JVC HA-FW1000T is worthy of the name of the flagship because it integrates the most cutting-edge black technologies in the wireless and wired fields. At the same time, no one can imitate these black technologies now, and no one can imitate them in the future.

Those who are familiar with JVC know that JVC has an “extraterrestrial technology” in the wireless field: K2 technology from Victor Studio. To put it simply, it can make up for the loss of the frequency band details in the lossy audio, and restore the compressed/degraded sound to a high-resolution level. Having said that, everyone will think that this technology is similar to aptX. The bluetooth codec of JVC HA-FW1000T does support SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive audio, but the limitations are relatively large.

For example, if your mobile phone does not support aptX or aptX Adaptive, the earphone cannot decode up to 96kHz/24bit. K2 technology is different, it is completely unaffected by the front-end bluetooth chip. For example: on the iPhone that only supports AAC and the switch that only supports SBC, you can still experience the high-resolution audio advantages brought by K2 technology.

Are you familiar with the naming of the JVC HA-FW1000T model? From the perspective of name and design style, it belongs to the flagship series like the JVC HA-FW10000 wired headphone. Here has to extend another topic: wood diaphragm. Wood diaphragm technology has been applied to headphones, speakers and other products by JVC as early as 10 years ago. Although it is not a new technology, but after many years, the wood diaphragm is also developing and changing. At present, it has reached the sixth generation, and the well-recognized HA-FW10000 is a good example. In the real wireless field, JVC HA-FW1000T is the only product that uses this technology.

Whenever mentioned “K2 technology” and “wood diaphragm”, they are synonymous with JVC. These two exclusive technologies that belong to different fields are not open to the outside world. Integrating core technologies in two fields, JVC HA-FW1000T lives up to the name of flagship.

| Appearance design

Let us return to the headphone itself. The JVC HA-FW1000T charging case looks ordinary, but the details of the workmanship are in place. Even if it is made of engineering plastics, the anti-skid treatment on the exterior is still very reliable. The headphone itself can reach a single battery life of 9 hours, with a total battery life of 27 hours with the charging case, and it also supports fast charging, charging for 10 minutes and listening to music for 1.5 hours.

Open the lid and two earphones are in front of you. The style of the earphone design is the same as the charging case, with the same low-key simplicity. But it is obviously more of the JVC family style, especially the wood panel, which is low-key and stable. Do you like this design?

When the headphone is placed in the charging case, the entire panel is relatively protruding, which may be easily overlooked by many friends. As a true wireless earphone, the convenience of daily use is still very important. The protruding panel and the non-slip earphone shell make it easier to take out.

As a special branch of the bluetooth headphone, the true wireless headphone is of course essential for the call function. It’s just that in recent years, manufacturers seem to have gone wrong, blindly pursuing breakthroughs in sound quality, ignoring the importance of calling. JVC HA-FW1000T has not forgotten this basic function. It is equipped with Qualcomm CVCnoise cancelling technology and high-performance MEMS microphones, which can effectively suppress noise and achieve barrier-free calls.

What makes me more interested is that JVC HA-FW1000T has actually added the “mask mode” innovatively. When people wear masks and talk, their voices will be dull. If they talk with bluetooth headphones at this time, they will bring uncomfortable voices to the other party. I deliberately experienced this “mask mode”. According to my wife’s feedback, the sound is the same as without a mask. It’s really an explosive design that keeps up with current events.

| Active noise cancelling & Ambient sound

Of course, JVC HA-FW1000T also has active noise cancelling and ambient sound. I think the noise cancelling of JVC HA-FW1000T is restrained. Although there is still a certain distance from the flagship true wireless, which is currently the main noise cancelling on the market, it can basically cope with noise cancelling in most daily environments.

As we all know, active noise cancelling will inevitably have a great impact on sound quality. This is also one of the main reasons why SONY/BOSS’s flagship noise cancelling true wireless headphones can’t achieve the highest sound quality. Since JVC HA-FW1000T uses K2 and wood diaphragm technology, it naturally focuses on sound quality, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with this compromise.

