With the advent of winter, common in-ear earphones, especially the metal shell type, will make our ears cold and not comfortable enough to wear them again. Therefore, an over-ear headset has become my first choice for purchase. It can not only meet the requirements of wireless travel, but also realize wired HiFi listening to music and playing games. At this time, a full-featured headset became my goal of choice. The SoundMAGIC P23BT wireless bluetooth headset I experienced in this issue promotes an over-ear headset with comprehensive and rich functions. Please see the next experience report for how it performs.

Unboxing & Appearance

The packaging box of the SoundMAGIC P23BT wireless bluetooth headset is nested. The outer layer is a pure white carton package, the front is the product rendering, the back is the product parameter information and production information in multiple languages, and the side is the bluetooth transmission mode and product features.

The inner layer is a hard kraft carton. After opening the box, you can see that there are a multilingual manual, earphone storage bag, microphone audio cable, earphone microphone 2-in-1 cable, type-c charging cable and SoundMAGIC P23BT headphones. The earphone is fixed in the bottom plastic fixture.

Our daily commuting or business trips can be very convenient to store the headphones in a small and soft storage bag by folding the headphones. SoundMAGIC P23BT’s storage bag is thick and feels like a built-in sponge layer, which can well protect the safety of the headset.

The SoundMAGIC P23BT headset gives me the feeling that it is very small, portable and light, and the whole is made of black plastic. A folding hinge design is adopted between the main part of the earphone and the head beam, and the weight is only 156g, which is more convenient for storage and daily travel. The brand logo and model number are printed on the outside of the headset, and there is an NFC connection logo on one side.

The outer part is not only a simple earphone case, but it can also support touch control to control music play/pause, call, adjust the volume and wake up the intelligent voice assistant.

The earmuff part is a rotating earmuff, and the curvature can be adjusted, which is more convenient to fit the ear to ensure the sound reception. The earmuff pads are made of high-quality protein skins, matched with memory foam, which improves comfort for long-term wearing and makes them more resistant to deformation.

The internal material of the head beam is stainless steel and is engraved with scales to support expansion and contraction, so that we can accurately adjust to our comfortable length. The headband on the top of the head beam is made of food-grade silicone material. The surface is smooth and soft, comfortable and durable, and easy to take care of.

Use experience

The SoundMAGIC P23BT wireless bluetooth headset uses a 40mm dynamic driver, is equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3034 chip, supports various audio protocols such as aptX HD\aptX\SBC\AAC, supports bluetooth 5.0, and carefully adjusts the sound.

What this 40mm dynamic driver gives me is that the bass is surging and the sound field performance is very good. Especially when connected via a wired connection, when listening to music such as Jay Chow’s “一路向北” and “告白气球”, the levels are distinct, without the muddy feeling of in-ear headphones. The vocal part is relatively close to the ear, and the resolution is also impressive. Whether listening to popular music or watching movies, SoundMAGIC P23BT can have a good and stable performance.

In the “CS GO” and “PUBG Mobile” games, footsteps, gunshots and other sounds have become more handy. Because the human voice is relatively close to the ear, the immersive atmosphere in the game can be restored well while the voice is talking.

SoundMAGIC P23BT also supports CVC8.0 bluetooth call noise reduction technology, which can intelligently automatically recognize and eliminate environmental noise, so that we can avoid embarrassing shouting when talking.

SoundMAGIC P23BT supports side touch control, and the left side of the headset is the touch area. By sliding our fingers, we can achieve previous/next, volume-/volume+, answer/hang up and wake up voice assistant functions, etc. If your phone supports NFC, you can also directly tap to start the connection, which is very convenient.

As a bluetooth headset, SoundMAGIC P23BT uses a low-power circuit design and is equipped with a 400mAh large-capacity battery. One hour of charging can bring about 60 hours of long battery life to play music, which can basically meet our daily needs for listening to music for a week.


The SoundMAGIC P23BT wireless bluetooth headphone supports wired and bluetooth dual modes. The workmanship is meticulous, the materials used are solid, the sound quality is excellent, the functions are rich, the battery life is long, the body is small and portable, and it comes with many practical high-quality accessories, and the price is very worthy of recommendation.

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