The first time I heard OPPO Enco X was when a friend bought it on the day of the first release. After listening for a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that “sound quality can rub Airpods Pro on the ground.” Many netizens expressed the opposite view. Through the long-term experience and AB comparison, I will share with you the differences between the two TWS earphones in different latitudes.

Appearance: similar and different
In the TWS market, companies that are more daring to be innovative in appearance are only Sony, B&O, Xiaoniao and SIMGOT in my cognition. Most other brands (especially Internet brands) tend to be more “stabilized” in ID design——includes OPPO.

At present, the mainstream TWS design is similar to the “pea-shaped” design of the Airpods series or the “waist-shaped” design of the early TWS earphones. Of course, OPPO Enco X and Airpods Pro are also and exactly the same, and there are still many differences in details. However, without careful AB comparison, it is easy to give consumers the illusion that they seem to be the same at first sight.

Of course, OPPO’s charging case design is relatively novel. OPPO Enco X is different from the previous OPPO W31 or OPPO W51 design. It uses a placement method similar to the previous two generations of Airpods. For details, you can see the following picture:

Although the left and right earphones still correspond to the left and right ears, when placing the earphones, you need to rotate 180 degrees to insert the battery compartment. If the design of Airpods Pro or similar battery compartments, old users will be very uncomfortable at first, if it is the first two generations of Airpods or similar battery compartments Design old users can seamlessly connect. It took me about 2 days to get used to it. After adapting, it will not affect the use efficiency.

In other respects, the two are not much different. Both are magnetically placed and support wireless charging. The difference is only the charging port-Type-C and Lightning.

Sound quality: maintain the original point of view
At the beginning, I only used two earphones to connect OPPO Ace2 to the conclusion, but it is still a little rigorous.

This test uses repeated comparisons in the following ways:
1. iPhone + Airpods Pro vs. iPhone + Enco X;
2. Ace2 + Airpods Pro vs. Ace2 + Enco X;
3. iPhone + Airpods Pro vs. Ace2 + Enco X;
4. Ace2 + Airpods Pro vs. iPhone + Enco X.

The above connection conditions are all carried out using the highest specification protocol that can be supported, and the worst is also AAC, and the same batch of audio sources is used for comparison.

In the end, it was found that the sound quality of Airpods Pro is still much worse than that of OPPO Enco X, especially when using LHDC connection. In contrast, Airpods Pro can only be described as “flat as water”.

The high-quality sound quality has improved significantly. If you like to listen to music every day, I strongly recommend that you try the OPPO Enco X earphones. It can even refresh your knowledge of the upper limit of TWS sound quality.

Of course, in terms of sound quality performance, Apple’s TWS earphones have not been amazing since the launch, but do you think that Apple is unable to achieve a sound quality level of more than 90 points? No, the powerful performance of HomePods is obvious to all in the market, but Apple chose to compromise in this regard, because there are higher priority components that need to occupy the internal space of the earphones.

Similar to the iPhone 12 series, there is no need for under-screen fingerprints or high refresh rate screens. These functions can be found in the iPad, but Apple chose not to do it in the mobile phone.

Noise reduction: the same effect
In the early listening process, I made the conclusion that “OPPO Enco X’s noise reduction ability is weaker than Airpods Pro” too early. After a long period of AB comparison, I need to apologize to OPPO.

Before the advent of Airpods Pro, TWS earphones have been unable to achieve the level of earphones in terms of noise reduction. The results of the Bose QC series, Sony WH-1000X, and WI-1000X series have been difficult to find rivals, and no other TWS earphones can compare.

After the Airpods Pro was released, the TWS industry also made great efforts. By 2020, excellent products have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and OPPO’s previous TWS earphones W51 has achieved a good result.

Compared with OPPO W51, the noise reduction ability of OPPO Enco X earphones is upgraded again, and the upper limit is stronger. After several days of multi-scene (bus, subway, airplane, restaurant, cafe, etc.) AB comparison, I can’t figure out that it is compared with Airpods Pro Who can reduce noise can make a strong conclusion. If Sony WF-1000XM3 and Airpods Pro have taken a different noise reduction road (Airpods Pro is not as effective as WF-1000XM3 for high frequency noise reduction), then the noise reduction effect of OPPO Enco X is almost the same as Airpods Pro. Catch up all the way.

Although the upper limit of noise reduction is currently the same as Apple, Apple has another major feature-transparent mode. I believe that most consumers who use Airpods Pro for the first time are shocked by Apple more than the noise reduction mode. After turning on the “transparent mode”, it is easy to not perceive the presence of the earphones. Even if you hear the analog sound, you are also It is difficult to detect a sense of violation.

Most TWS earphones on the market need to work harder. OPPO Enco X has weakened the sense of violation of the transparent mode as much as possible. Normal communication is no longer a problem, but the weak analog sound effect can still be clearly felt.

