I believe that no matter which music lover you are, you will have a certain “moving circle feeling”. This feeling is like when you watched EVA’s Ayanami Rei, you silently had a good impression of the three no girls in other anime works. It is simple and simple. Deep again. We like the natural, gentle, and surging sound performance brought by dynamic drivers. Even in today’s era when multi-unit armature and hybrid drivers are rampant, single dynamic will still not exit the market. Many audio manufacturers are obsessed with developing the greatest potential of single dynamic, and many enthusiasts are keen to study the combination of single dynamic. As the most traditional electroacoustic transducer, dynamic driver is still young and charming.

I would be curious about the sound performance of every flagship dynamic earphone on the market. From these products, you can often see the R&D strength of an audio brand. Moreover, compared to the impetuous multi-unit earphone market, single dynamic earphones are obviously pragmatic. There are endless high-quality models of FiiO. I have also shared many of my favorite flagship dynamic earphones. This time the protagonist is the FiiO FD5 flagship dynamic earphones.

At present, FiiO has quite a lot of earphone product series. Among them, the FD series is FiiO’s dedicated pure dynamic earphone series. In addition to the newly launched FD5, there is also an entry-level FD1. In addition, FiiO’s EM series are also dynamic earphones, but only Focus on launching flat-head earphones product lines, such as the flagship EM5, in addition to hybrid driver FH series, pure armature FA series, Bluetooth earphones FB series, true wireless earphones FW series, and earphones EH Series and so on. Does the product line feel unusually rich? The basic FiiO you need is covered. The most important thing is that FiiO has controlled their pricing in a very suitable position, which is quite cost-effective compared to earphones of the same configuration on the market.

For FiiO FD5, the stainless steel cavity shell, 12mm dynamic driver, the developed diamond-like dome with beryllium-plated diaphragm, eight-strand single crystal copper sterling silver wire, replaceable plugs and a wealth of complimentary accessories, the official price is only 1998 RMB. As the flagship of FiiO, FD5 is not only in terms of configuration parameters, but also ingenious in cavity design. The 1998 RMB price is really sincere. After getting the earphones, I also immediately started the running-in earphone project. It should be noted that ordinary users do not need to pay too much attention to the running-in of dynamic earphones. Normal listening is fine. The reason for the saying that there is running-in earphones, It is because we hope to quickly get a sound in the best condition to help judge. After all, there are more or less differences in sound between dynamic earphones that have just been turned on and dynamic earphones after a period of time.

Not to mention how the earphones body is, the FD5 accessories alone make me feel luxurious.

The specially customized leather storage box has a suede texture inside, which can effectively protect the FiiO FD5 with a stainless steel shell from hard objects. The MMCX ASSIST tool purchased from the original Final factory can facilitate users to quickly remove the MMCX cable plug. Cleaning sticks, 12 pairs of eartips of different types and sizes, replaceable wire plugs, replaceable acoustic tubes, etc., these are the standard accessories of FiiO FD5, which have a good performance in practicability and playability.

This time FiiO FD5 uses a stainless steel earphone cavity shell, and the shell is also specially designed with a waterfall-like panel texture. Through the embossed texture, you can see the fine holes inside. This is a special design of FiiO. The semi-open rear cavity can help the earphone release pressure and equalize the sound.

It can be said that FD5 should be the most prominent product in FiiO earphones. The stainless steel panel is matte surface, and the back side is polished bright surface. The visual perception brought by this metal material gives the whole cavity a certain level. FiiO also calls it their “artistic acoustics”. Quite detailed is that the wire connector of FiiO FD5 also uses the same stainless steel material, which makes the earphones more integrated.

This time, the catheter of FiiO FD5 supports replacement. In addition to the default catheter, there is also a small-caliber catheter. Different sizes of catheters also enable FiiO FD5 to be worn in two ways. If you want better sealing and sound The low frequency is better, so replace it with a small-diameter catheter, and match the three eartips directly into the ear. The deeper the insertion, the better the sound. Of course, this way of wearing also basically loses some comfort. If you can’t accept the wearing of three-section eartips, it is recommended to use the default caliber catheter. Personally, I suggest pairing with balanced eartips or memory foam eartips for a more comprehensive sound performance.

For the wire, FiiO FD5 uses eight-strand single crystal copper pure silver wire, Litz Type2 braided structure, MMCX interface, and still supports FiiO in-line replaceable plug design, with 2.5mm balanced end, 3.5mm single end and 4.4mm balanced end Three standard plugs are optional, all of which are relatively conventional configurations of FiiO flagship products, so I won’t introduce them here.

Let’s talk about the sound part next.

The diaphragm of FiiO FD5 is a diamond-like dome-plated beryllium diaphragm. The unique acoustic design of the 12mm dynamic driver makes the sound of the FD5 have a good dynamic performance. FiiO FD5 is not difficult to drive. Its sensitivity of 109dB@1mW is suitable for many front-ends. However, it is recommended to use high-quality front-end equipment to help realize the potential of dynamic driver. Taking the default tube with balanced eartips, when paired with FiiO M15, the FD5’s sound is balanced and gentle, and the warm and moist feel of the dynamic driver makes the FiiO FD5 sound quite durable. The low-frequency volume is not much, but the texture Excellent performance, flexibility and strength have a strong sense of impact, especially when listening to some European and American popular songs, the high-quality low-frequency performance is very good.

From the official frequency response curve chart, the frequency response curve of FiiO FD5 is quite close to the Harman curve, so what is the Harman curve? Simply put, this curve is obtained by Harman through a large number of scientific data statistics. When the frequency response curve of the earphones is the performance, the sound performance is the “best”, or the most people like it. You can use this Harman curve as a reference value. After all, this may be the greatest common divisor that most people judge for a good sound. Then the frequency response curve of FiiO FD5 is close to the Harman curve. This also means that the tuning of FD5 is popular. Will accept the style.

In fact, the sound of FiiO FD5 does maintain a sense of balance while also having a “music” that most people like, but this “music” is different from the previous FiiO EM5. It is not rich, but soft. The flexibility of the low frequency, the naturalness of the middle frequency, and the smoothness of the high frequency shape the high-quality hearing under the balanced tone of FiiO FD5. It should be noted that FiiO FD5 has obvious differences in the tone of single-ended and balanced ends. When connected to single-ended, the overall tone of FiiO FD5 is relatively neutral, with few burrs, and is basically a relatively stable style. Later, the mid-to-high frequency part of FiiO FD5 will be prominent, and the overall brightness will be higher than single-ended. It may have a more exciting listening experience when listening to some songs, but due to the characteristics of the balanced end, the overall sound quality of FiiO FD5 will be higher. , The timbre can be neutralized by replacing eartips, and the playability is still quite large. You can try a lot and combine them to create the most suitable sound.

For me, top dynamic earphones not only need to be stable in tone, but also need to have a pleasing ability in style. FiiO FD5 has achieved this to a certain extent, and the price is only 1998 RMB. It has enough high-quality dynamic sound. Of course, the sound of FiiO FD5 is not impeccable. Compared with higher-priced top dynamic earphones, the sound of FiiO FD5 is not loose enough. It will be more “impatient” and not calm enough to perform some fast-paced songs.

To say that among the earphones launched by FiiO this year, I personally really prefer the two high-end dynamic earphones: FiiO FD5 and FiiO EM5. You should know that making a dynamic earphones is actually easier to make users love than making an armature earphones. The birth of FD5 and EM5 is the further beginning of FiiO in the earphones field.

Among the current flagship dynamic earphones, FiiO FD5 can’t say that it is the best, but it must be the most cost-effective one.

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