With the continuous upgrading and improvement of bluetooth technology, the true wireless bluetooth headsets on the market nowadays, whether it is brand or category, the options are becoming more and more abundant. There are not only powerful configuration performance, but also excellent process technology, as well as outstanding cost performance. In short, no matter what your needs are, I believe there will always be a product that suits you. Today, I also share with you a very special true wireless bluetooth headset——JEET Air 2. It is strange why it is so special? Because this is the smallest and most comfortable headset I have ever seen, let’s take a look!

In order to save everyone’s time, the headphones will not be displayed one by one out of the box. Let’s directly look at today’s protagonist——JEET Air 2. The new product JEET Air2 uses a matte-textured shell design. The headset body is also matte material, which is soft to the touch. Because of the matte treatment, it can greatly improve the anti-fingerprint ability, and the pure black is tough and elegant. JEET Air 2 truly achieves both appearance and comfort. The picture shows the charging case of the earphones and silicone eartips. You can arrange them according to your own needs before using them. Of course, friends who don’t like wearing eartips can also use them. If you like sports, I personally suggest wearing them will be safer and more comfortable.

JEET Air 2 is not only the earphone part small, the charging case is also very small, rounded corners, cobblestone-like design, exquisite and beautiful, like a work of art. Compared with eggs, we can see that such a small product is very convenient for us to carry around.

The battery capacity of the charging case is not low, the built-in 300mAh battery can provide about 20 hours of battery life for the headset, and it is equipped with a Type-C interface, and it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

At the bottom of the charging case is the reset button, long press it when you need to restore the factory settings.

After briefly talking about the charging case, let’s talk back to the JEET Air 2 earphones. I have to say that this headset is really small, smaller than a knuckle of my finger, there is no pressure to wear, it will definitely not put any weight on the ear, and it can fit the ear very well. The eartips are made of soft aviation-grade silica gel, which is soft and delicate to the touch, as if there is nothing. It is truly non-feeling and can not be shaken off, and there is no pain after long wearing. It can be seen that the continuous development of science and technology, while changing our lives, allows us to experience better products.

In addition to the small size, the weight of a single 3.4g headset is lighter than the A4 paper we use every day. It is light and small to provide us with a comfortable way to wear it, right? Of course, in terms of wearing experience, it is actually different from person to person, and each person’s ear structure and ear canal have different requirements for headphones. Most male users’ ears are larger than female users’ ears. My wife and I are wearing them in different scenes, and the feelings are very ideal. It can be said that whether it is commuting or sports running, male and female users can have a very good wearing experience. I also tried using JEET AIR 2 to answer the phone. It was very smooth during walking and in the underground passage, and the voice was clear and no noise. Anti-interference technology has injected new vitality into product performance stability, ensuring a clear and smooth voice call experience.

In terms of speaker unit, JEET Air 2 earbuds is equipped with a large size of 13*0.3mm PU composite material + titanium-plated unit, with a thickness of 2.0mm, which can ensure strong bass and mellow sound quality. The specific listening experience will be experienced later.

In terms of bluetooth, JEET Air 2 earphones use the latest version 5.2. Remove the earphone from the charging compartment and it will automatically turn on and pair automatically. It can be used without any operation. Thanks to the blessing of the latest technology, this bluetooth earphone also supports Binaural call function and game mode without delay.

In terms of battery life, JEET Air 2 earbuds are equipped with a 45mAh capacity battery, which can provide about 7.5 hours of working hours when fully charged, plus 20 hours in the charging case, which is more than sufficient for long-term outdoor activities.

In terms of operation, JEET Air 2 earbuds do not have any physical buttons on the left and right earphones. All functional operations are controlled by touch on the earphone panel. You may need to familiarize yourself with the functions for the first time, but it is very convenient to control after getting used to it. However, all of the touch-control operations also bring a small drawback in terms of functions. Because the volume adjustment control is missing, if you want to control the volume level, you must only adjust it from the device. Well, the display of JEET Air2 earphones has come to an end here, let’s talk about the listening experience of this earphone.

Because I personally like to listen to some big dynamics or music with ample low frequency, such as Oni Taikoza’s album “Sprint”, “Taiko” is a traditional Japanese drum performance form, because of the mountain collapse. The loud noise, coupled with the low frequency that strikes like a hurricane, its sound pressure, strength, and explosive pronunciation are beyond words. Thanks to the 13mm large unit size speaker and the stereo design, the small body can also explode a huge ability. It is not an exaggeration to describe the bass power. In fact, as a dynamic driver, the size of the diaphragm unit greatly affects the density and strength of the sound, especially in terms of low frequencies. The extra-large diaphragm unit of JEET AIR2 has good strength and dive space, such as Intoxicated, surging and powerful.

In terms of vocal performance, taking Cai qin’s 《渡口》 as an example, the drum sounds are clean and not dull. When Cai qin’s vocals are released, the detailed teeth and breathing sounds can be restored, which is unique to female voices. The sound line also has a great auditory enjoyment, the overall stop, the midrange is thicker, and the transparency and extensibility of the treble are also very good. At the same time, on musical instruments, it still has a very good performance, with a wide range, delicate and full, soft and ethereal, shocking and pure, and the sound is in the ears, just like galloping across the vast grassland, closely dependent on the wonderful music. Overall, the JEET Air 2 headset is indeed very worth listening to.

1. Small and exquisite, comfortable and firm, without discomfort when worn for a long time.
2. The sound quality is good, the sense of presence is strong, and the small body has great energy.
3. Excellent workmanship, clear operation logic and quick operation.
4. Long battery life, powerful transmission, and IPX4 waterproof.

1. It does not support active noise reduction, and the noise during commuting cannot be handled well.
2. Unlike other models of JEET earphones in the past, this one has no APP support for the time being and lacks more extensions. However, JEET itself has its own APP, which should be easier to add in the future.

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