I recently bought a bluetooth headset, SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ bluetooth earphones. You can buy the same celebrity model at a price of more than 100 yuan, mainly because of its high cost performance, and the sound quality is also excellent in semi in-ear earphones at the same price. Since its establishment, the SOUNDPEATS brand has been focusing on creating high-quality bluetooth headphones, becoming the top online sales brands in the United States, Japan, and Europe. It has entered the Amazon Top 100 Brands in 2019 and won the Japanese VGP Awards in 2021.

The packaging of SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ is simple. The front and back of the packaging box are renderings of the product. The whole set of products includes earphones, charging case, charging cable and instructions. The shape of the charging case is oblate, and the edges and corners are rounded, making it comfortable to hold in the hand. The outer layer is made of frosted material, a bit matte, not easy to stain fingerprints. The charging case is very small, with a size of only 5.25×5.25×2.15cm, which fits in the palm of your hand.

The Type-C charging interface is designed on the side, making it more convenient to plug in and out the charging cable. Open the charging case cover, and you can see that the earphone is lying in the card slot. The inside of the upper case cover is a raised product logo. The charging slot of the earphone is printed with the L/R logo, which is convenient for distinguishing the placement of the left and right earphones. There is a small battery indicator in the middle, and the remaining battery can be distinguished by the color of the light for timely charging.

The rod-type semi-in-ear design of SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ makes the whole earphone very fashionable. The earphone head and earphone handle are all ergonomically designed, which makes the earphone more secure in the ear canal and fits well, thus satisfying the needs of different groups of people. Wearing requirements. The weight of a single earphone is only 3.9g, there is no pressure to wear for a long time, and it will not slip when running or jumping.

The light gray shield-shaped logo area on the upper side of the earphone handle is the touch panel of the earphone. We can switch between different modes by clicking, double-clicking, and long-pressing the left and right earphone touch areas. In actual use, the sensitivity is high, and there is no delay or pause when switching modes.

SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ uses a new generation of Qualcomm 3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip. Supporting the use of this chip greatly improves the connection stability of the headset, the transmission distance becomes longer, and it also reduces the delay and power consumption, which is faster than Qualcomm 3020’s connection. Increased by 2 times. I listened to music in a house with two doors and one wall in the middle, and there was no signal interruption.

In terms of sound quality, SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ uses aptx-adaptive audio decoding technology and 14.2mm biological diaphragm to provide users with the best sound quality. The large dynamic driver makes the high, middle and low tri-band performance very rich, especially the bass part. I chose the familiar two songs “渡口” and “bad guy” to test the sound quality. The drum beats in the prelude of the song “渡口” became more dynamic and rhythmic after being transmitted through headphones. The midrange rap section of “bad guy” is also very good, and the sound is clear. The high-pitched part of the two songs has an open sound field, which is perfectly matched with the mid-bass and the level is distinct.

SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ earphones also have a good performance in call noise cancelling. It uses dual MIC+cVc8.0 call noise cancelling technology, which can automatically filter the bottom sound and reduce environmental noise. When making a call, it seems to be a face-to-face conversation, and the sound is clear and smooth. Don’t worry about not being able to hear the content of the other party’s conversation in a noisy street.

SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2+ has its own exclusive low-latency game mode. You can enter this mode with three clicks on the touch panel of the left earphone. In this mode, the delay can be as low as 60ms. This is undoubtedly a benefit for gamers, especially In the “PUBG Mobile” game of listening and declaring positions, footsteps, gunshots and pictures are almost synchronized, which fully reflects the advantages of low latency.

Finally, let’s talk about the charging and battery life of this headphones. In addition to supporting type-c wired charging, SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ also supports wireless charging, making charging more convenient. The earbuds can be used for up to 5 hours when fully charged, and the total battery life can be up to 25 hours with the charging case.


The SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2+ bluetooth earbuds is the leader in headphones of the same price in terms of wearing experience and sound quality. In addition, the earphone has good performance in battery life, noise cancelling, and low latency. Friends who want to start in the near future, might as well experience it.

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