Edifier recently released the TWSNB2 Pro true wireless noise reduction bluetooth earphones. The maximum noise reduction depth of this product has been increased to -38dB. It newly supports the panoramic sound surround sound function, adopts a new call noise reduction algorithm, supports AAC audio encoding, and The quick charge function has been added, and the price has not increased. The reservation price of $65 is consistent with the previous generation product.

In terms of appearance, the Edifier TWSNB2 Pro continues the design language of the Edifier TWS NB2. The charging cases are all clamshell designs, with leather texture on the surface, and the earphone handles are sharp and tough, which is more recognizable. In order to distinguish between the two products, Edifier TWSNB2 Pro currently only has gray color, while Edifier TWSNB2 is available in black and white.

Edifier TWSNB2 Pro adopts Hybrid composite noise reduction scheme, the depth of noise reduction is increased from -35dB of the previous generation to -38dB, and the earphones also uses a new ENC dual microphone call noise reduction algorithm, which is fully optimized in terms of noise reduction.

One of the highlights of the Edifier TWSNB2 Pro upgrade is the new support for the “atmospheric surround sound” function. The official promotion adopts the panoramic sound three-dimensional sound field technology, which can bring more immersive sound effects with a sense of presence, and supports video and music playback. It is expected that this feature will provide a switch option in the Edifier app.

In terms of acoustic configuration, the Edifier TWSNB2 Pro has a built-in 10mm composite diaphragm unit like the previous generation, and newly supports AAC audio encoding, which has higher decoding efficiency.

In terms of charging, the Edifier TWSNB2 Pro newly supports the fast charging function, charging for 15 minutes, the earphones can play for 2 hours, and the battery life of 7+18 hours in the noise reduction mode is consistent with the previous generation.

In terms of other functions, the Edifier TWSNB2 Pro supports adjustable ambient sound, and the delay of starting the game mode can be as low as 80ms. There is an infrared sensor for the ear detection function, and the earphones adopts a touch-sensitive interactive mode. It is in the Edifier Connect of the Edifier. More functions can be expanded in the APP.

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