In terms of functional configuration, Soundcore AeroFit Pro is equipped with a 16.2mm titanium-plated dome large dynamic driver. It supports LDAC codec and bass enhancement (Bass Up), and uses directional sound concentration technology to accurately and efficiently transmit sound and reduce sound leakage. It also supports 360° spatial audio function, dynamically tracking head movements and providing a more spatial surround sound effect.

In terms of calls, AeroFit Pro earphones have 4 built-in microphones that jointly pick up sounds, and are equipped with an AI call noise cancelling algorithm to accurately identify human voices, filter environmental sounds and wind noise, and ensure clear call effects. The earphones have a single battery life of up to 14 hours and a total battery life of up to 46 hours. It also support fast charging technology, charging for 10 minutes can provide 5.5 hours of playback.

We have previously teardown Soundcore products including: Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro, Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+, Soundcore A20i, Soundcore Life P3, Soundcore R100, Soundcore Life Dot 2, Soundcore LIBERTY AIR, Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro , Soundcore Liberty Air 2, Soundcore Spirit Pro and more. Let’s take a look at the detailed teardown report of Soundcore AeroFit Pro.

$169 - Soundcore AeroFit Pro Review

01/ Soundcore AeroFit Pro Charging Case Terdown

Teardown the charging case shell and take out the charging bin structure.

The internal structure of the charging bin, the mainboard is fixed with screws, and the battery is fixed on the mainboard.

Remove the screws and remove the components from the charging bin. There are four magnets at the bottom of the charging bin for adsorbing and fixing earbuds.

The inner structure of the cover opening button is made of transparent material, which acts as a light guide for the indicator light. At the same time, there are bumps that trigger the micro buttons on the motherboard when pressed.

The circuit on the side of the charging case motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the charging case motherboard is connected to the FPC for the earphones charging connector on both sides.

The LED lights on the motherboard provide light source for the strip indicators on the buttons.

Bluetooth pairing micro button.

SinhMicro SSP707 power management chip is a highly integrated PMIC that integrates 38V withstand voltage OVP, switch Charger, Boost, LDO, I2C, headphone plug-in and unplug detection, carrier communication, UART Level Shift, wireless charging input detection and other functions.

SSP707 can provide high-efficiency fast charging for the charging case battery. The left and right earphones can independently detect ultra-light loads and independently follow the power supply, shortening the power consumption time. The detection of the earphones entering and exiting the charging bin is more sensitive and reliable, improving the power consumption efficiency of the earphones, and significantly improving the user experience.

Power inductor peripheral to power management chip.

SinhMicro SS888Q microcontroller. SS888X is an 8-bit low-power A/D type MCU with integrated power management function and built-in operational amplifier. SS888X has built-in Charger, 30V voltage-resistant OVP, ADC, OPA, LDO, wireless charging, UART, SPI, IIC, SSP and other rich functions and interfaces, with flexible configuration modes and different low-power options.

With streamlined peripheral costs, excellent performance, and flexible and convenient development, SS888X provides application support for portable intelligent electronic devices that require charging and intelligent control (such as TWScharging cases, electric skateboards, handheld vacuum cleaners, etc.).

LED lights used to provide light sources for the ambient lights on the charging bin – one on the left and one on the left.

Silk-printed 82911 Hall elements, one for each of the left and right earphones, are used to sense the magnetic field changes when the earphones enter and leave the charging bin, and then notify the charging case MCU and earbuds to pair or disconnect with the connected device.

Pogo Pin connector for charging earbuds.

The charging case has a built-in lithium-ion battery pack, model: M632832, nominal voltage: 3.7V, rated capacity: 750mAh 2.775Wh, production date: August 9, 2023.

Tear off the battery insulation protection, and the circuit on one side of the battery protection board is equipped with an integrated lithium battery protection IC.

XySemi XB5153J2S integrated lithium battery protection IC. The XB5153 S series is a highly integrated solution for lithium-ion/polymer battery protection; it adopts an ultra-small SOT23-5 package and integrates advanced power MOSFETs, high-precision voltage detection circuits and delay circuits.

02/ Soundcore AeroFit Pro Earbuds Terdown

Disassemble the earphone cavity.

There is an independent sound cavity structure inside the front cavity, and the FPC exposed copper is connected to the motherboard.

