I shared some reviews of the sound quality of true wireless earphones two days ago. Someone asked if the lower-priced earphones do not have good sound quality?

Definitely not. In fact, if it is a low-priced earphones review, more people will read the article. But everyone can read it easily, and I wrote it hard. You must know that the market for true wireless earphones within 500RMB is more competitive.

Originally, evaluations are all selective, the larger the scope, the more unclear. But today I don’t plan to share the low-priced TWS. Today I’m sharing MIFO O7.

This brand was not well-known very early, but the market awareness is quite keen. The MIFO O5 that was previously launched was relatively successful from positioning to promotion, and the sales volume was quite good. Then MIFO O7 was launched on this basis, and it was only MIFO O7. There are three versions of single armature, double armature and carbon nanotube dynamic, which avoids a lot of marginal costs, and it is logical to reduce the price of MIFO O5.

This article will share with you the single armature version of MIFO O5, the daily price is 699RMB.

▲MIFO O7 packaging box, relatively simple, and flat packaging, it is also the most economical in terms of logistics costs.

▲Inside the packing box, two paper boxes make it look very delicate.

▲The carton box contains the manual and the data cable. The data cable is also noodle style. As for the leather storage box and arm bag, they are gifts outside the package.

▲Metal charging case, the volume is quite small, small and a bit slippery, the visual is quite textured, and the degree of refinement is also high.

▲The interior of the charging case is also made to a high grade, but its metal hinge is always a bit not so smooth when it is opened and closed, and it is a bit loose and insecure.

▲The cavity and the back cover are made of metal material, the cavity is small enough, and the earphone handle is very short. You must be careful every time you take it out of the charging case. Its metal back cavity makes it full of metal texture like the charging case.

▲Although it does not support active noise reduction, MIFO O7 still supports dual-mic noise reduction, and the appearance and workmanship are good.

▲Inside the cavity, the depth of the sound mouth into the ear canal is limited, but the inner cavity can fill the cochlea.

▲The filter is well done in detail.

▲In terms of actual experience

When pairing, whether you take out the left or right earphone first, or take out the two earphones together, you will directly enter the pairing state. Changing from single earphone mode to dual earphone mode will not pause; but when dual earphones are worn, remove the left earphone and put it into the charging case. Pause appears and then switches to single earphones mode.

In terms of operation, the left earphone click volume down, the right earphone volume increases, the left double click and the right double click both pause/start, the left triple click and the right triple click respectively are the previous song and the next song, long press left and right Perform calling the voice assistant.

I personally speculate that the operation logic of MIFO O7 is to give priority to pause/start without accidental touch, so it is designed to double-click, but no matter whether it is three-click to change songs or double-click to pause/start, there will be a logical conflict with single-click to adjust the volume.

To facilitate comparison, I directly use Teufel AIRY at the same price to illustrate the mystery.

The operation logic of Teufel AIRY is to click pause/start, double click the next song, triple click the previous song, and long press to call the voice assistant. There is no volume adjustment function, but all its operations are the same on both sides, regardless of left and right. The single earphone mode can also perform pause, start and call voice assistant functions.

▲ In terms of bluetooth, MIFO O7 uses Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip. In the indoor random test signal strength, there is no Teufel AIRY which is a non-Qualcomm Bluetooth chip. It can only be regarded as a first-line level. In terms of latency, I simply compared it. Teufel AIRY itself is not particularly good, but MIFO O7 is a bit worse.

In terms of calls, Teufel AIRY is still tested indoors, and both sides feel the same, MIFO O7 is not as clear as Teufel AIRY. This was tested after I tested the sense of hearing. My wife called me to answer. She didn’t know the model, but the result was consistent, which was unexpected.

▲In terms of sound quality, I first listened to it with Huawei mate30. It feels very general. The low-frequency volume is not understandable enough, and the low-frequency extension depth is not enough to be understandable. However, the vocal analysis is slightly weaker, which is a bit unreasonable. , But dark, so decisively change the iPhone to test the sound quality.

The sound quality has been improved after changing to an Apple phone. Although the low frequency volume is not very high, the atmosphere is natural, the sound bottom is not thin, the low frequency extension is slightly deep, and the sense of cohesion and dynamics are relatively lacking. It can only be very strong at certain low frequencies. Find some feeling in the song of Teufel AIRY; compared to Teufel AIRY, although the latter is not the main low frequency, the low frequency that appears is more full and transparent, and the depth and cohesion of the low frequency extension and the instrumental separation are obviously better.

The vocals of MIFO O7 are actually not excellent. Although it is armature, the analysis is not excellent, but the style is stretched, the softness and thickness are well grasped, there is no obvious warm and cold colors, and the details are less;

Compared with Teufel AIRY, the latter’s vocals are obviously brighter and fuller, and the latter also maintains a natural stretch, parsed out more information, only by clarity, MIFO O7 PK can be down.

▲Overall summary part

For MIFO O7, a Chinese true wireless earphones with good workmanship and design, I really feel sorry for it. Even if the design of its hinge treatment is not very good, it still sees that its attitude is very convincing.

So I can actually ignore the flaws in its operational logic, but as an armature, its sound quality is really bad. You should know that before writing this article, I have just written a comparison of the sound quality of those popular models within a thousand dollars. Teufel AIRY is in the second line and the first line. In this way, MIFO O7 can only calculate the second line sound quality. level.

Looking at its price of 699 CNY, this sound quality is obviously too low. Teufel AIRY at the same price does not lose MIFO O7 in workmanship and design, but there are obvious differences in material, and the material cost of MIFO O7’s metal material may be Higher, but the sound quality is obviously inferior to a level when compared.

Not to mention, after all, MIFO O7 also has 799CNY carbon nanotube dynamic and dual armature versions. I don’t know if the improvement is obvious. In short, if you want to improve the brand, you have to improve the sound quality of the earphones. I personally feel that the tuning style is right, but the quality is too weak, this requires effort.

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