As an audio family, HIFIMAN has launched a variety of planar headphones in the past two years, among which HIFIMAN DEVA headphones are the most popular among users. Although I have not really experienced HIFIMAN DEVA. However, I was fortunate enough to experience HIFIMAN’s new DEVA Pro recently, and the overall performance of the sound details is very good.

Why is it called HIFIMAN DEVA Pro? First, the suffix “Pro” indicates that it has fully and confidently evolved on the basis of DEVA. Second, it is not called “DEVA 2”. I personally think that “this is an enhancement and upgrade, not an iterative upgrade.” DEVA PRO earphones use stealth magnets structure and NEO ultra-nano diaphragm on the sound unit. At the same time, the smaller Bluemini R2R is embedded with its own original “Himalayan” audio chip. At the same time, the R2R self-developed chip is used with stealth magnets. Make the music feel more wonderful, while also retaining more sound details.

The packaging box is in black with the outline of the headset in a stick figure style, and the “Stealth Magnets Design” logo in the upper left corner. This shows that the planar unit of DEVA Pro adopts the structure of stealth magnets, which optimizes and improves the flow direction and reflection of the weak airflow when the earphone is working, so that HIFIMAN DEVA Pro obtains better transparency in terms of sound quality.

Packing box items: HIFIMAN DEVA Pro headphone, a 3.5mm headphone cable, Bluemini bluetooth module, a type-C charging cable, a professional audio adapter, manual and warranty card.

The bluetooth adapter Bluemini of HIFIMAN DEVA Pro is still connected to the left side of the headset and connected to the device wirelessly via bluetooth. Moreover, the self-developed R2R chip is installed. Simply put, it has a signal processing module of the same level as the HM901R, providing DEVA Pro with “upgrade” level services.

HIFIMAN DEVA Pro uses metal to fix the connection between the tail and the earphones, and laser engraves the words “DEVA Pro” on one side of the metal part, and laser engraves the words “HIFIMAN” on the other side. The overall look and feel and feel are very good, so that HiFi headphones are no longer only the pursuit of sound quality, but also more ornamental in terms of appearance.

The appearance design of HIFIMAN DEVA Pro is basically the same as HIFIMAN DEVA, and the outer layer is also made of metal. The advantage of this design is that the metal texture is full of masculinity. In addition, the metal earmuffs are designed with a mesh panel, through which the diaphragm and stealth magnets inside the earphone can be vaguely seen. The design here is the soul and essence of planar headphones.

HIFIMAN DEVA Pro uses skin-friendly leather to wrap a thick memory foam on the head beam. The metal earmuffs are also filled with memory foam, which is wrapped inside the earmuffs. The flannel material is used for the position in contact with the skin of the face, which not only ensures the air permeability, but also avoids the damage of the leather due to long-term wear and sweat corrosion.

The earmuffs and the fuselage are connected by buckles. After the earmuffs are removed, the planar diaphragm can be seen. Compared with the cone-shaped dynamic earphones, the planar diaphragm has to cover more uniformly and flatly, with lower phase distortion, larger sound field, and more precise positioning.

HIFIMAN DEVA Pro supports wired/wireless connections, so it adopts a double-sided outgoing design. Wired connection schemes that have been published so far: bilateral 3.5mm connection, unilateral 3.5mm balanced connection, bluetooth adapter USB Type-C connection and other methods. The DEVA Pro headphone has changed from HIFIMAN DEVA’s unilateral 3.5mm interface to a symmetrical bilateral 3.5mm jack. When using a wired connection, you will get better left and right channel balance, and at the same time, you can get stronger thrust.

In terms of wearing, it can be said to be really soft. HIFIMAN DEVA Pro’s memory foam earmuffs have a very good overall comfort after wearing them, without any pinna squeezing feeling. In addition, the inner side of the earmuffs is matched with an integrated breathable mesh fabric, which reduces the stuffiness caused by long wearing time, and it will not be too uncomfortable even in the hot summer.

HIFIMAN DEVA Pro adopts a unit configuration based on SUSVARA on the structural unit, and is equipped with HIFIMAN’s self-developed NEO ultra-nano diaphragm technology. The nano-level diaphragm provides faster response, which makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional planar diaphragm in dynamic and transient conditions, and at the same time reduces physical distortion, giving DEVA Pro excellent HiFi sound quality.

In addition, HIFIMAN DEVA Pro realizes the bluetooth function through an external Bluemini bluetooth module. Because it is equipped with Qualcomm QCC5124 bluetooth chip, and built-in HIFIMAN self-developed Himalaya DAC chip. From the overall performance feedback, the DAC chip has high-quality high-power amps, audiophile filters and buffers, and achieves a more abundant reserve power, which can bring more surging dynamic energy and more delicate performance.

Compared with the total harmonic distortion of similar R2R chips: R2R DAC and R2R DAC’s flagship chip PCM1704 are difficult to distinguish. At the same time, it surpassed the latter in the performance of the key DAC signal-to-noise ratio parameter, reaching -121dB. Himalaya R2R DAC natively supports 24Bit, and its performance reaches the first echelon level of R2R DAC chips.

Bluemini bluetooth module can also be adapted to other HIFIMAN products, such as HIFIMAN DEVA, HE-R9, HE-R10 and other earphones can be used together. Of course, if you don’t adapt, you can also connect to other headphones through a 3.5mm double female adapter cable, so that the Bluemini bluetooth module has more room to play.

The Bluemini bluetooth module also has a Type-C interface, which can be connected to a computer or game console through a Type-C cable. Whether watching a movie or playing a game, you can get a better listening experience.

Audition feedback: Audition classic track: Cai Qin’s “渡口”, I feel that the thrust is the strongest under the 3.5mm wired connection. The details of various musical instruments are well preserved, and the sound transition of each frequency band is more natural and silky, and the low frequency extension is stronger than the previous generation.

When listening to the female version of “阿依莫”, the singer’s voice change and conduction can be clearly heard, and it seems that the female voice is like singing softly in the ear, and the female voice is sweeter and richer.

When listening to “烟雨人间”, the vicissitudes of the whole tone are vividly expressed, and all the emotions of the listener can be driven by the transmission of music, and the analytical power and presentation power are excellent.

Through the actual wearing and music experience, HIFIMAN DEVA Pro’s overall hearing is soft and the tri-band energy is relatively concentrated. The low-frequency area is stretched, and the high-frequency part of the human voice is clean and delicate. The mid-frequency reduces the heaviness of the planar diaphragm earphone, and the sound is warmer and brisk, but it does not make people feel sweet. The comprehensive feedback evaluations given to people are extremely high, making people involuntarily silent in the ocean of music.

As a HiFi headset product, HIFIMAN DEVA Pro is a sincere product in terms of performance configuration and specific sound performance. In terms of product positioning, the quality it expresses can crush bluetooth headset products at the same price. Especially the blessing of the HIFIMAN BlueMini R2R bluetooth module makes this product even more powerful. Whether it is pop, rock, classical or mid- to high-pitched repertoire, you can control it. If you are also a music experience enthusiast, you must not miss this HiFi headphone.

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