Moondrop MAY review: Online interactive DSP USB-C earphones under $65

Moondrop MAY has good workmanship, comfortable and lightweight wearing experience, interchangeable USB-C cable design, and good sound quality – their overall to be a great value for the price.

Moondrop MAY specs and features:
  • USB-C wired connection & Interchangeable cable design
  • 10mm sapphire dynamic driver + 6mm annular planar driver
  • Online Interactive DSP & Five preset tunings
  • Medical-grade resin shell & 3D printed structure
  • Convenient three buttons online control with microphone
  • $64 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design and Acoustic Configuration

The workmanship of Moondrop MAY is very good. High-precision 3D printed technology, medical-grade resin cavity and ergonomic design make them lightweight and stable to wear, and have good sound insulation effect. The headphone panel is very stunning – although Moondrop did not elaborate on the design inspiration, but the electroplating glossy finish + the style of luxury elements have a good texture.

The headphone cable adopts a USB-C port design and can be directly connected to the mobile phone. The headphone cable is silver-plated copper wounded and oxygen-free copper braided litz structure – the splitter, cable controller and plug are all metal shells. The cable controller is designed with three buttons+microphone module, and the button feedback is very sensitive. The integrated microphone provides good clarity during calls. Because of its interchangeable cable design, it can also be used interchangeably with other 0.78mm headphones.

Moondrop MAY earphones have a built-in dual driver two-way crossover UWBS combination architecture composed of 10mm sapphire full-frequency dynamic driver+6mm annular planar magnetic treble driver. By powered two-way crossover and acoustic FEA optimization, the advantages of both are fully utilized.

Moondrop MAY supports PCM audio decoding up to 32Bit/384kHz, with a dynamic range of up to 120dB and a total harmonic distortion as low as 0.00078%.

Sound Quality and Online Interactive DSP

In terms of sounding, connect the phone in standard mode. With a large frame, MOONDROP MAY is a pop-style tuning earphones with a warm tone, rich atmosphere and strong power, and a sense of charm and smoothness.

There is more low-frequency quantity and a strong sense of power and momentum. Complemented by clear layering, comfortable overtones, and great extension and rebound. Moondrop MAY has some aggressive, full and detailed high-quality low frequency. The texture is good without blurry, and it is a dynamic-style low frequency that is natural and durable.

The distance and imaging size of mid-frequency vocals are relatively moderate. With solid cohesion, clear lines, moderate thickness and slightly sweet tone, it can be easily controlled by both male and female voices.

The high-frequency details are rich, a little dark, and only basic brightness is guaranteed. The sound is transparent, has good airiness, and the sense of lines are not sharp. In standard mode, this planar driver does not perform fully enough. For this reason, I specially tried Reference and No Bass mode – the gorgeousness of the high-frequency was greatly improved, and it was lively and vivid. So it’s not that MAY’s high frequencies aren’t good enough, it’s that they have too many possibilities.

The performance of the soundstage is mediocre, with a very wide spherical soundstage. The positioning of musical instruments is relatively accurate, the vertical performance is excellent, and it can create a very three-dimensional playback space. There is a certain vertical depth and good separation, so listening to pop music is no problem at all. The dynamic performance is better than I expected, the majestic and thick low frequency is quite stretched. The transient speed is moderate, and the tuning is still based on listenable.

Also, the powerful performance of DSP and customized audio chip, combined with the MOONDROP Link APP, can achieve energy adjustment of up to 9 arbitrary frequency bands. Plus, there are 5 preset sound effects: Standard, Basshead, Reference, No Bass, Harman Style – you can even upload your own tuning to the app for other audiophiles to download.


If your budget is limited and you mainly connect your phone to listen to music, at the price of $65, the sound quality of Moondrop MAY is not inferior to that of wired headphones at the same price, and there are many tuning options for you to choose from.

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