Delay: Apple’s inherent advantages, OPPO strives to catch up
There is a magical phenomenon when using bluetooth earphones in the first two years: the same bluetooth earphones has a very serious delay when connecting to an Android phone, but the delay when connecting to an Apple phone is very low. Although Apple is closed in terms of multi-device bluetooth connection, it seems to be more tolerant of bluetooth earphones.

For example, the SIMGOT earphones in the picture above (to be precise, a bluetooth receiver + earphones), playing games when connected to an Android phone can easily cause the picture and sound to be out of sync. But there is no such concern when connecting to the iPhone, and the synchronization rate is very high.

By 2019, the phenomenon-level mobile game “PUBG Mobile” has exploded, and users are paying unprecedented attention to the latency of wireless earphones. OPPO has paid attention to this problem since the W31 era. W51 has reached a new height, and Enco X has basically maintained the low latency of W51. .

Human-computer interaction: Apple is hard to surpass
Although Apple has not pursued the ultimate in the “sound quality” that the earphones is most concerned about, there are still many interactions and details that all TWS earphones on the market can’t match.

OPPO is desperately catching up in terms of connection convenience, similar to the pop-up interactive window connection of open-cap mobile phones. It has already been made in the OPPO Find X era. This time, OPPO Enco X naturally also has similar functions, compared with 2018. Simple, Enco X earphones itself has too many functions.

For example, OPPO Enco X supports a long press similar to Airpods Pro to switch the noise reduction mode, and even has one more “weak noise reduction mode” than Apple. In addition to the basic operations that anyone can do, such as “remove the pause and put on the playback”, “active pause”, and “previous/next”, OPPO Enco X can even slide the touch on the earphones The panel realizes volume adjustment. You might think that OPPO has surpassed Apple when you see this, but it is not.

First of all, the entire TWS earphones industry rarely sees products with built-in high-quality vibration motors, but Airpods Pro has built-in motors that make me mistakenly believe that there are physical buttons. Is the vibration experience important? Maybe you think it’s not that important, but after getting used to this kind of realism, I am no longer willing to accept the vibration effects of inferior motors.

Airpods Pro must use two fingers to complete the operation. At the beginning, many users expressed annoyance about this. Why do things that can be done with one finger must use two fingers? At first, I didn’t understand it, until I sweated a lot while wearing it.

All touch-operated TWS earphones, including OPPO Enco X, are difficult to interact normally when the fingers and ears are full of sweat. Want to switch songs? Want to adjust the volume? Want to switch the noise reduction mode? Switch device? You will not think about anything after a meal.

Switching between devices: different ideas
What is the charm of equipment ecology? It is a seamless connection, even if there is a compromise in hardware, Apple currently has a batch of users locked up by the iCloud ecosystem. It is fake to say that friends are not jealous. OPPO also expressed a similar vision at the TV conference. The linkage between IOT terminals should be meshed, rather than relying on the star shape of a certain subject. In the same way, earphones can be used well between various devices. Seam connection provides users with great convenience.

But this article does not talk about ecology. After all, the author himself is a typical user who “rejects brand dependence” and often needs to switch devices between different brands. The switching logic of the two earphones here is slightly different.

Airpods Pro: As long as the connected devices, as long as you apply for connection in the bluetooth list, you can come and go freely on various devices at any time;
OPPO Enco X: The connected device can be connected in the unused state, but other devices cannot apply for it when in use, unless the device in use disconnects bluetooth;

Of course, to make up for this problem, OPPO Enco X supports “ultra-long press to switch devices”, long press for more than 3 seconds to switch between the two recently connected devices. The advantage is that there is no need to go to the bluetooth list to apply, and the operation can be completed on the earphones. The disadvantage is that there are only two devices.

Conclusion & purchase advice
I know that netizens are very busy and don’t have time to digest too much long-form content. In the previous article, many people may think that “OPPO Enco X hangs Airpods Pro” and says “I didn’t pay attention to the premise that the scope is “sound quality”. To sum up, in this TWS chasing competition, OPPO has gradually mastered its own direction, but Enco X has taken away the title of W51, the most worthwhile active noise reduction TWS earphones at the same price.

As for the purchase, it depends on your personal operating habits. If you only want to pursue higher sound quality on TWS earphones and only connect 1 to 2 mobile phones daily, then OPPO Enco X is undoubtedly your choice; if you want to buy Go back to exercise and often cut songs, switch the noise reduction mode back and forth, switch more than 2 devices, then Airpods Pro is still your choice; if you have money, you can buy both.

Check the OPPO Enco X price:


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    This is an excellent review of airpods and enco. L learned a lot. I am looking into earbuds only for one serious purpose, i.e. for hearing aid. After reading your article, I am leaning towards oppo, but I have one question before I go out to an oppo store. That is, to use buds for helping with hearing loss the feature ‘live listen’ is critical. Do oppo enco X have that function? This is not covered in your report. Your answer will have me decide, airpods or enco. Thank you.

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