When talking about true wireless bluetooth earphones, Sony can always bring us countless topics. Sony’s rapid development in the field of true wireless, its rich product line and countless TWS products are the best explanation. Whether it is flagship or entry-level, Sony true wireless bluetooth earphones have the blessing of black technology and high practicality The cost-effective multi-tab, the most impressive Sony WF-1000XM3 also laid the benchmark for true wireless bluetooth earphones. Of course, the protagonist of this article is not the flagship true wireless, but a Sony WF-XB700 specially designed for sports.

Throughout the Sony true wireless bluetooth earphones product line, active noise reduction and intelligent noise reduction are popular among consumers and music lovers. Speaking of sports bluetooth earphones, Sony also has some high-tech and excellent performance products, such as the Sony WF-SP800N just reviewed earlier. But in comparison, the Sony WF-XB700 brings a simple and lightweight experience. While simplifying the functions, it also presents us with a surging bass blessing and a true wireless bluetooth earphones for sports.

WF-XB700 has a very iconic design of Sony’s true wireless bluetooth earbuds: a round and lightweight body. I have come into contact with most Sony true wireless bluetooth earphones before and after. Compared with other brand products, the first impression that Sony true wireless bluetooth earphones gives me is that the earbuds cavity is very round, including Sony WF-XB700 is the same, round body It makes the whole look fuller, the cavity design fits the entire auricle, and the excellent ergonomic design makes it particularly comfortable to wear. Due to the three-point fixed structure of the cavity, the WF-XB700 is very stable in the ear canal. It is well known that the three-point fixed design can be worn stably even without external support. This is for the body that is shaken violently and oscillates irregularly during exercise. In general, the comfort of the earphones is well guaranteed. For example, when you are in the exercise room, whether you are running or jumping, lying down or shaking, you will find that the Sony WF-XB700 can move with the body without falling out.

It is worth mentioning that the charging case of the Sony WF-XB700 weighs only 46g, which fully embodies the lightweight and unique characteristics when placed in the pocket. Although the exterior material of the charging case looks monotonous or even thin, the workmanship is really excellent. The matte translucent hatch combined with the compact and stylish design does not have any flaws or plastic texture. At the same time, the charging case can provide an additional charge of WF-XB700. Combined with the earphones itself, the battery life can reach about 9 hours when it is fully charged. Sony WF-XB700 can provide up to 18 hours of battery life, which can fully meet the needs of a day, whether it is sports or When commuting, there is no need to worry about the battery life of the earphones, and the charging case supports the fast charge function, which can provide 60 minutes of battery life under the effective charging state of ten minutes.

As an earplug specifically designed for sports, Sony WF-XB700 naturally has no complicated design. The body of the WF-XB700 is relatively simple, and there is a physical button on the left and right sides for easy fingertip control. When you click, you can answer or hang up the call, and control the playback and pause of music; double-click or triple-click the right button to switch the upper and lower tracks, and click or long-press the left button to adjust the volume increase or decrease. More cleverly, the Sony WF-XB700 also added a smart wake-up voice function. You only need to press and hold the right earphone for two seconds to wake up the phone’s voice assistant, which is simple and convenient. The Sony WF-XB700 also has a built-in microphone in the cavity. Even if it is used as a daily commuter earplug, the WF-XB700 can achieve simple and convenient call functions.

How to provide comfortable, efficient and hassle-free use? In addition to being stable to wear, the waterproof and sweat-proof function provided by the Sony WF-XB700 is also practical. Sony WF-XB700 adopts IPX4 waterproof, IPX4 belongs to the anti-sweat and splash-proof level, which not only meets the needs of sports and outdoor use, but also we can simply rinse the earphones after exercise. In addition, Sony WF-XB700 has a stable wireless bluetooth connection. Although WF-XB700 is a true wireless bluetooth earphones that emphasizes experience and light technology, WF-XB700 is still in a leading position in wireless technology. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, coupled with a new bluetooth chip and optimized antenna design. The connection is quite stable during use, and there is almost no interruption during watching videos, listening to songs or exercising.

Free exercise can always be driven by passionate music. Perhaps this is an empathetic atmosphere in the gym. Sony WF-XB700 is the best choice to create this scene. WF-XB700 incorporates Sony’s exclusive EXTRA BASS low-frequency technology to achieve a surging and powerful bass effect, which not only improves the extension and impact of the low-frequency, but also optimizes the mid-frequency to make the overall sound more vivid. So how does the sound of the W Sony F-XB700 feel? In addition, we will talk in detail about the sound quality of this sports true wireless bluetooth earphones from the daily commuting and exercise.

Sony WF-XB700 adopts Extra Bass low-frequency technology, equipped with 12-unit dynamic earphones. The performance in the low-frequency part impresses the listener. The combination of passion, speed and power, and the surging rhythmic sound effect can always stimulate the listener’s heart. The mastery of the sense is based on the full and solid low-frequency texture, while the low-frequency extension and the sense of volume can have good feedback. The middle and high frequency parts are more mellow and natural, and the sound connection is very smooth, without dry or cold performance. At the same time, the clear and natural style also makes the overall sense of hearing more real, and the details are restored in place. Despite the lack of refined lines in the high-pitched part, the overall remain relatively stable. The most compliment from the heart is still the surging nature, the low frequency full of activity and passion.

From the performance of actual songs, I chose the more classic “Brother Louie”. This song was heard by chance during random play recently. It sounds very chronological. Of course, the overall song is very dynamic. Under the performance of Sony WF-XB700 earbuds, the whole song seems to drive the overall mood, clear and natural. The sound is accompanied by a rhythmic musical sense, the sound diffuses in the rich atmosphere, and the expected low-frequency performance also shows a passionate sense of hearing. At the same time, excellent sound analysis makes the overall taste not so light. In general, the sound performance of the WF-XB700 focuses on the performance of the low frequency part, which has a good interpretation of the line of instruments, especially percussion instruments.

Secondly, I also selected a vocal song for testing, “You alone are irreplaceable”. In terms of vocal performance, the sound of Sony WF-XB700 has a strong sense of substitution. The clean sound bottom does not make the overall sound appear deadly. The crisp sound rebound combined with the delicate silky voice line, the vocal charm It came out spontaneously, and the whole sounded unsatisfactory, and the appropriate emotions can be moved in the heart. I have to say that the Sony WF-XB700 is an earbuds with a mellow tone and a tactful emotional expression. In terms of style, WF-XB700 earphones are not only suitable for pop rock, but also for listening to some mellow vocal style songs.

Sound for sports, pure and simple. Sony WF-XB700 is a true wireless earphones that is simple in design and very practical compared to other true wireless earphones in the Sony series. The Sony WF-XB700 earphones does not have so many complex functions, and focuses on practicality and is designed for sports. If you can integrate WF-XB700 into APP management, or add more sports and health-related functions in future updates, I believe that Sony WF-XB700 will be loved by more sports enthusiasts. In the same price range, Sony WF-XB700 can also meet the needs of sports and music lovers!

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