Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review: 24bit Hi-Fi audio, 360 spatial audio and head tracking

If you are a Samsung smartphone user, then the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is definitely the earbuds of choice. Many interesting functions and better sound quality can only be experienced with Samsung devices, which can be regarded as an official “package combination”. If you already have Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, 24bit Hi-Fi sound quality may be a reason for you to replace. If you are not interested in this, you can consider upgrading every other generation.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SSC/AAC codec
  • Dual dynamic driver
  • 24bit Hi-Fi audio
  • 360° audio & head tracking
  • 5-8 hours of playtime (ANC ON/OFF)
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • $190 – Check latest price on Amazon US, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design & Comfort

It is still the familiar black square box. In addition to the charging case and earbuds, there are Type-C cables and eartips of different sizes in the package. It is also a combination of conventional accessories.

Both earbuds and charging case are made of matte texture. While it no longer shines like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the benefits are obvious. Not stained with fingerprints, not afraid of small scratches.

Compared with the previous generation, the earbuds cavity has adjusted the position of the pickup microphone and the front feedback noise cancellation microphone. A pickup microphone located further down can theoretically ensure better call quality. The position of the pre-feedback noise cancellation microphone turns black. The inside of the earbuds is still the wearing sensor and the rear feedback noise cancellation microphone. Other changes are not particularly big.

The earbuds are lighter than the previous generation, with a single earbud weighing 5.5g. The official said that the size is also 15% smaller than the previous generation, which is definitely a significant improvement for wearing. Although the wearing of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has been done quite well, this time the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro has gone a step further. The size of the charging case is exactly the same as the previous generation. The advantage is that many previously bought protective cases can be used in general, which is worthy of praise.

The process of taking out earbuds from the charging case to wearing is very smooth, and there is no problem of inconvenient removal and poor wearing.

Here is a comparison of the appearance and size of Apple AirPods 3 and Apple AirPods Pro. Whether it is the charging case or the size of the earbuds can be seen intuitively, I hope it can give you some reference for purchasing.

It still supports USB-C wired charging and wireless charging, which can be said to be the standard configuration of the current mobile phone manufacturer TWS earbuds. There is no physical button in the entire charging case, and pairing only needs to long press the earbuds touch area until the lights flash alternately. If it’s a Samsung smartphone, you can see the connection popup when you open the lid, which also makes the pairing process more convenient.

Sound Quality of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

One of the biggest upgrade highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro this time is the sound part. You might be thinking, isn’t the dual dynamic driver used yet? However, the change this time is not in this, but in the support of 24bit high-definition audio.

In fact, when paired with a Samsung smartphone, the process of transferring music from the playback device to the earbuds reduces the loss as much as possible, so that we can hear more details when listening to songs. For example, compared to Apple AirPods Pro, I can hear more subtle sounds in some songs, and I can restore the sound of some instruments better.

However, it can only be used with Samsung smartphones after ONE UI 4.0. We can see the rate of bluetooth transfer in developer mode. In addition, if it is matched with other brands of mobile phones, most of the time, it is still transmitted by AAC.

This time I paired three phones with iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Sony Xperia PRO-I. Among them, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has the best function and listening experience of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. But on the other two phones, its performance still did not disappoint me.

In terms of sound quality, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro supports 24bit high-fidelity audio function, and we can choose the highest quality music in the music software. The upgraded Samsung Codec (SSC) encodes full 24bit audio and decodes it through the Galaxy Buds2 Pro for high-quality music streaming. Bass is delicate, details are clear, and highs are crisp, adapting to a variety of musical styles. In addition, this time Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also brings 360° audio function. Through the combination of 360° audio algorithm and head tracking technology, the sound and action can be kept in sync and more three-dimensional.

So in terms of overall sound, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro should be regarded as an all-rounder. Although omnipotence is not a specialization, it is absolutely no problem to make it meet the needs of most ordinary consumers who want to buy a true wireless earphones with “good sound quality”.

When paired with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the amount of information of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro does not sound as rich as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but thanks to the excellent tuning, it can still exert 80% of its strength. So just from the sound performance, I am very willing to put it in the “recommended list of true wireless earphones with good sound quality”.

Noise Cancellation & 360° Audio

I was very impressed from the first time the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro added the ANC function. My feeling at the time was that it was on par with the Apple AirPods Pro. The excellent noise cancellation performance continues on the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. This time, the negative pressure effect when the noise cancellation function is turned on has also been optimized to a certain extent, and the previous problem of some wind noise has also been improved. The performance of ambient sound is also excellent as always, and the recognition of the voice detection function is also faster. So in terms of noise cancellation and ambient sound functions, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is still very competitive.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can easily switch the noise cancellation mode, and the earbuds will intelligently switch the mode according to your current scene. If you’re communicating with a friend, the earbuds’ language detection feature catches you talking, turns off ANC, and turns on ambient sound mode, so you don’t have to take off the earbuds.

In the experience of active noise cancellation, compared to Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the noise cancellation performance is improved by 40%. And the noise cancellation of Galaxy Buds2 Pro is to filter and eliminate common noises in life through artificial intelligence and deep neural network (DNN). Only one of the three microphones of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a high signal-to-noise ratio microphone, while the three microphones of the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are all high-signal-to-noise ratio microphones, so the call noise cancellation effect will be much better.

This time, Samsung has also optimized the spatial audio function to a certain extent. Although it can only be experienced on Samsung devices, the overall feeling has been done well. Head tracking can make the sound come from the same direction no matter which side you turn your head to, which is very suitable for use with VR equipment in the future.

However, what spatial audio needs more is in terms of resources and gameplay, and Samsung is also gradually making arrangements under its own ecology. If you are a friend who is used to the “Samsung set”, as the most important earbuds for sound output, Samsung devices will be equipped with new functions first.

This time, a neck extension reminder is also added to the small function. Pre-set parallel view, head down and head up actions can remind you to look into the distance and stretch when you head down for a long time, which can also be regarded as a health reminder for wearable devices.

Connectivity & Battery Life

If you use a Samsung smartphone, there are popup animations and you can connect across multiple devices. Make sure it can connect with other devices while connecting with the phone. Such as Samsung Watch, Samsung Tablet PC can be. Which device you use, the audio can also be streamed, reducing a lot of tedious steps.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro also supports IPX7 waterproof, which is definitely a good partner for sports. When the ANC mode is turned on, the battery life is 5 hours, and it can reach 18 hours when used with the charging case. Samsung smartphone users can even reverse charge.

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