The upgraded version of Nokia E3500 headset is here! Do you remember this Nokia E3500 headset? Since its release last year, its sales have been far ahead of Nokia headsets. The main reason is that it is very cost-effective and looks very similar to Airpods Pro. Many users who can’t afford Airpods Pro finally chose it. However, this time the upgraded version of Nokia E3511 headset is not only closer to Airpods Pro in appearance, but also has been greatly improved in many details. It is estimated that in the next year, it will replace the E3500 headset and become a popular product among Nokia headsets.

The packaging box of the Nokia E3511 headset is the same as the E series, except that the promotional renderings on the front and back have been changed, and the selling points of the corresponding headsets have been adjusted. Other aspects are basically the same as the previous series, still retaining the very practical plastic pendant design.

In terms of accessories, the Nokia E3511 headset is also similar to the previous product accessories. In addition to the headset and charging case, it also includes a warranty, a manual, a charging cable and two pairs of eartips with other specifications.

Compared with the E3500, the Nokia E3511 charging case is the most obvious upgrade. Although the appearance is very similar to the Nokia E3500, this time it uses a metal material. The laser engraving shell technology makes the metal texture more vivid and the hand feels more delicate. Inside the charging case, there is a reset button located in the middle of the two earphones, which is very convenient to use.

The top of the charging case is still the Nokia LOGO, with a magnetic opening method. There is a bar-shaped raised line at the opening of the box to facilitate the opening of the earphone box. Below it is a working indicator and a Type-C charging port.

The charging case is of moderate size and can be easily put in a pocket when not in use, making it easy to carry. In terms of color matching, the Nokia E3511 earbuds currently has three colors of black, white and blue. Although there are not many colors, the three colors are relatively popular, especially black and white, and there will be more people to choose from.

The appearance of Nokia E3511 and E3500 are very similar, and they are both highly imitated Airpods pro earphones. As one of the most popular earphone styles, many earphone manufacturers are following its style. Of course, everyone will add their own elements while referencing, and Nokia is no exception.

The Nokia E3511 headset’s own elements are mainly concentrated in the earstalk part. For example, the Nokia LOGO is added to the outside of the earphone handle, which makes the earphone more recognizable; the end of the earphone handle uses a metal cap. When the two earphones are close, they will attract each other under the action of magnetic attraction. In this case, the probability of earphone loss can be reduced.

The headset is equipped with three different specifications of silicone eartips by default, and users can choose relatively comfortable eartips to use according to their needs. After removing the eartips, the outermost side of the sound hole is a metal dust-proof net. The purpose is to prevent earwax and foreign objects from entering the earphone cavity. Remember to regularly remove the dirt on the dust-proof net so that the earphone can play the best sound effect.

The Nokia E3511 still uses a dual-contact charging method. The contacts are located inside the headset handle. In order to facilitate the user to distinguish the left and right headsets, the L/R logo is printed on the charging contacts. There is a magnetic connection between the earphone and the charging case. When the earphone is aligned with the charging case hole, it will automatically be adsorbed into the charging case for charging.

The shell of the earphone is made of halogen-free plastic material, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional halogen-containing plastics. The cavity of the Nokia E3511 is somewhat rounded, and the inside of the cavity is equipped with an ear pressure balance port, which makes it more comfortable to wear. In terms of control, the Nokia E3511 headset supports touch operation. The touch area is located on the side of the headset handle, so there is a risk of accidental touch when correcting the position of the headset. Because the touch area is a grooved design, it is easy to find the position during operation.

The battery life of the Nokia E3511 earbuds inherits the advantages of the E3500. The built-in battery of the headset is 45mAh, the charging case battery capacity is 350mAh, the battery life of a single headset is about 6.5 hours, and the total battery life with charging case is up to 25 hours.

Because the Nokia E3511 single headset weighs only 4g, there is no feeling of falling after wearing it. The in-ear structure design makes the headset more stable after being worn, and it also has the effect of physical sound insulation. In terms of practicality, its performance makes me very satisfied. The Nokia E3511 earphones does not distinguish between the primary and secondary headsets. Both headsets can be used separately. At the same time, the single and dual headset modes can also be switched at will, and it supports automatic connection when the cover is opened.

In terms of interaction, Nokia headsets basically use the same set of interaction methods. The control modes of single-click, double-click, triple-click, and long-press have begun to be fixed. The purpose is to allow users to form a mindset that is convenient for users to control.

In terms of bluetooth, the Nokia E3511 earphones uses bluetooth 5.2 technology, and the signal transmission is very stable with almost no delay. Common problems such as noise, disconnection and interference have never occurred during use.

In terms of calls, the Nokia E3511 headset performs very well. It can automatically switch to the call EQ function when answering a call. It can hear the other party’s voice while reducing noise in the environment, and convey your voice to the other party clearly, making high-definition calls. More convenient.

In terms of noise reduction, the Nokia E3511 headset is upgraded to ANC (active noise reduction). Compared with the CVC call software noise reduction technology used in the E3500, its noise reduction effect is more obvious, with a maximum noise reduction of -28 decibels. After turning on the noise reduction function, enjoying immersive music will be a breeze.

The environment is transparent mode, the effect of Nokia E3511 is similar to E3500. The advantage of having it is that you can easily communicate with others without taking off the headset, or you can clearly hear the outside world when using it. This function is very suitable for driving and sports people.

Because the Nokia E3511 headset uses a 10mm large dynamic driver and a composite diaphragm, and supports the SBC codec, it is still very balanced in terms of sound quality. The overall style is a little bit popular with the sound effects, and the mid, low and high frequencies are well considered. The bass is full and thick, the vocal midrange is also relatively transparent, the sense of hierarchy is very rich, the treble melody of the instrument is distinct, and the melody stretches long.


After the tempering of many headsets, Nokia’s accumulated advantages have already determined its position. While stabilizing the low-end headset market, it is gradually moving towards mid-to-high-end headsets. Nokia E3500 and E3511 headsets are a very clear example. In China’s headphone market, high-end brands have never lacked rivals, and with headphone brands in the middle and low-end markets blooming again, it is not easy for Nokia to accurately position the focus of its products and take advantage of its cost-effectiveness.

The Nokia E3511 earphones relies on a good-looking appearance, ultra-high battery life, balanced sound quality, and functions such as active noise reduction and environmental transparency mode. Coupled with moderate pricing, I believe this Nokia E3511 will definitely bring a lot of sales.

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