As a headphone hobby and evaluator, I almost cannot do without it anytime and anywhere. I want to listen to it as long as I have time during the day. You must listen to AMSR, white noise, percussion sounds, copper bowls, meditation and other audio when you sleep at night. , Do not take off the earphones until you wake up, or you will suffer from insomnia. Since I retired, I have been in love with traveling. Although I have dozens of earphones of different brands and types, I have always been looking for a pair that can satisfy home and travel, which can satisfy both day and night. A headset that can be used in sleep, this time I came into contact with the QCY T13 true wireless bluetooth earphones, which basically met my requirements.

| 1. Unboxing

QCY’s new speed is very fast. I only reviewed the QCY-T12S semi-in-ear true wireless earphones a few days ago. I have been using it. Through running-in and use, the sound quality has just gradually improved. QCY T13 true wireless earphones have arrived in my hands , The color of the outer packaging of QCY T13 true wireless earphones is different from that of QCY-T12S semi-in-ear true wireless earphones, with silver gray and yellow as the background color, which looks firm and steady.

The upper left corner of the front of the box is the QCY brand LOGO, and the upper right corner is “Be Creative, Go Beyond”. Before I got the QCY T13 true wireless bluetooth headset, I heard that this headset has some new ideas and selling points compared with the previous products. Whether it can surpass the previous products, let us slowly experience it in the experience. On the left is the prominent configuration and features of this headset. On the right is a display picture of QCY T13 true wireless headphones.

The left and right sides of the box are black QCY brand fonts set off in yellow.

The content on the back of the box is very rich, from top to bottom in Chinese and English to introduce the technical parameters, manufacturer, address, implementation standard, website and other contents of the product.

Open the box, take out the plastic mold box inside, and place the charging case in the groove of the mold box.

Take out all the items inside, there are earphones, charging cable, charging case, eartips, manuals.

| 2. Product Brief

①. Manual

The manual of QCY T13 true wireless smart earphone gives a detailed introduction to the first use of the product, bluetooth connection, wearing, operation, earphone charging and charging bay charging in both Chinese and English.

②. Type-c cable

QCY T13 true wireless earphones are equipped with type-c cable. Type-c cable has no choice of directionality. It is more convenient than Micro USB charging cable during charging operation. Without a charger, you can use the charger of the Android phone or use the USB port of the computer to charge the headphones.

③. Silicone eartips

In addition to a pair of silicone earplugs on the headphones, it is also equipped with two pairs of earplugs. The headphones has been installed with medium-sized earplugs. You can wear it first. According to the tightness and comfort of wearing, according to your own feeling Replace the large or small size.

④. Charging case

QCY T13 true wireless earphones use a unique “space capsule” design, with a square and round shape, simple and smooth body lines, and a shiny shell. The top surface of the charging compartment is the brand LOGO, and there is a groove at the opening of the upper cover to facilitate the opening of the upper cover. Below the groove is the charging bay charging indicator, charging: the red indicator is always on. Fully charged: The green indicator light is always on.

The Type-c charging port is on the right side of the charging case, and the type-c port has no choice of directionality, which is more convenient than the Micro USB port during charging operation. QCY T13 true wireless headphones is not equipped with a charger, you can use the charger of the mobile phone or use the USB port of the computer to charge the headphones.

The Charging case is opened in the form of a clamshell, with a matte interior design. After the upper cover is closed, it is connected to the base magnetically, so it will not be easily opened during carrying.

The two earphone cabins are like the rest cabins of astronauts in sci-fi movies, and a pair of earphones has double cabins, which is more sci-fi and romantic.

The playback positions of the left and right earphones are marked with “L” and “R” beside the charging cockpit. In fact, you can directly open the box and pick up the earphones in the left and right compartments and put on the corresponding ears, without having to look at the label.

QCY T13 is an in-ear earphones. The charging contacts are inside the earphone handle, so there are two contacts in the recess of the charging compartment. When putting the earphone back into the charging compartment, make sure that the earphone and the charging compartment are in contact.

There is a button under the recess of the charging compartment, which has two functions.

A. Restore factory settings:
When the headphones is in the charging case, press and hold the button for 10 seconds, the red and blue lights will flash alternately 3 times, and the headphones will turn on after the reset is complete.

B. Charging case battery light prompt:
After pressing the button, the green light is on: the charging case battery is high: >90%; the blue light is on: the charging case battery is 50%-90%; the red light is on: the battery is low: <50%.