The noise cancelling of JVC HA-FW1000T has no level, it only opens and closes. But JVC still gives it a more intelligent side: Qualcomm’s new adaptive active noise cancelling. Have you noticed the sensor in the picture below? It can detect the wearing status of the headphone at any time, even if you wear the headset crookedly, it will automatically adjust the noise cancelling effect.

| Eartip sets

In the eyes of most people, the role of eartips is to improve wearing comfort. However, the claim that eartips can improve sound quality in HiFi circles has been fully confirmed, so many enthusiasts are willing to choose expensive third-party eartips for their headphones. The eartips of JVC HA-FW1000T are very special. The newly developed “Spiral Pro eartips” can comprehensively improve sound quality and wearing comfort. Therefore, enthusiasts don’t have to buy good eartips for it, saving themselves a lot of money.

From the picture below, you can see that the inner wall of eartips has many pits, and they are arranged in a spiral shape. It is not that JVC is boring to spend time and R&D funds to do this kind of processing. The unique pattern pits are related to the direct sound output from the catheter. By diffusing the reflected sound in the earphones, the sound output is optimized to bring a purer and more delicate sound quality. This description is not nonsense. If you have the conditions, friends can bring a few dollars of eartips to the specialty store for comparison.

| Wearing comfortable

Regarding wearing comfort, I still have some ideas of my own. After all, the JVC HA-FW1000T earphones are packed with a wooden dome carbon vibrating plate with a diameter of 11mm, so the cavity is larger than ordinary true wireless earphones. However, the large appearance is only concentrated on the panel part.

After being worn into the ear, the panel does not actually have any supporting effect on the ear, and mainly depends on the adsorption of the catheter and eartips to play the role of wearing. Fortunately, the weight control of the headset is quite good, so it will not produce a feeling of falling. However, it is difficult for me to fairly define whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable to wear. At least from the perspective of my personal perception, “decent, not uncomfortable” can be regarded as my subjective evaluation of it.

| Sound quality

Wood diaphragm+K2+spiral Pro eartips, the core 3 elements make JVC HA-FW1000T a true HiFi-level true wireless earphone in the true sense. After experiencing it in person, this product really left a deep impression on me. Especially with the introduction of K2 technology, I can experience the enjoyment of high-resolution audio on any front end, which is something that bluetooth headphones other than k2 technology cannot bring to me. In terms of sound experience, it can be said that it is one of the biggest surprises for me.

First of all, the lack of delicate sound on common true wireless headphones is the biggest highlight of JVC HA-FW1000T. The three frequency bands are relatively balanced, even if you perceive it carefully, you can hardly find the slightest “breakage”. Transparency is also the part that surprised me very much. The dullness has nothing to do with it. What you can hear is a very comfortable and natural sound with softer edges and lines. Therefore, you can hardly find the common problems of bluetooth headphones in it, and it sounds like a wired headphone.

In terms of sound details and tuning characteristics, given that I have experienced JVC FW1800, when I picked up the JVC HA-FW1000T, I felt that there were many similarities in the style. It can be regarded as the “low version” of FW1800, especially the mid-low frequency part. FW1800 has a lot of low and mid frequencies, and it will have a clear sense of heaviness.

The reason why I call the JVC HA-FW1000T the “low-profile version” is mainly because it is reduced in these two frequency bands. The lines in the mid-frequency part are very clear, and the edge depiction will emphasize the sharpness with a soft touch, but will not use the heavy humidity and moistness to deepen the heavy flavor. It is close to the ears, but not excessive, so this characteristic voice has no bias in male and female voices.

In the low frequency direction, the volume of JVC HA-FW1000T is relatively full. This is a very clear low frequency, sinking, but not dull, very solid, and at the same time can bring out a little reverberation. Such high-quality low frequency is very rare in true wireless headphones. Its high frequency part ductility and brightness are not as eye-catching as the mid and low frequency parts, but it is excellent in controlling the tooth tone, and the overall tone style will be a little warmer. So it has neither HUFI entertainment nor sharp transitional line contours, which is very typical of the tone color of the wood diaphragm.

| Summary

The hardware configuration of JVC HA-FW1000T is very powerful. It supports SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive Codec, Bluetooth 5.2 and IPX4 waterproof. These are all competitive parameters of true wireless earphones. I did not emphasize them in the article.

The wood diaphragm+K2+spiral Proeartips 3 elements that give it the name of the flagship are the parts that we need to focus on. Because no one can imitate these “extraterrestrial technologies”, and they really have advanced sense that the ear can perceive. If you have the ultimate sound quality pursuit of true wireless headphones and don’t care about the price so much, the JVC HA-FW1000T is definitely worth buying.

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