Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

Although the update and upgrade of Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 is not particularly obvious on the surface, I still feel Sennheiser’s sincerity to fans and users in some invisible details. For example, the updated ergonomically designed shell, further active noise cancellation and personalized EQ adaptation, etc., Sennheiser still maintains the original intention of pursuing good sound quality.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 specs:

Appearance Design & Accessories

Opening the package, the first sight is still the familiar woven design charging case. The charging case of this generation is exactly the same as that of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2, but it can be seen that there is still a slight difference in the texture of the fabric. The texture of the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 charging case is lower in density, more like a real woven texture. The design idea of ​​​​the weaving process is not only not easy to be stained with fingerprints, but also increases the friction and is not easy to fall off.

Although the appearance of the charging case has hardly changed, the style of the earbuds has undergone major changes. Compared with the iconic metal laser disc of the second generation, MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 adopts a more delicate and dynamic surface design. From a straight section to a curved transition, with the color of the metal-like texture, the overall look is more textured. Such an appearance design, Sennheiser said, is more ergonomic, so that users will not feel tired even if they wear it for a long time.

Some careful friends should have noticed the two small holes on the surface of the earbuds, which is a big upgrade of the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3, a 2*3 radio noise cancellation microphone. On the one hand, these microphones provide more detection sources for the active noise cancellation technology of earbuds, making active noise cancellation and adaptive mode more accurate. On the other hand, it also solves the problem of blurred radio reception of TWS earbuds during calls. In the actual experience, even in the subway with loud noise and rapid wind, the other party can hear the human voice clearly, and has a good shielding effect on the wind noise.

At the same time, Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 still retains IPX4 waterproof function.

Items in the package include: charging case, earbuds, 3 pairs of silicone eartips of different sizes, 2 pairs of earwings, Type-C cable and instructions.

Comfort & Noise Cancellation

In the actual wearing experience, thanks to the full-size covered eartips and earwings, it is very comfortable to wear. MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 adopts a curved surface design, and uses earwings to assist in fixing, so that earbuds have more contact surface, and the pressure and discomfort of wearing for a long time are reduced.

Compared with the previous generation, the size of earbuds has been significantly reduced, and the shape has also been ergonomically optimized to fit the external auditory canal better, weighing only 5.8g. Coupled with the introduction of the earwings auxiliary fixing system, MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 has a significant improvement in comfort and stability.

Although there are surprises in sound quality, the upgrade highlight of MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 is the active noise cancellation that supports adaptive mode. Its adaptive mode is defined as being able to sense the user’s environment and adjust sound effects accordingly. The system continuously monitors ambient noise to help the wearer adjust the level of noise cancellation in real time. This works similarly to some earbuds I’ve reviewed that support adaptive noise cancellation.

In a noisy subway, the earbuds will automatically switch to the most advanced noise cancellation mode. Only the low-pitched sounds of subway operations and passengers talking are heard, while the details of the broadcast are preserved so that you don’t miss the platform. In indoor scenarios, the adaptive state of earbuds will switch to mild ANC mode, and the mild ear pressure caused by active noise cancellation is released, making it easier to listen to songs.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 has two transparent modes, one will reduce the volume of the music, and the other will pause the music and the level cannot be adjusted. After a simple trial, the effect is not bad, the vocals are obviously amplified, and the background sound is weakened.

Sound Quality of MOMENTUM TW3

At the heart of the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 is the Sennheiser TrueResponse transducer, which is based on a German-made 7mm dynamic driver, delivering great sound with deep bass, natural mids and clear and detailed highs. In the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2, I gave this drive unit a good review. The feeling it gives to the ear is firstly very clean, and secondly, it is full of Sennheiser’s sound style. The vocals are mellow and warm, the highs are natural and clear, and the lows are crisp and powerful.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 adds support for aptX Adaptive decoding while keeping the drive unit unchanged. Just like the name, it combines the advantages of aptx HD and low latency, and can adjust the sound quality and latency adaptively. At the same time, users can also switch freely between AAC and SBC.

In terms of sound performance, MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 gives me more feelings about the optimization of the mid-frequency. Sennheiser obviously considered the listening preferences of mainstream users and the current popular music styles in the development of this TWS earbuds. On the basis of highlighting the singer’s voice texture, the softness of the voice line is optimized, so that the ears can hear a warmer and purer voice.

At low frequencies, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 behaves more like a traditional Sennheiser. It is more of a loose and diffuse overtone style, which can also form a good sense of range in some small low frequencies.

Smart Control APP & Control

Another upgrade point of Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 is the richness of functions from the Smart Control APP. In Smart Control, you can set EQ equalizer, select transparency mode, automatically correspond to sound area, customize control settings, disable earbud removal detection, OTG upgrade and other functions for MOMENTUM True Wireless 3. It also adds the Sound Check function for users, which is actually the “personalized sense of hearing” of other manufacturers.

A unique set of EQ settings can be created by how sensitive the machine is to human hearing. For example, my low-frequency hearing is weaker than others, so after using Sound Check, I can detect my low-frequency hearing curve problem and establish a set of EQ settings to enhance bass performance. Compared with the same type of functions of other brands, Sennheiser’s Sound Check detection will be more delicate, and the detection results will be more accurate.

The Sound Zones function allows users to customize different “Zone EQ” settings in different zones. For example, in the office, turn on mild noise cancellation and turn on a softer and more natural EQ setting. When you go to the fitness area, turn on the strong noise cancellation mode and switch to the EQ that strengthens the bass, so that users can feel a stronger sense of rhythm.

The touch area of ​​Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 is still integrated in the outer logo area. Different operations can be achieved by long press, single click, double click, triple click, etc., which can be customized or closed in the App. There is also a removal detection function (remove the earbud to pause playback), which can also be turned off in the APP.

Connectivity & Battery Life

MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 adopts the Qualcomm QCC5100 series solution, which supports dual earbuds synchronous parallel mode, Bluetooth 5.2 standard, and aptX™ Adaptive dynamic coding. Although the specific model is still unknown, it should be one of the latest flagship models according to the highest support for 24Bit/96kHz high-resolution audio.

The signal stability of earbuds is very good, and with the blessing of Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive dynamic coding, as long as it is not completely blocked, it also has good connection stability in complex environments. The performance in terms of latency is also good. Most video apps can synchronize audio and video, and the latency in the game is relatively slight.

In terms of battery life, Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 finally added Qi wireless charging technology, which can further improve the charging experience. The actual measurement can be charged with the Apple MagSafe charger. At the same time, it still retains the same 28 hours of total battery life as the previous generation (7 hours of earbud + 21 hours of charging case). And it only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge, and 10 minutes of charging can play music for 1.5 hours continuously.

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