Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus Review: Modern, Traditional and Simple

Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus retains the lightweight design, comfortable wearing and ease of use features of the ACCENTUM series. At the same time, they also draws on the essence of the MOMENTUM series.

Sennheiser ACCESSUM Plus specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC/aptX/aptX adaptive code
  • 50 hours playback of per charge (ANC ON)
  • Wired connection & wireless connection
  • 37mm dynamic driver
  • Comes with audio cable, USB-C cable, storage bag, user manual
  • $229 – Check latest price on Amazon US, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design: Modern, Traditional and Simple

“Modern, Traditional, Simple” – this is my most direct impression of Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus. The appearance is still the low-key and restrained design style of the ACCENTUM series, and the corners are very well processed. In fact, I think the black version is a bit too stable, and a white version should be launched later.

The size of ACCENTUM Plus is very compact – after folding, it completely fits my backpack and 20″ suitcase carrying habits. The biggest feature is the 180-degree foldable design, which does not take up extra space due to size and shape.

Comfort and Battery Life

The wearing experience of Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus is good; the weight is very light, and the ergonomic headbeam is paired with wide and soft ear pads, which makes the earphones wrap the ears well, and you will not feel any pressure on the ears and top of the head when worn for a long time.

The battery life is up to 50 hours with bluetooth and ANC turned on. Plus, support fast charging function – 10 minutes of charging, 5 hours of playback.

In addition, Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus’s smart pause function automatically stops playback when I take off the headphones and resumes playback when I put them on again. The automatic power-off function allows the headphone to turn off after a minimum of 15 minutes to save unnecessary power consumption.

Smart Controls: Comprehensive Improvement of Operation Fluency

If you can adapt to the touch control method of ACCENTUM Plus, it will be easy to get started. Only one power button (bluetooth pairing button) is retained on the headphone, and all other operations are integrated in the touch area on the right headphone. You can control music playback, adjust volume, switch NC/transparency mode, and more by single-tap, double-tap, and sliding.

The touch response of the headphone is very sensitive and there is almost no delay. The response speed of music pause and NC/transparency mode is also very fast, and the operating experience is very smooth. Of course, the downside is that these gestures are a bit complicated and may take some getting used to.

Also, the ease of use of ACCENTUM Plus has been further improved in the “Smart Control App. Part of the control scheme can be customized, and it also allows me to fine-tune the hearing according to the type of music. Plus, the audio codec prompts in the APP also allow me to Optimize the effect of device connection in time.

Noise Cancellation: Adaptive is the most comfortable choice

Although I have not found the noise cancellation depth parameters of Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus, in terms of daily actual experience, its noise cancellation effect is on the same level as Sony and Bose’s flagship over-ear headphones. At the same time, the ear pressure is well controlled, and there is basically no dizziness or chest tightness after wearing it for a period of time.

Whether you are taking the subway or flying every day, you can rely on the soothing music in your headphones to maintain your mood without being disturbed by noise.

This is also due to the new adaptive noise cancellation function of ACCENTUM Plus. The headphones can automatically adjust the noise cancellation effect based on external environmental noise, and you can also manually control the NC/transparency mode by double-tap on the headphone touch panel. Plus, the new anti-wind noise mode of the headphones will be a good blessing for use in outdoor windy environments, and can effectively reduce the interference of wind noise on listening to music and voice calls.

Sound Quality of Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus

The ACCENTUM Plus continues to use the 37mm dynamic driver of this series – the sounding is very rich and full. The mid-low frequency performance is particularly excellent, and the clear vocal delivery is impressive.

Orchestral music – “Spring” audition: Starting from the gentle cello sound, gradually adding more wind instruments, harp and drum beats, the whole piece of music appears delicate, rich and not messy under the tuning of ACCENTUM Plus. The detail restoration and layered performance, combined with the highly elastic low frequency, make it easy for the user’s ears to like the listening experience.

Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus is somewhat close to the sound characteristics of Sennheiser MOMENTUM in sound style – loose, warm, with very high clarity of vocals and instruments. Although it is a closed-back headphone, ACCENTUM Plus still has a wide soundstage and excellent dynamic performance.

A slight disadvantage is that the low-frequency is slightly thicker. The control under large dynamics is good, but the resolution is slightly insufficient, especially when listening to some large classical music, the low-frequency will be a bit “boring”. However, the Smart Control App provides a corresponding solution, and users can adjust the tri-frequency of the headphone in the equalizer.


While retaining the design and portability of the ACCENTUM series, Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus has made improvements in sound quality, noise cancellation, and smart control – which also brings the overall performance of ACCENTUM Plus to a higher level. For example, in my opinion, the “adaptive noise cancellation” and “anti-wind noise” functions that are very practical, as well as the touch panel integrated on the right earphone, have greatly improved the user experience.

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