FiiO JH5 review: $79 HiFi earphones with 1 dynamic and 4 armature drivers

FiiO JH5 is a very cost-effective HiFi earphones. The acoustic design and hardware configuration are “far ahead” of products in the same price range. The sound of resolution and tuning are also outstanding.

FiiO JadeAudio JH5 specs and features:
  • 1 dynamic +4 BA drivers three-way design
  • 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver
  • High-precision 3D printed construction
  • 4-strand total 392 wires of silver-plated copper cable
  • Comes with 6 sets of eartips, headphone cable, storage case,user manual
  • $79 – Check latest price on Amazon US, Amazon Germany, other Amazon countries or AliExpress

Design, Acoustic Architecture and Configuration

FiiO JH5 features a 5-unit design – 1 dynamic +4 armature drivers. Three-way architecture design – 3 ducts and 3 independent internal chambers. Equipped with a 0.78mm 2pin 392 wires of silver-plated copper cable, it is basically the design and configuration of high-end HiFi earphones, and the price is only $79 US dollars.

The outside of the earphones is made of zinc alloy and polished, and then PVD electroplated to making a beautiful mirror effect. The disadvantage is that it easily attracts fingerprints. The JH5 earphones are made of medical resin material and use 0.05mm high-precision DLP 3D printing technology, which can ensure the stability and consistency of the acoustic conduit and cavity.

From the translucent shell, you can see that the interior is divided into 3 independent chambers. Among them, the dynamic driver is larger, can provide reverberation and tuning, and has a vent hole to make the low-frequency sound transparent and not stuffy. The armature drivers are directly connected to the duct, and the high-frequency and ultra high-frequency are completely separated, which prevents the sound waves from mixing in advance and improves the resolution.

The built-in 10mm dynamic driver comes from the Conch series – carbon-based diaphragm, and has been specifically optimized and improved to make its transient faster. Not only that, there are also dual-layer cavity and asymmetric internal and external dual magnetic circuits, etc.

FiiO JH5 has a three-way structure, with crossover points at 5KHz and 1.06KHz respectively; FiiO cleverly set the resonance peak of dynamic driver and armature driver near 2.8kHz, which is enough to coincide with the resonance peak formed by ear coupling. Therefore, the connection of JH5 is very smooth and the transition is smooth, making it more listenable than many high-priced hybrid drivers earphones.

FiiO JH5 use a replaceable wire design, equipped with 4 strands total 392 wires of silver-plated copper cable with 3.5mm plug, and adopts Litz structure to increase the conduction area. With the 0.78 2pin plug, you can also upgrade the headphone cable yourself.

Sound Quality of FiiO JH5

My first impression of FiiO JH5 is that it has very strong resolution and rich details, and the listening experience is not dry or straightforward, with smooth connection and good extension at both ends. The overall quality is very good, and there is no big problem when listening to some classical instrumental music and pop tracks.

The ultra low-frequency and low-frequency are processed by dynamic driver. The performance of the carbon-based diaphragm is still good – strong rigidity, good transient, moderate low-frequency quantity, and the most important thing is that it has the right balance between overtone reverberation and resolution.

The midrange part is neutral and has no obvious rendering tendency. The vocal position is close to the ear, the sibilance is polished, and the mouth shape is clear. The density is medium to upper, and it is a restoration-oriented vocal style, suitable for both male and female voices.

The high-frequency and ultra high-frequency are processed by armature drivers, and the sound is clean, transparent, and naturally extended. The details are rich and the lines are obvious, so there is no problem listening to instrumental music alone.

The soundstage is restored to a standard scale, with a wider left and right distance, a closer front and rear distance, and an elliptical shape. The vocals are close to the ear, the instrumental sounds are slightly farther away, the position relationship is correct, and the sense of distance is obvious – it is competent for some band live music and small-scale classical tracks.


FiiO JH5 has achieved excellent levels in this price range in terms of density, dynamics, thickness, bandwidth, soundstage, etc. – it is a great value for the price in HiFi earphones.

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