To say what type of headphones is the most popular at the moment, it must be a true wireless Bluetooth headphones. In recent years, as the 3.5mm headphone jacks of mobile phones have been cancelled, the popularity of true wireless Bluetooth headphoness has increased. But this type of headphones has a big shortcoming that is sound quality. For many headphones lovers, there is really no desire to buy. This time, HIFIMAN TWS800 has made a good explanation on sound quality and wireless. This article brings its evaluation.

1. Metal Appearance

The packaging box of HIFIMAN TWS800 is very simple, with white as the main color, the appearance of the headphones and the photo of the charging box are printed on the front, and the product introduction is on the back.

Open the package, we can see the real body of the headphones and the charging box.

The charging box is the standard configuration of wireless headphones, and any true wireless earphone cannot be separated from the charging box to provide it with sufficient power. So its design itself is part of the wireless headphones. The charging box of the HIFIMAN TWS800 headphones uses a metal shell and adds a matte effect, which looks very delicate and much better than plastic.

The HIFIMAN TWS800 headphones charging box uses a magnetic clamshell design, which can be opened with a light push. The magnetic attraction force of the HIFIMAN TWS800 charging box can be said to be just right. The charging box has a certain sense of damping and the shaft will not be very loose. During the photo shoot, I wanted to try to push the charging case away and fix it, but I found it impossible. After I push it away by about 90°, it will automatically close slowly. Therefore, this charging box will not be accidentally opened when placed in a backpack or trouser pocket. This can greatly avoid the loss of headphones placed in the charging box.

HIFIMAN TWS800 uses 2 metal contacts and a charging box for power supply. Put the headphones in the charging box and the headphones will automatically fit for charging. There are 4 LED indicators on the headphones for us to check the power status. In order to make it easier for us to place the headphones in the charging box, the L and R logos are designed inside the charging box to prevent us from placing the headphones incorrectly.

The surface of the HIFIMAN TWS800 earphone is also made of metal material, and each earphone is designed with a LOGO, which not only shows the product’s logo, but also has a strong sense of design, making this earphone highly recognizable.

On the metal panel of the headphones, HIFIMAN also added a gesture touch operation function. Its operation logic is very simple. Pressing the left ear 3 times in a row is the previous song, and pressing it 2 times in a row is to increase the volume. Press the right ear 3 times for the next song, press 2 times for the volume reduction, long press for 2 seconds to wake up the voice assistant, short press once to pause playback, short press to answer and hang up the call. These gesture controls include all the basic operations. Every day, whether we are listening to music or answering the phone, we can use gestures to complete.

2. Powerful earphone technology brings beautiful sound quality

The HIFIMAN TWS800 earbuds uses the same custom earphone mold as the HIFIMAN RE1000, which is the same as the monitor earphone design. The advantage of this design is that the headphones can fit our ears well, allowing it to form a closed space in the ear, avoiding the stethoscope effect of the headphones, and greatly improving the wearing comfort of the headphones.

In order to take care of the usage habits of different consumers, HIFIMAN TWS800 earphones provide us with 8 pairs of silicone eartips. We can choose the size that best suits our ears according to the actual situation.

In the cavity part, TWS800 is the first product that puts an independent headphones amplifier into a wireless headphones. The independent headphones amplifier is made so small, which shows HIFIMAN’s powerful audio manufacturing process. On the built-in unit, this headphones has added topology diaphragm technology, which is also an important guarantee for the sound quality of a headphones.

3. Sound quality performance

HIFIMAN TWS800 uses a high-impedance in-ear speaker unit of 150Ω and an independent headphone amplifier, which will perform very well in sound. I can’t wait to feel the charm of the sound quality of this headphones. I chose “Hotel California” as the test music. Test this headphones from low frequency, mid frequency, high frequency, dive depth, resolution, sound field and positioning.

The song “Hotel California” has been used by many testers as essential music for headphone quality testing because of the sound of the guitar and various instruments, cheers, and applause at the beginning of the song. Very test the sound field and detail expressiveness of a headphones. Throughout the song, HIFIMAN TWS800 shows the distinct levels and accurate positioning of vocals and musical instruments, which is a necessary ability for a high-quality headphones.

Listening summary: HIFIMAN TWS800 has a built-in independent headphone amplifier that drives a 150Ω high-impedance in-ear speaker unit, which is very balanced in terms of three frequencies. Whether it is classical music, symphony or pop music, TWS800 has a good performance. The human voice of TWS800 is in the front, the sound field is large, the sound details are rich and the dynamic range is very wide, and the transient response is flawless, which is enough to see HIFIMAN’s solid headphones technology.

4. Wearing feeling, battery life and call performance are equally top-notch

During my daily use of HIFIMAN TWS800, I always wear it back home when I go to get off work, and it takes about 2 hours. After wearing it for a long time, I don’t feel that my ears will be uncomfortable, and the wearing feeling is still very comfortable.

In terms of battery life, the HIFIMAN TWS800 single earbud can be used continuously for 4.5 hours, and the battery is fully enough to wear during daily commuting. Together with the charging box, it can reach a battery life of about 31 hours, 4 hours a day, and only charge once a week.

In terms of call performance, this headphones supports a bluetooth transmission distance of up to 150 meters, so you can call without a phone in our room. At the same time, its call effect is very good. Even if we are in a lively environment, the other party can still hear what you are saying clearly. The passive noise reduction function does a good job.


After this period of experience, I can’t do without this headphones. It has a built-in independent headphone amplifier, so that true wireless headphones get rid of the emotionless sound quality, making the market truly have a wireless headphone product comparable to wired professional headphones.

At the same time, the overall texture of HIFIMAN TWS800 is excellent, and it is also very comfortable to wear. We will not feel tired after wearing it for a long time. At the same time, HIFIMAN TWS800 is also very convenient to use with mobile phones, with a long transmission distance and passive noise reduction function, which allows us to get rid of the shackles of wires.

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