Charging case:

Charging case is a type-c interface, so there is no choice of direction when connecting with a type-c connector, and the operation is more convenient. Plug the charging cable into the charger port to charge the charging case and earphones. Charging case battery capacity is 380mAh. The charging case can charge the headphones about 2-3 times. When charging case: the red indicator light is always on; fully charged: the green indicator light is always on.

⑤. Earphones

The QCY T13 true wireless bluetooth headphones is in-ear, and the size is slightly smaller than the earphones I have reviewed. The angle of the ear part is just right. The outer size fits well with the ear socket, and the inside and outside are very fit, so it is very comfortable to wear.

The earphones I reviewed before are basically black, and few are suitable for women. This time the QCY T13 earphones are finally white, and they are very small. My wife is a person who does not use earphones. This time I coaxed her to try. After wearing it, I like the color very much, and finally I applied it.

The headphone head is an in-ear headphone with a rod, and the charging contacts of the headphone are set on the inside of the headphone rod. When the headphone is taken out of the charging compartment for the first time, there is a piece of adhesive paper attached to the charging contacts, which needs to be removed before use.

In-ear headphones basically use silicone eartips. One is to fill the ear canal with silicone eartips to isolate external noise and play a physical noise reduction effect. The second is that soft eartips can make the wearer feel more comfortable. However, wearing earphones with silicone eartips for a long time will increase the humidity in the ear canal because of the better sealing performance, which will cause fungal infections for a long time, and the wearer will have the discomfort of itching in the ear canal. Therefore, wear this kind of earphone for about an hour and take the earphone off and rest, or use the two ears alternately, so as to avoid the occurrence of infection.

Some friends told me in private that you have reviewed a lot of eartips, but none of them introduced the replacement method of eartips. I recalled it and indeed there is no way. I will introduce it here, whether it is to remove or install the silicone eartips. Turn over the outer layer of eartips. If you remove it, hold the eartip outer layer with one hand, and pull the earphone body outward with the other hand. If it is installed, hold the eartip outer layer with one hand, and hold the earphone body with the other hand, and press the eartip’s inner hole toward the output mouth.

QCY T13 true wireless headphones use 7.2mm speakers. The speakers in the headphones I reviewed are not large. Because of this, the appearance of QCY T13 is small. The sound quality of a headphones is not determined by the size of the speaker. Yes, in this article, I will not comment on the sound quality of the earphones for the time being. First, I will introduce the volume of the earphones. Earlier I introduced that the speaker of the QCY T13 headphones is not the largest speaker among the headphoness I have reviewed. Some in-ear bluetooth headphones advertise speakers that are more than ten millimeters, but the volume is very small. Use the same mobile phone as a playback device. Some earphones need to adjust the volume of the phone to 80% to reach the basic appropriate volume. The QCY T13 true wireless bluetooth headphones and the QCY-T12S semi-in-ear true wireless headphones reviewed some time ago only need to adjust the volume to 50% to meet the needs.

So the volume of a headphones does not depend on the size of the speaker, it should be related to the system and debugging of the speaker.

Headphone charging:

Put the earphones back into the charging case to charge the earphones. Have you ever encountered that the headphones is out of power when you are in urgent need of use? If you charge the headphones, you often need to wait about half an hour. This time the QCY T13 headphones uses the headphones fast charging black technology, charging for 5 minutes and listening to music for 1 hour , When the earphones are out of power, put the earphones back into the charging case, smoke a cigarette, take a break, let the ears breathe, and enjoy music for another hour.

When the headphones is fully charged, the headphones can talk for about 5 hours; music playback is about 8 hours.

Put the earphones back into the charging case and start charging the earphones. The red light is always on when the headphones is charging, and the blue light is on for 1 minute after the headphones is fully charged and then goes out.

Headphone operation:

The operation panel of the QCY T13 true wireless smart earphone is located on the combined plane of the outer rod of the earphone and the body. There is an LED indicator on the plane. The indicator light can reflect the display of the earphone charging, bluetooth connection, and factory reset operation. I will perform various operations Introduced in.

A. Bluetooth connection:

Open the cover, take out the headphones, it will automatically turn on, turn on the phone’s bluetooth to search for QCY-T13” and click connect (if there is a connection record, the device will automatically connect to the last used device).

B. Functional operation:

Power on: Long press the touch panel for 1.5 seconds
Shut down: put the headphones into the charging case
Answer/hang up: double tap the touch panel
Reject the call: long press the touch panel for 1.5 seconds
Previous song: Long press the left earphone for 1.5 seconds
Next song: Long press the right earphone for 1.5 seconds
Voice interaction: triple click left earphone
Play/pause: double-tap the headphones
Low latency: triple click on the right earphone
Volume control: QCY T13 can’t adjust the volume on the headphones, only the volume key of the phone can be used to adjust the volume.