The internal structure of the rear cavity is equipped with a motherboard unit.

Unhook the connector and take out the motherboard unit. The bottom structure of the rear cavity has golden contacts that connect the bluetooth antenna to the motherboard.

The circuit on one side of the earphone motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the earphone motherboard.

WUQI WQ7034MX bluetooth audio SoC has built-in WUQI spatial audio algorithm and supports LDAC codec. It adopts WUQI low-power consumption and HiFi 5 DSP+RISC-V architecture design, which gives the headset high-quality sound and longer battery life.

The WUQI WQ7034 series is a newly upgraded high-specification bluetooth audio SoC that supports the BT/BLE 5.3 dual-mode protocol stack and the new generation bluetooth audio technology standard LE Audio. Built-in high-performance HiFi 5 DSP and NPU (neural network processing unit), supports multi-microphone uplink noise cancelling algorithm and integrated Hybrid (FF+FB) ANC; support high-bandwidth, maximum 50dB noise cancelling; self-developed W-TWS+ Connection technology has formed an overall solution of software and hardware covering the bottom layer to ensure low latency; supports multi-point connection function; built-in WUQI wearing detection solution, which can sensitively feedback the status of the headset; supports VAD voice wake-up; has rich interfaces and integrated charging Management system, etc.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Metal dome for connecting bluetooth antenna.

SinhMicro SSQ11X small single-cell Li-ion battery charger for portable applications where space is limited. SSQ11X full charging function features trickle charging, constant current fast charging and constant voltage regulation, charge termination and automatic charging.

The SSQ11X can provide up to 500mA/750mA charge current and is externally programmable through a single resistor. The SSQ11X automatically terminates the charge cycle when the charge current drops to 1/20 of the programmed value after reaching the final float voltage. Thermal feedback regulates charge current to limit die temperature during high power operation or high ambient temperatures.

Laser-engraved Y324 4122 MEMS microphone is used for call noise cancelling function.

Connect to the BTB connector of the small board FPC.

Another laser-engraved Y324 4122 MEMS microphone is used for voice call function pickup. The two microphones work together with the AI call noise cancelling algorithm to provide clear call effects.

There are 4 metal domes connected to the FPC inside the front cavity.

The circuit on one side of the FPC board.

The circuit on the other side of the FPC board is welded to the battery wires.

TDK ICM-42670-S 6-axis IMU, the minimum package volume is 2.5x3x0.76mm, and the gyroscope sensitivity error is ±1%. Support TWS software function. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, low cost and high performance, and is used for spatial audio function to collect head movement data.

Speaker wires are soldered to the FPC.

The FPC is equipped with micro buttons for controlling various functions.

The front diaphragm of the speaker uses a titanium-plated dome.

On the back of the speaker, there is a tuning hole in the middle.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is approximately 16.2mm.

Remove the tail plug at the bottom of the earhook and take out the internal battery.

The built-in lithium-ion battery model of the headset is: M73250, rated capacity: 105mAh 0.391Wh, nominal voltage: 3.72V, production date: July 25, 2023.

Battery protection board circuit. Silk screen 3I Vx integrated lithium battery protection IC.

All components of Soundcore AeroFit Pro sports bluetooth headphones.

03/ Summary

The charging case has a built-in 750mAh lithium battery and is equipped with XB5153J2S integrated lithium battery protection IC. It uses the SinhMicro SSP707 power management chip, which supports 38V withstand voltage; it has a built-in high-efficiency switching charging module and an adjustable output voltage boost module to meet the needs of fast charging in smart charging bin and earphones follow-up charging. Equipped with SinhMicro SS888Q microcontroller for overall control of charging case.

There is a 105mAh battery built into the end of the earhook. There is an independent sound chamber structure inside the cavity, equipped with a 16.2mm titanium-plated dome dynamic driver. A single earphone is equipped with two MEMS microphones to accurately pick up sound. The main control chip is WUQi WQ7034MX bluetooth audio SoC, with built-in Wuqi spatial audio algorithm, supporting LDAC audio codec and AI NN network intelligent call noise cancelling. SinhMicro SSQ11X small single-cell lithium-ion battery charger, TDK ICM-42670-S 6-axis IMU, etc. are also used.

PS: Translated from 52audio

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