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On March 15, Samsung released a new Galaxy A-series model —— Samsung Galaxy A53, starting at $400. The phone is equipped with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, a 64MP rear 4-camera system, and has a very rich hardware configuration. The release of Samsung Galaxy A53 not only fills the vacancy of Samsung brand products in the $400 price segment, but also brings more options to everyone. So, what is the difference that Samsung Galaxy A53 can bring to everyone, I will take you to analyze it through actual measurement.

Samsung Galaxy A53 specs and features:

Appearance: The backplane design is innovative, and the frame texture is insufficient

At the beginning of research and development, Samsung has always adhered to the concept of softness and simplicity, which has created Samsung’s unique design style. When I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy A53, its outstanding design was where it stood out.

Samsung Galaxy A53 adopts a very rare square design nowadays, with a 6.5″ FHD+Super AMOLED hole-digging screen on the front, which supports 120Hz and 800nit maximum brightness. Even in sunlight, it is guaranteed that everyone can clearly see what is displayed on the screen. The classic centered hole-digging design reduces the impact of hole-digging on the look and feel of the screen and ensures the integrity of the screen.

The back panel of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is made of matte material, which makes the back panel more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant after ensuring a delicate grip experience. Not only that, in order to create visual unity, the rear camera is integrated with the matte backplane, the lens module is slightly raised to form a platform surface, and there is no splicing at the transition, eliminating the sense of visual separation.

In terms of grip comfort, the grip of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is not particularly outstanding. The flat back body combined with the sleek frame design can fit the palm better, but the frame is not polished enough. When you hold the entire fuselage with one hand, the flat back of the fuselage combined with the even weight distribution does not cause the problem of “top-heavy”.

Image: Four rear cameras, night scene shooting is the focus

The imaging system is the main battlefield for all manufacturers. Whether it is a low-end mobile phone or a flagship mobile phone, the imaging system is an important force. The Samsung Galaxy A53 uses a rear four-camera camera system, which are 64MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide-angle, 5MP depth of field and 5MP macro. Under the condition of consolidating the hardware foundation, Samsung Galaxy A53 also added AI image enhancement optimization and a powerful night shooting system. Next, let us fully understand the image strength of Samsung Galaxy A53 through proofs.

The performance of the Samsung Galaxy A53 in the 1x proofs is still very good. First of all, you can see that the details of the subject in the picture are very good, and the camera’s analytical ability is strong. In addition, the transition of colors in the picture is very delicate, and there is no obvious layering between colors. Secondly, the bright places in the picture are bright and the dark places are dark, showing the obvious advantages of Samsung Galaxy A53 HDR.

Main camera proofs

Secondly, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A53 in telephoto is also very good. When shooting, you can choose 2x, 4x, and 10x for shooting. In the telephoto mode, the sharpness of the photo is very good, and the color of the picture is not affected by the change of the magnification, and it can easily shoot distant subjects.

Telephoto proofs

In terms of wide-angle, the Samsung Galaxy A53 center image quality level is very high. There is no obvious distortion on the edge of the image, and the color of the picture is actually consistent, there is no excessive optimization, and the overall performance is very good.

Ultra wide-angle proofs

Many friends may also notice that the Samsung Galaxy A53 is also equipped with a macro lens and a depth of field lens. In macro mode, we can easily get a photo with a clear subject and a properly blurred background. The advantage is that we can more easily express the subject of the picture, which is convenient for everyone to create images.

Macro proofs

In terms of night scenes, the Samsung Galaxy A53 also did not disappoint. Shooting in night scene mode, we can get a very pure photo. The Samsung Galaxy A53 has excellent suppression of highlights, rarely overexposed when shooting scenes with lights, and restores the level of light and shadow and color in place. During the shooting process, the subject focuses quickly, the exposure is accurate, there is no obvious noise, and the clarity is very high.

Night scene proofs

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A53 is not only good at taking pictures, but also powerful in video. It not only provides us with a variety of frame sizes such as 9:16/1:1, but also provides us with video recording formats such as FHD 60 frames and UHD 30 frames. During the shooting, we experienced that the super anti-shake function of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is very good, which also makes our daily Vlog shooting more convenient.

On the whole, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A53 in terms of imaging is very good. It can not only meet everyone’s daily photography needs, but also meet everyone’s needs in creating videos. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A53 has also added a variety of functions such as one-click multi-shot, time-lapse shooting, and time-lapse photography.

Performance: Octa-core processor, smooth everywhere

As a well-balanced product, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is also very important. This time, the Samsung Galaxy A53 uses the Samsung Exynos 1280 processor based on the 5nm process, and with RAM Plus, it can bring you a strong performance experience. Next, I will take you to understand the performance of Samsung Galaxy A53 through the game test.

We benchmarked it before playtesting it. Among them, AnTuTu scored 434340 points, OpenGLES 3.1 in 3Dmark SLING SHOT EXTREME scored 3635 points, and Vulkan scored 3538 points. Although the comprehensive running score of Samsung Galaxy A53 is not particularly good, it can basically meet everyone’s daily use. In terms of game testing:

“Honor of King” game frame rate

In the “Honor of King” game with a full frame of 60 frames, the Samsung Galaxy A53 can run stably at an average frame rate of 59 frames, and the frame rate performance is very good. The smooth frame rate curve has no unnecessary fluctuations, and the processor performance is released very freely. In terms of game experience, thanks to the advantages of the straight screen, the overall game process is very enjoyable, and there will be no accidental touches. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A53 also adds a game booster that can make good optimizations in terms of phone temperature, storage space, and battery life.

“Call of Duty” game frame rate

Through the data recorded by professional performance testing software, it is not difficult to see that the Samsung Galaxy A53 can run stably at an average frame rate of 58.9 frames in the full frame 60Hz “Call of Duty” game. There was no major lag during the game. During the game, thanks to the 120Hz high refresh screen, the operation is smoother, and the screen display has almost no delay. Coupled with the optimization for game shooting mobile games, the game experience is very good.

Before                                                    After

In terms of heat dissipation, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is quite satisfactory, which can ensure that the heat inside the fuselage diffuses out in time. By comparing the temperature before and after the game, we can see that the temperature control ability of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is within the normal range, which can easily cope with everyone’s daily use environment.

5000mAh large battery, deep use for a day

The user experience is not only excellent image, powerful performance, but also has high requirements in terms of battery life. The Samsung Galaxy A53 is equipped with a 5000mAh high-capacity battery, with 25W fast charging technology, which can achieve a day of deep use. Next, we will show you its battery life performance through a 5-hour heavy battery life test.

Through the heavy battery life test, the final remaining power of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is 51%, and its performance is relatively high among the models in the $400 range. While in gaming tests its battery drain was high, it was within the norm. If you use it to watch videos, the battery life will be longer. The Samsung Galaxy A53’s advantage in charging speed is not obvious. Due to the large battery capacity, the 25W charging power is a bit laborious.


I believe that after reading the comprehensive evaluation, you already have a basic understanding of the Samsung Galaxy A53. First of all, let’s talk about product strength, Samsung processor, good imaging system, larger battery capacity, showing a high level of hardware. In terms of actual experience, the Samsung Galaxy A53 is not weaker than any other products in the market at the same price. On the whole, the Samsung Galaxy A53 is a very sincere product, which can bring you an experience comparable to the flagship.

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