You can also enter the QCY APP to modify each operation according to all your habits.

C. Install and set up smart QCY APP:

QCY T13 true wireless bluetooth headphones adopts smart QCY APP custom control, supports pop-up window pairing, button function setting, music EQ mode adjustment and other functions.

Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code of the APP on the packaging box or the manual, install and set up, you need to register and log in first, and then set according to your preference for listening to music and the habit of using the headphones. You can also learn about the power of the headphones and other information in it. Able to upgrade the headphones and restore factory settings.

This time the QCY APP can set the earphone button language, music EQ mode, OTA firmware upgrade and other functions. It also adds a “sleep mode”, which automatically blocks the earphone touch function after turning it on, so you don’t have to worry about accidental touches when lying down. .

QCY T13 is not very suitable as a sleep headphones, because the part of the earphone exposed to the ear is too high, and the headphones will be against the ear canal when sleeping sideways. This can not be blamed on the headphones, because the bluetooth wireless headphones needs to be equipped with speakers and bluetooth. System, operating system, battery. There are not many small earphones like QCY T13. If you want to use sleep earphones, you can only use wired earphones.

In fact, sleep mode can not only be used when lying down, but when you are in the north of winter, you can turn on sleep mode when you are wearing headphones and covering your earmuffs for fear of misoperation.

| 3. Product parameters

  • Product name: T13
  • Pairing name: QCY-T13
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Compatible system: ios/Android
  • Communication distance: 10m (under obstacle-free open environment)
  • Use time: about 5 hours of talk, about 8 hours of music
  • Support protocol: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCPC
  • Charging case battery capacity: 380mAh
  • Charging case charging times: about 2-3 times with dual earphones
  • Charging interface type: Type-C

| 4. Experience

Originally, I will emphasize the burn-in in this chapter, because I only completed the evaluation of QCY-T12S semi-in-ear true wireless earphones not long ago. If you have friends who need to know, please refer to my article “There is a style and sound QCY-T12S semi-in-ear earphones.” Evaluation of True Wireless Headphones.

①. Battery life

After receiving the earphones, I first charged the charging case, took out the earphones, installed a 32G TF card in the idle mobile phone, and downloaded 20G audio data such as music, white noise, etc. specially used for earphone running-in in the card. , I turned on the headphones at 8 in the morning and started to run-in the headphones. After 8 hours of use, I am afraid that the headphones is out of power. Open the APP and check that the left and right headphoness each have 10% power, which indicates that the headphones is fully charged and ready for use. More than 8 hours.

In order to test the QCY T13 fast charging technology, charge it for 5 minutes and listen to music for 1 hour. I use the headphones to automatically shut down after no electricity, put it in the charging case, and start timing. After 5 minutes, I take it out to play music and play. You can continue to use it after 1 hour.

After the headphones and charging case are fully charged, I take out the headphones. At this time, the charging case should be fully charged. When the headphones power is less than 10%, I will charge the headphones. In this way, I charge the headphones 3 more times. Press the charging case internal button to turn on the red light, although it is less than 50%, it proves that it still uses electricity. This shows that the charging case can charge the headphones 3 to 4 times, and the battery life can reach more than 30 hours.

②. Bluetooth transmission distance

QCY T13 uses bluetooth 5.1 chip technology, the transmission rate and performance are greatly improved compared to 5.0, while the power consumption is further reduced, the connection is more stable and faster, and the marked transmission distance is about 10m. In fact, it is used outside according to usage habits. Generally, mobile phones or bluetooth playback devices are carried with you, not too far apart. If you use it at home, you may temporarily put your mobile phone or bluetooth playback device on the desk or coffee table, and wear headphones to the bedroom, toilet, and kitchen. Except for very large houses, it is generally within 10m.

Factors affecting bluetooth transmission include whether there is a wall or other obstacles between the mobile phone or bluetooth playback device and the headphones, and the transmission distance of the mobile phone or bluetooth playback device. The headphones cannot be tested blindly. In order to confirm this, I specially turned out an old bluetooth player and connected it to QCY T13 for use, let alone 10m, even if the head is turned, sometimes the connection will be disconnected. Use the mobile phone to connect and use it in an open field, and the headphones does not disconnect and stop playing within 15m. There is a wall in the house where there is no disconnection or stopping of playback.

