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We have all heard one sentence: Playing speakers is playing cables. The same is true for earphones. A good wired earphone must be equipped with a good wire, which can restore the most real audio signal to the earphone. However, with the development of technology in recent years, wireless headphones have become popular because of their convenience and freedom. Today I bought the TFZ T2 Pro, let’s experience it together.

Appearance Design and Accessories

The earphone adopts an in-ear design and comes with an additional 6 pairs of eartips of different sizes, totaling up to 7 pairs of eartips, and there is always one pair that suits me.

Seeing this, do you all feel familiar? In fact, the headphones worn by the stars on stage are basically this kind. Because their earphones are individually customized for their ears. So it fits their ears almost perfectly.

Of course, celebrities are not short of money, and personally customized headphones are very expensive. We ordinary people can’t use it either. But TFZ T2 Pro gave us almost the same experience. Wearing it is like wearing a custom headset, which is not only very personal, but also beautiful.

After all, looking at the earphones all over the street, their shapes are all the same, and there is no freshness. Wearing this headset to go out is definitely a bright spot, and the rate of return has skyrocketed.

The earphones are designed with aerospace-grade alloy metal trim and green top layer cowhide. The combination of gold and green is very individual and energetic. Of course, in addition to green, there are other colors that can be matched, which is full of trend.

For speakers, wires are really important. The same is true for wired headsets. The wire supplied with the TFZ T2 Pro is a development grade wire made of gold-plated, silver-plated and pure copper, with a diameter of 0.78mm and a double-pin interchangeable wire design.

The 3.5mm gold-plated plug is also quite exquisite in workmanship, not only looks good, but also looks full of professionalism.

After plugging in the cable, it is very beautiful. The transparent cable material can see the looming gold and silver, matching with the gold and green of the earphone, it is noble and energetic.

Because of the replaceable cable design, the TFZ T2 Pro is also equipped with a bluetooth module. Through the neck-mounted bluetooth cable design, wired earphones can be easily turned into wireless earphones. And a flannel storage bag is also presented, which is convenient for traveling.

Young people still prefer wireless bluetooth headsets. After all, with the rapid development of science and technology, the sound quality of bluetooth headsets has been rapidly improved, and the performance in all aspects is almost comparable to the effect of wired headsets. Therefore, the introduction of bluetooth host is also in line with the trend of the times.

Use Experience

TFZ T2 Pro uses a patented black technology sound unit that has won various awards many times. Use one word to describe that dynamic and strong.

The headset uses an innovative dual-magnetic design with an advanced two-way frequency system. Even if the resolving power of the front-end output is not high, the Tesla-level magnetic flux of the headset can also increase the resolving power by 50% as a whole. In other words, even if you listen to songs on your mobile phone, you can enjoy the sound quality of a high-end Hi-Fi player.

When playing a familiar track in my collection, I heard a completely different sound from TFZ T2 Pro. Although the tracks in my collection are my favorites and they are all familiar, but I can hear a completely different taste from this headset, that is, the sound performance is clearer and more shocking.

We people are not sensitive to low frequencies, so most of the headphones are weak in low frequencies. Therefore, some cheap earphones will ignore it, and reduce the frequency of the whole sound of the earphone by tuning, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the low frequency to a certain extent. But the consequence of this is that the sound of the entire headset is very mixed and the mid and high frequencies become blurred. The TFZ T2 Pro’s low-frequency performance is strong and powerful, the low-frequency extension is in place, the rebound is fast, the dynamics are sharp and momentum, this headset clearly interprets what is the bass.

The excellent low frequency also affects the performance of the middle and high frequencies. The middle and high frequencies of the earphones are clear and sharp, and the details of the sound are displayed vividly. The musical instrument is separated in place, and the sense of space is obvious. This is the powerful sound performance ability brought by Tesla-level magnetic flux, which is an effect that general headphones cannot simulate.

At this time, you don’t need a powerful player, a mobile phone is enough. The mobile phone can make me feel the Hi-Fi experience. This is the surprise that this headset brings to me.

Many people will say, this is a wired headset, how about the sound quality of the wireless headset? Then plug the TFZ T2 Pro into the wireless bluetooth module and try it.

In order to maintain the same listening experience as possible in wired mode, TFZ also did a lot of tuning work for this bluetooth cable. In this way, even in the output state of non-Hi-Fi cables, there is a close HiFi-level experience.

In the actual experience, the headset can indeed be used more freely in wireless mode. Including in the intense exercise experience, there is no entanglement of the Hi-Fi cable. This makes my application scenarios more and more convenient. Especially now that the 3.5mm headphone jack is gradually cancelled for the current headsets, bluetooth headsets have gradually become the mainstream of the market.

In general, the dual frequency design of the TFZ T2 Pro earbuds and the Tesla-level magnetic flux have indeed brought me the most cost-effective Hi-Fi experience.

Especially the wired and wireless dual-mode design of TFZ T2 Pro also enriches the usage scenarios of my headset. Finally, its personalized appearance, I believe that in the near future, it will gradually become a must-have for listening to music on the street.

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