fully charged. In addition, there is a circular physical button at the bottom, long press to enter the pairing state.

The Baseus M2s earbuds look almost the same as the Baseus M2 – not much has changed. The earbuds adopt an in-ear design with the length of 29.8mm. Using Baseus self-developed BISA spatial audio technology, based on the HRTF (Head-Related Terasfer Function) head transmission technology of the human auditory characteristic, by re-rendering the stereo auditory algorithm, the human ear perceives the orientation of the sound effect and the spatial immersion of the soundstage, has a significant effect.

Using the eartips installed by default (choose the one that suits you), the earbuds are very comfortable to wear. It is also very firm when worn, and it will not fall off even if you shake your head violently.

Connectivity, APP Support and Battery Life

The earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.3 and support SBC and AAC codec. When connecting for the first time, just select “Baseus Bowie M2s” in the bluetooth device list of the mobile phone to connect quickly. Open the charging case for subsequent use to connect to a successfully paired bluetooth device. The earbuds is connected to the mobile phone stably within 10 meters. In an environment without obstacles, the connection will be intermittent if the distance from the mobile phone is more than 10 meters. In addition, Baseus M2s support multi-point connection, which can connect two bluetooth devices at the same time.

Bowie M2s supports the Baseus APP, and the functions in the APP are very comprehensive and practical. Including but not limited to: Spatial effects, Noise cancellation mode switching, EQ mode, Low latency mode, Call lookup, Location maps, etc.

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of the earbuds is 35mAh, and the charging case is 400mAh. On the premise of turning off the ANC mode, the single battery life of the earbuds can reach up to 7 hours, and the comprehensive battery life can reach 30 hours. The battery life with ANC mode on is about 4.5 hours. The earbuds support fast charging function – charging for 10 minutes, listening to music for 2 hours.

ANC Noise Cancellation and Calls

As an ANC earbuds, Baseus Bowie M2s has a maximum noise cancellation depth of 48dB. In the past few days, I wore earbuds on the street, bus, coffee shops and offices, and tested the active noise cancellation in different scenarios.

From the test results, Bowie M2s has a better noise cancellation effect on low-to-medium frequency noise. Especially in coffee shops and offices, there are fewer high-frequency human voices, and the difference between ANC on and off can be felt very clearly – the noise cancellation effect is very good.

On the street and bus, because the sound composition in these two scenes is relatively complex, relatively speaking, the Bowie M2s at this time can better block the traffic sound and the sound of the bus running. However, for car horns and sudden high-pitched sounds, faint sounds can still be heard.

In terms of noise cancellation mode switching, it can be switched through earbuds and Baseus APP. Baseus Bowie M2s has three noise cancellation modes: ANC mode, Normal mode, Transparent mode. The ANC mode includes three options: Travel, Indoor, and Outdoor. In the actual test, there are still some differences in the noise cancellation schemes of the three ANC modes, and you can choose according to your own needs.

In addition, the sound heard in the transparent mode is closer to the ear and clearer than when the earbuds are removed. The transparency mode of Baseus M2s should be one of the best ANC earbuds I’ve ever experienced. And it support customizable 10 stage noise cancellation, which can be set in the APP – the default setting is recommended.

Dual-mic AI call noise cancellation and dual anti-wind noise are also the upgrade highlights of Baseus M2s. It can accurately separate human voice and background sound, weaken the noise and wind noise brought by different environments, so as to achieve the effect of clear calls.

Spatial Audio and Game Latency

About the spatial audio, it’s not Apple’s spatial audio. It is Baseus’ stereo enhancement technology, referred to as BISA. It should be noted that the earbuds is turned off by default and must be turned on in the APP.

Currently spatial audio support two modes – Music Mode and Movie Mode. In the music mode, the space sense of the music will be improved to a certain extent, and the sound will not be so close to the ear, but the hearing sense is indeed better. In movie mode, the sound change will be more obvious. The low frequency will be greatly improved, which can improve the sense of immersion to a certain extent. It should be noted that they must not be mixed. Because if you use the movie mode to listen to music, it will feel a little stuffy.

Baseus Bowie M2s support low-latency game mode, and the latency will be reduced to 38ms after it is turned on. When watching videos, sound and picture can be synchronized. When playing games, its latency is also relatively low, which is completely sufficient for amateur players like me.

Sound Quality: More suitable for listening to pop music

In terms of hardware, Baseus Bowie M2s uses a high dynamic diaphragm speaker, which has the advantages of high sensitivity and low distortion. In terms of software, the earbuds is equipped with the new stereo enhancement technology. In the following, I will briefly talk about my subjective feelings about the sound quality.

Baseus M2s has a good soundstage performance, the imaging is relatively clear, and there is almost no sound staining. The low-frequency extension is deep and elastic, which is very obvious when listening to some music accompanied by drums. The high frequency is clear and not harsh. The mid-frequency human voice may be the reason for the optimization, and the noise in the sound is less.

Overall, I think Baseus Bowie M2s is more suitable for listening to pop music. Of course, Baseus M2s is not HiFi earphones, everyone should be aware of this.


The noise cancellation effect of Baseus Bowie M2s is remarkable, and the transparent mode can even enhance hearing. Spatial audio does have an effect, and the effect of listening to music and watching movies has improved. And it can also connect two bluetooth devices at the same time.

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