③. Call

Every time I experience a bluetooth headphones, as long as there is a call function, I will talk to my wife for a test, and consult her on the effect she accepts, the clarity of the sound, and the difference when talking directly with the mobile phone. QCY T13 true wireless bluetooth earphones adopts two self-adaptive bilateral microphones. The chip will intelligently recognize voice or noise according to the position of the microphone, and cooperate with the ENC algorithm to suppress environmental noise and amplify voice signals. In order to test the call quality of the headphones in a noisy environment, I specifically went to the bus with the most traffic, and also had a conversation with my wife wearing a mask. She reported that the call was very clear and could hardly hear noisy voices.

④. Leisure and entertainment

It turns out that I will experience headphones from gaming. I am getting older and my eyes are presbyopic, so I basically don’t play games anymore. The operation of mobile games nowadays is also more complicated. If you don’t know how to play, you are even less interested. After retirement, I have time and conditions. I want to revisit the movies I watched when I was a child. In order not to compete with my family for the TV, I use a tablet to watch it. In order not to disturb my family, I need to wear headphones. QCY T13 headphones are fine. Get rid of the shackles of wired, you can adjust the distance arbitrarily, and you don’t need to hold the tablet in your hand. Wearing headphones to watch a movie is more fuller, more stereoscopic and layered in terms of sound effects than listening directly to mobile phones and tablets.

| 5. Audition and sound quality

I still selected some classic earphone audition songs according to old habits, “渡口”, “被遗忘的时光”, “恰似你的温柔”, “我真的受伤了”, “偏偏喜欢你” and “Hotel California” and other songs were auditioned. The QCY T13 true wireless earphones were audited in terms of high, medium, bass, vocals, layering, etc. The QCY T13 earphone 7.2mm speaker produced a deep sound with HIFI texture. The ground attracts me, especially the low-frequency texture and dynamic and transient resolution, presenting a mellow and immersive sound effect that can give people the feeling of being on the scene.

In the middle and high pitch, I chose “机遇淡水小镇”, the whole song is like a musical. The piano accompaniment runs through the entire song, with only a short section of the deep string plucked from the strings of the cello. The treble of the piano and Tsai Qin’s mellow midrange outline a quaint picture of a small town. In the bright sound of the piano, I seemed to smell the scent of jasmine, and saw a delicate girl looking at her lover by the door.

QCY T13 earphones are balanced and coordinated in the performance of the high, medium and low frequency. At the beginning, the bass is a little dull. After a period of running-in and use, it has been greatly improved. For those who like stronger bass, This headphones is a good choice. The bass is deep and powerful, it extends to the right place, and it retracts cleanly. The treble is clear and beautiful, and it shows the good malleability of the headphones, which is unforgettable after listening. The midrange is vigorous, full and round. The level is clear, the positioning is accurate, and the presence is strong. No bottom noise.

| 6. Summary

QCY T13 true wireless bluetooth headphones uses 4 microphones for high-definition call noise reduction during calls. It can make clear calls in noisy environments, just like face-to-face communication with family and friends. Use headphones fast charging black technology, charge for 5 minutes and listen to music for 1 hour. , You can use the headphones quickly and for a long time. The headphones itself can be used for more than 8 hours when it is fully charged, and it can reach a total battery life of 30 hours when used with the charging case. You can not worry about the use of the headphones whether you are at home or traveling.

QCY APP can set the earphone button language, music EQ mode, OTA firmware upgrade and other functions, but also added a “sleep mode”, which automatically shields the earphone touch function after it is turned on, so there is no need to worry about accidental touches when lying down. The left and right earphones can be the main earphones, single and double earphones can be switched quickly, and on-the-go listening, meeting your needs for different scenarios such as listening to music, driving and talking.

When traveling, the QCY T13 earphone has a beautiful appearance and a small charging case. The sound quality is not bad, it is not only the enjoyment of the journey but also the capital of showing off. The charging case has a long battery life, and the headphones can be used for a long time after it is fully charged. I tried it and it can be used for 3-4 days based on 8 hours of use per day. It is completely unnecessary to worry about the battery.

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  1. Nice and detailed review.
    I have own 1More Comfobuds Pro for months now and I would like to know if QCY T13 has better audio quality than the 1More?

    • I personally think the sound quality of 1More Comfobuds Pro will be better. (Only represent personal opinions, after all, everyone has a different sense of hearing)

  2. Do we have to take the earbuds out of the charging case when they are fully charged or is it save to keep them inside the case for days?

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