For gamers, the sound effects in the game are also very important. The vivid game sound effects not only create an immersive game experience for the players, but also assist the players to perceive the subtle changes in the game and seize the opportunity to win. Therefore, having a pair of high-quality gaming headsets is simply a plus for players. As a well-known peripheral manufacturer in China, KOTION EACH has launched many excellent headset products, such as the one we will evaluate next——KOTION EACH G2000BT.

Appearance Design: Comfortable to wear and full of personality

The KOTION EACH G2000BT gaming headset I got this time adopts a black and blue color scheme. The silk-printed LOGO is in the center of the earmuffs, and the blue lights around the earmuffs reveal a strong esports style. The appearance design is very consistent with most Boys’ aesthetics. This headset uses Bluetooth and wired connection to coexist, not only for computer games, but also for mobile games. The blue and cyan lights on the earmuffs make the headset look more dynamic as a whole, providing players with a more personalized esports style experience.

The KOTION EACH G2000BT headset adopts a lightweight design as a whole, which greatly reduces the burden when wearing it, and can effectively reduce the squeezing feeling of the earmuffs on both sides of the head. According to personal use, there is no “chuck” after wearing for a long time, and there is no sense of pressure in the ears, because the filling in the G2000BT earmuffs is very soft and can fit the ears well, and the overall wear The experience is very comfortable.

Use Experience: Precise positioning, immersive experience

An excellent gaming headset is definitely not enough to wear comfortably. We also have to look at its audio performance.

KOTION EACH G2000BT uses a 50mm sound unit, which can restore a clearer game scene while providing a wider sound field, helping players grasp any details in the game, and accurately and quickly locate opponents. As we all know, “PUGB” is a very competitive FPS game, sometimes winning or losing is decided in an instant. G2000BT’s virtual 7.1 channel, at the critical moment of the game, with this headset, the game can be heard at any time. It’s no longer a problem to make predictions in advance. The details of the sound of enemy footsteps, grenade throwing, and gun switching can be heard.

In addition to sound effects, microphone performance is also an integral part of gaming headsets. In addition to the built-in microphone, KOTION EACH G2000BT also comes standard with a high-sensitivity gaming microphone, which automatically eliminates environmental noise and makes voice communication extremely clear. The microphone with a fixed hose design can be adjusted at will, allowing you to communicate clearly and accurately with your teammates during intense games.

Music Performance: Excellent vocal performance, good sense of hearing

Life is not only about games, music is also part of daily life. This time I chose to use the KOTION EACH G2000BT headphones to listen to the classic song “渡口”. KOTION EACH G2000BT performed very well on all vocal timbres, rendered gentle on the vocal part, the tuning was more popular in style, and the listening experience was very good.

Summary: Music and games coexist, cost-effective choice

The KOTION EACH G2000BT earphones are very comfortable to wear, without pressure, which makes it possible to wear and use for a long time. Secondly, G2000BT can provide me with an excellent game audio experience, help me accurately locate the enemy in the game, make predictions, and help me deploy targeted. At the same time, KOTION EACH G2000BT can also meet the needs of daily music listening. The high resolution and wide sound field brought by the 50mm sound unit can easily cope with most types of music. The 7.1 virtual channel is more suitable when dealing with game scenes. Value for money!

If you also want to pursue realistic sound effects and immersive gaming experience, then KOTION EACH G2000BT is definitely a good choice.

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