When it comes to true wireless bluetooth headphones, everyone has some contact with them. Compared with other electronic products, the biggest feature of bluetooth headphones is that the price range is quite large.

At present, the low-end true wireless headphones market is quite flooded, but the market for high-end true wireless headphones products is still relatively lacking.

Because I have been in the digital circle for many years, I saw that many friends like to choose cost-effective bluetooth headphones. Today I will take a look at the top ten bluetooth headphones rankings: the top 10 bluetooth headphones to watch in 2021, which coincides with the shopping carnival. , Friends who need to buy bluetooth headphones can take a look.

1. Nank Lite Pro bluetooth headphones

Which bluetooth headphones is the most worth buying within a thousand yuan? I believe that the first answer of many people is this NANK Internet celebrity bluetooth headphones. The NANK headphone brand has been introduced to the market for less than a year, and its sales have been soaring, with a praise rate of over 98%, and it has been praised by many technology media. All these achievements are inseparable from the tireless pursuit of the NANK team. They have accumulated 10 years of technical precipitation in the audio field, and have developed more than 10 core innovative leading technologies. They have invited Canadian Toronto musician William Arnaldo to join hands with 20 European and American tuner to establish an acoustic laboratory for two years. For different music styles, the sound quality has been adjusted millions of times, and has strong R&D experience and technical strength in acoustics.

And NANK earphones have always advocated cost-effectiveness. The price of earphones is only about 300RMB, but the sound quality and materials are in line with international brands. In terms of configuration, the Nank Lite Pro headphones is equipped with a more complex and more costly Qualcomm bluetooth 5.2 chip, with a fully upgraded ceramic antenna, and a dual host design. The left and right communication signal strength is increased by 800%, and the anti-interference ability is increased by 300 %, the transmission distance is increased by 50%. Customized and upgraded Nank low-latency game acceleration mode, triple-click the right ear to enter the game mode, the delay is instantly reduced by 50%, and the first opportunity in the listening position! And 13mm super dynamic driver, plus exclusive SR sealing ring technology, cavity vibration reduction Technology, compared with the previous generation product, the overall sound reproduction is improved by 60%. The sound quality is not inferior to that of the big-brand headphones, and it is completely comparable to the effect of a thousand yuan headphones! Many digital enthusiasts or Hifi enthusiasts recommend NANK headphones. The sound quality is evident, and they are very popular in the digital music industry.

2. Xiaomi Air 2 Pro true wireless bluetooth headphones

Xiaomi Air 2 Pro uses a 12mm dynamic driver. From the hardware point of view, the sound quality will not be too bad. After my actual experience, I feel that it is worth the price of 699RMB. The treble is transparent, the bass is clear, and the human voice is relatively delicate, which can meet the daily music needs.

In terms of battery life, the official claims that when ANC is turned off, the headphones will last for 7 hours and the charging case will last for 28 hours, but it does not specify the battery life of turning on the noise reduction mode.

3. KuGou X5 true wireless headphones

A headphones is actually the most important thing to wear comfortably. Although the KuGou X5 has an in-ear design, it does not have any pressure to wear, it is very comfortable, and it also supports IPX4 waterproof. You don’t have to worry about sweating during normal exercise.

KuGou X5 true wireless headphones has a major feature, that is, it has strong battery life. Compared with most bluetooth headphones, I believe you don’t want to change it after using it, because it has a headphones battery life of 10 hours, and it can be used with charging cases to reach 35 hours of long battery life. Performance, if you listen for an hour a day, you don’t need to charge for a month.

4. Edifier TWS NB2 Pro true wireless noise canceling bluetooth headphones

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro true wireless noise reduction bluetooth headphones, using Hybird composite digital noise reduction, the new ENC dual microphone call noise reduction algorithm, noise reduction is more thorough. The intensity of ambient sound can also be adjusted through the App. Newly added AAC audio decoding, with a 10mm composite diaphragm unit, bringing three-band balanced high-resolution sound quality. The headphones also has a new fast charge function, charging for 15 minutes and listening to music for 2 hours. In game mode, the delay can be as low as 80ms, and it has IP54 waterproof.

