For my wife’s birthday this year, I racked my brains and didn’t know what to give her. Many things were very common. Although they were expensive, they didn’t have enough meaning. I always felt almost meaningless. The gift for me “the best friend in the world” should be romantic. It is best to look beautiful and be used frequently by my wife. So I thought of headphones. My wife likes to listen to music most often, and she wears headphones almost every day when commuting to work. So there is this wired headset——TFZ MY LOVE 4 that I share with you.

Reasons for choosing wired headphones as gifts

I said earlier that my wife likes to listen to music the most, but every day she takes the AirPods I gave her last year. Although the Bluetooth headset is good, the sound quality is not as good as the wired headset, and the appearance of AirPods has reached the feeling of aesthetic fatigue. Now I see that the Apple earphones are not as good as my bone conduction earphones. So in pursuit of higher sound quality and more beautiful appearance, I decided to give her TFZ MY LOVE 4 headphones. Another reason for choosing this headset is its name, which reads like “MY LOVE FOREVE”, which has a good meaning, so TFZ MY LOVE 4 has become the best gift for a wife or girlfriend.

However, gifts generally have certain requirements for appearance. The packaging of TFZ MY LOVE 4 adopts the classic white packaging of “The Fragrant Zither”, with TFZ MY LOVE 4 as an embellishment, and the pull-out packaging is full of ritual.

The TFZ MY LOVE 4 box contains two cards and a storage bag that comes with the earphones. Storage bag is a major feature of “The Fragrant Zither“. Earphones of the same brand that I tried before also have storage bags.

TFZ MY LOVE 4 is installed in the earphone storage bag, which is also one of the sense of ritual. The wife does not know what is inside. It is not clear until the storage bag is opened to see that the original TFZ MY LOVE 4 earphones were given to her. This process is just Excited like a child opening a gift. Finally, I chose TFZ MY LOVE 4 as a gift. Another reason is that its price is around 500 RMB. The 500 RMB wired earphones are the mid-range gear, which is neither expensive nor cheap. My wife will not say that I spend money indiscriminately. It turns out that the effect of this gift is very good, and the wife is very happy.

Loving appearance design

TFZ MY LOVE 4 can almost be used as a token of love, because earphones are indeed very suitable as gifts for lovers, even for boyfriends, because TFZ MY LOVE 4 is also available in silver. The pink TFZ MY LOVE 4 can be seen very suitable for girls. The letter O of LOVE on the headset is replaced by a diamond. TFZ MY LOVE 4 is really beautiful in appearance and will attract a lot of girls.

TFZ MY LOVE 4 can replace the headphone cable. But when I took out my 6N silver wire, my wife stopped me and said that I would destroy her earphones, so she gave up the idea of ​​changing the wire because she was watching the whole photo session.

My wife is pure love for music. She doesn’t pursue HiFi too much, but she can’t live without music every day. So when she received this gift, she was very happy. This is her first wired headset in the true sense. The outer side of the TFZ MY LOVE 4 earphone is made of metal with good texture, and the inner side is made of transparent plastic. The internal structure of the headset can be seen through the transparent plastic inside. This design is actually very unique. TFZ MY LOVE 4 also provides eartips of different sizes, in the storage bag, I only found out later.

I used my earphone entanglement method again, there is no way for OCD.

TFZ MY LOVE 4 embodies the details everywhere, the earphone plug is also decorated with LOVE, and there is a diamond as an embellishment like the earphone. I haven’t found out what material and grade the headphone cable of TFZ MY LOVE 4 is. It is estimated to be a 5N copper wire.

Invincible wearing experience

Although it is an in-ear headset, there is no foreign body sensation when worn, and the same is true for long-term wear. The pink earphones are embellished like accessories, and the return rate of commuting to the subway will definitely be very high in the future.

Surprising sound quality

TFZ MY LOVE 4 is equipped with K60 strong drive. K69 is known as the super performance in the dynamic world. It has won 5 consecutive VGP awards. The 500 RMB grade TFZ MY LOVE 4 wired headset is considered to be very cost-effective. K60 strong drive is known for its huge magnetic flux, strong power, high-definition resolution and super cool low-frequency atmosphere. The sound quality of TFZ MY LOVE 4 depends entirely on the support of K60. The K60 powerful drive, combined with the unique two-way equalization sound field technology of “The Fragrant Zither”, brings the clarity of sound quality to a higher level.

I started to plug in the converter and listened to a few popular songs with my mobile phone. The clarity of the human voice surprised me, and the low-frequency extension performed well. In fact, what I care about most when listening to pop songs is the resolution. The resolution of this headset is good. The restoration of various instruments in the accompaniment is very well expressed. It is really surprising that I can reach this level without changing the line.

After listening to a few songs in a row, it is better to do a professional test, especially dynamic and transient. You can’t hear it without testing a few songs.

①. Low frequency extension

In the low-frequency extension test, TFZ MY LOVE 4 can still be heard at 20Hz, and I didn’t wear earmuffs, so it performed well in terms of bass extension. Generally, those that can reach below 20 are very good headphones.

②. Resolution

Insufficient bass is actually a common problem of headphones below 1,000 yuan. But the resolution of headphones at this price is a more important indicator. After a piece of music, the higher-pitched instruments can be clearly heard, and the bass drum sounds are still relatively clear. After listening to this passage, I think it’s okay to listen to popular music. TFZ MY LOVE 4 has excellent analytical power.

③. Positioning and sound field

This is a relatively comprehensive test. Close your eyes and listen to the sound transmitted by the earphone, and judge the position of the sound by the sound. The performance of TFZ MY LOVE 4 is good. The sound of the matchbox really surrounds the ears. The sound of footsteps needs to be distinguished, but it can still be located through the earphones. The test results are good.

④. Resolution

These tests are to separate the 0.01 second pause in the sound of fast-paced music. The performance of TFZ MY LOVE 4 is still good, the sound of electronic drums can be distinguished, and the drums that are too fast can also distinguish pauses. The resolution is good.

⑤. Transient

Transient is the speed of change of sound loudness, the sudden change of sound loudness, whether the earphone can reflect it well, this is the performance of earphone transient. The transient performance of TFZ MY LOVE 4 is mediocre. You can hear the loudness changes of the test song, but the effect is not as good as TFZ KING.

⑥. Dynamic

Dynamic is the description of the change of the sound level, the lack of dynamic music is dull, and the dynamic enough can better express the emotion of the song. Movie theaters often have the feeling that the sound is suddenly loud, and that is because the sound dynamics of the movie theater are very strong. I listened to the very famous song “Auntie Washes the Railway”. After listening to it, I feel that the dynamics are good, the vocals are prominent, and I have the urge to turn up or down the volume. If TFZ MY LOVE 4 adds the active tuning function, it will be perfect. TFZ MY LOVE 4 performs well in dynamics.

In the end, TFZ MY LOVE 4 got 2 excellent, 3 good and 1 fair. But I think this is a good result for a few hundred yuan earphones, but the hifi standard requirements for TFZ MY LOVE 4 are really too harsh, so let’s give it a score of 85 points.

Buying advice:

If you, like me, are bothered about buying a gift for your wife or girlfriend to express your feelings, I believe that if you read my review, you must know it by yourself. TFZ MY LOVE 4 is a 500 RMB wired headset. Its appearance and sound quality are at a very high level. At the same time, it can send surprises and pure love to the person who receives the gift. We have our own reasons to buy such a pure love headset. Of course, I still believe that this is the most sincere gift I have ever given. After all, TFZ MY LOVE 4 also contains my love.

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