5. SONY WF-XB700 true wireless bluetooth headphones

Sony WF-XB700 has IPX4 waterproof and sweat-proof function. Even if we sweat a lot during daily exercise, or go out on rainy days, Sony WF-XB700 can work normally without being affected. In terms of battery life, the Sony true wireless bluetooth sports headphones WF-XB700 can last for about 9 hours of listening when fully charged. The lightweight and compact charging case can provide an additional 9 hours of battery life for the headphones, with a battery life of about 18 hours. At the same time, the Sony WF-XB700 also supports a fast charging function, which only needs to charge for about 10 minutes to bring about 60 minutes of listening life to meet the needs of outdoor sports. In addition, Sony WF-XB700 uses bluetooth 5.0 technology, newly developed bluetooth chip and optimized antenna design, allowing the headphones to establish a long-term and stable wireless connection with the device.

6. BOSE Sport Earbuds wireless sports earphones

Available in three colors: black, aurora green, and sea blue, it is connected by bluetooth 5.1, and the advanced version of shark fin earmuffs are comfortable and stable to wear for a long time. It supports dynamic sound quality equalization technology, can be personalized through the Bose music APP, and supports smart gesture touch. The weight is as low as 6.75g, and it has a battery life of 5 hours, and it can last up to 15 hours with a charging case. It has an IPX4 waterproof rating and supports built-in voice assistants in mobile phones and Tencent Micro.

7. QCY HT01 active noise-reduction true wireless bluetooth headphones

QCY HT01 true wireless bluetooth headphones adopts a simple streamlined design and a matte texture shell. It supports ANC hybrid active noise reduction. It uses feedforward and feed-back microphones to cancel and suppress noise. It has two noise reduction modes: ANC and outdoor. It supports automatic ear detection, automatic pairing when opening the lid, and low latency mode. 7mm driver unit, CCAW copper-clad aluminum voice coil, SBC, ACC audio decoding. In terms of battery life, 6 hours of music playback can be provided in the non-noise reduction mode, 4.5 hours in the ANC noise reduction mode, and up to 30 hours of battery life can be achieved with the charging case.

8. Panasonic S500W true wireless noise canceling bluetooth headphones

Panasonic S500W headphones use high-performance dual-hybrid noise reduction. The front feedback microphone and rear feedback microphone of the headphones are combined with digital processing and analog processing to capture noise. One-key switching of the ambient sound mode, the call sound quality is up, it is equipped with two microphones, and through beamforming technology, it eliminates echo and call noise to achieve clear call quality. MEMS microphones efficiently pick up speech sounds and can also alleviate the impact of wind noise; the maze structure design can reduce the wind noise input by the call microphone and enhance the clarity of the call. Battery life is about 19.5 hours, charging for 15 minutes can be about 70 minutes, IPX4 waterproof, 5 different sizes of natural silicone eartips.

9.Huawei FreeBuds Pro true wireless noise canceling headphones

Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones is equipped with the same Kirin A1 chip as FreeBuds 3. It uses 11mm steady-state dynamic, dual-core magnetic circuit design, and vivid music details. At the same time, it adopts hybrid active noise reduction technology with a maximum noise reduction depth of 40dB. Support intelligent dynamic noise reduction, can quickly identify the type of noise in the environment, and automatically switch between light noise reduction, balanced noise reduction, and deep noise reduction. The combination of the new three-microphone system and bone voiceprint call noise reduction technology combines the blessing of the fusion call noise reduction technology to make the call clearer. A dual transparent transmission mode has also been added to ensure the user’s environmental perception and human voice enhanced communication.

10. JBL LIVE 300TWS true wireless bluetooth headphones

JBL logo sound, built-in high-quality drive unit, provide ultra-wide dynamic range, smart touch operation, support Google voice assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistant, JBL pure low-frequency sound, support bluetooth 5.0, up to 20 hours of mixed battery life, 10 minutes of charging You can listen to songs for 2 hours. Support IPX5 anti-sweat design, integrated high-quality dual-microphone array, “environment perception” can intelligently pick up ambient sound, and keep the music playing continuously.

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