FIIL CC Pro Earbuds Review: The noise cancelling performance is unexpected


Readers who are familiar with us may remember that last year we conducted an unboxing review of a number of FIIL’s true wireless bluetooth headphones, including FIIL T1 Lite, FIIL T1 Pro, FIIL T1X, FIIL CC2, etc. And this year FIIL launched a new product: FIIL CC Pro true wireless noise cancelling earphones, the price at $62. Below I will bring you the unboxing review of FIIL CC Pro true wireless noise cancelling earbuds to share.

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| FIIL CC Pro unboxing

Unpack the box first as usual. The packaging box of FIIL CC Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headphones is relatively small, the color is black, and the product picture and product name of the headphones are printed on it.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

The back of the box is the headphones features, which are true wireless stereo bluetooth, hybrid ANC & triple-mic, MAF™ mode, unique design, long duration, low latency mode, etc.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

Open the FIIL CC Pro package and you can see the charging case. There is also a picture of a female model printed on the left side of the box.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

Let’s take a look at the accessories. In addition to the FIIL CC Pro headphones, there are instructions, two pairs of silicone eartips of different sizes, and a charging cable.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

The above is the unpacking accessories of FIIL CC Pro, the design concept is relatively simple. So far, the impression that FIIL CC Pro has given me is quite regular, and it has failed to show any special features.

| FIIL CC Pro Design

Next, let’s take a look at the design of FIIL CC Pro. The charging case of the headphones is rounded, with a grayish color scheme and FIIL Logo on the front. What’s more interesting is that FIIL’s logo uses a breathing light design. When the charging case is turned on, the logo will slowly light up, which has a sense of technology.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

The FIIL CC Pro charging case is made of matte material and feels good. The damping of opening and closing the lid is just right. The charging case is also tighter for the earphones. I tried shaking it several times, but the earphones did not fall off.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

Take out the two earphones and you can see that FIIL CC Pro adopts the in-ear “Peashooter” design, which is also one of the most mainstream and most mature solutions on the market. The earphones are also gray in design, with FIIL Logo at the bottom.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

The appearance design of FIIL CC Pro continues the square design language of the predecessor product, and vaguely reveals a sense of power, which is in line with my aesthetics. To talk about the disadvantages, I personally think that the color matching of FIIL CC Pro earphones is a bit problematic. Although the colors of the eartips, cavity, and battery are close, there is still a certain color difference.

|Sound Quality of FIIL CC Pro

I also pay more attention to the sound quality of FIIL CC Pro. Of course, because the sound quality of headphones is a difficult issue to define, the following evaluation is just my personal opinion. If you have the opportunity, I suggest you try it yourself.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

In terms of music audition, the first is Dire Straits’s “So Far Away”. Dire Straits is a rock band that I personally like very much. Throughout the history of rock and roll, few bands or individuals can be as artistic and commercial as Dire Straits. In this song “So Far Away”, the vocal part is slightly more, and FIIL CC Pro still presents a very good, very comfortable listening experience. The instrumental music behind the vocals performed equally well, with an overall score of 85 points or more.

Then came Shewillhewill’s “The Corner We Call It Home”, a post-punk band from Nanjing, China. Currently only this single is included in the “Good Morning Nanjing” album. When I heard this song randomly before, I thought it was a little-known small band at first, but when I saw Yang Haisong written in the song producer, I felt that this band should not be simple.

FIIL CC Pro’s presentation of songs, first of all, the low frequency of FIIL CC Pro is very sufficient, which is a very comfortable low frequency. Because there are a lot of synthesizers in this song, it is also a test for the mid and high frequencies of FIIL CC Pro. However, FIIL CC Pro did not disappoint me. The cold synthesizer was presented to the fullest, which can reflect the gloomy feeling of post-punk, and it can give 90 points.

Then I listened to Stolen’s “CHAOS”. Compared with the traditional post-punk, this work uses more synthesizers and has a stronger electronic flavor. After listening to it twice, I think the performance of FIIL CC Pro is really beyond my expectations, especially after 2’18 and 4’05, there is a high density of drums coming in, FIIL CC Pro’s presentation is particularly good, nothing Sluggish, the layered parts are also unambiguous. 90 points, still very good!

Generally speaking, I personally think that FIIL CC Pro is more suitable for listening to rock, metal, punk, post-punk, electronic, rap and other types of music. In these types of music, its low frequency will have a better performance.

| Experience of FIIL CC Pro

Then talk about the actual use experience of FIIL CC Pro, including wearing experience, noise cancelling experience, use experience, delay experience and so on.

In terms of wearing, FIIL CC Pro uses a dual host design, which means that any earphone can be used alone. When the power is insufficient, you can even use dual hosts to achieve relay use. In addition, FIIL CC Pro also supports one-key switching between dual devices. When the headphones is paired with two or more devices, when you use the headphones again, you only need to press and hold the headphones for four seconds to switch back and forth between the two paired devices without going to the device side to operate.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

The “Peashooter” design is currently one of the most mainstream solutions for Bluetooth headphones. It is also a solution that has been screened and eliminated by many brands. It does have certain advantages in terms of wearing experience. The foreign body sensation after wearing FIIL CC Pro is very small, and there is not much pressure on the ear canal. I wore FIIL CC Pro for outdoor sports, and the headphones did not fall off.

FIIL CC Pro is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and LDS dipole antenna, which can reduce transmission delay and anti-interference. According to the official data provided by FIIL, the communication signal strength of FIIL CC Pro has increased by 800%, and the anti-interference ability has increased by 300%. As far as my personal experience is concerned, when playing games and watching videos, there is almost no delay, and it is almost negligible.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

In terms of noise cancelling, FIIL CC Pro uses the DuoCancellation filter architecture. Two sets of internal and external microphones can detect the ear canal and external environmental noise respectively, and then cancel it by reverse sound waves. One eliminates the external environmental noise and the other eliminates the residual noise inside the ear canal. , I believe everyone understands this principle. In the case of double noise cancelling, FIIL CC Pro can eliminate up to 39dB of ambient noise, which is a good result.

And in the FIIL CC Pro app, you can also see a function called MAF™ mode, which has four modes: noise cancelling, openness, simultaneous listening, and wind. For example, in the simultaneous listening mode, FIIL CC Pro can eliminate the noise while retaining the human voice without delaying normal communication and conversation; and in the wind mode, FIIL CC Pro can eliminate the noise while shielding the wind noise. Users can choose the corresponding mode according to the environment they are in.

I often use FIIL CC Pro on the subway these days. Personally, I feel that its noise cancelling capability is passing the test. Even on a noisy subway, it can still filter out most of the environmental noise. This may be more subjective. Let me give a simple example. If the noise cancelling performance of AirPods Pro, the best-selling noise cancelling headphones, is set at 90 points, then the noise cancelling performance of FIIL CC Pro should be between 85-90 points. The noise cancelling ability is still worthy of recognition.

FIIL CC Pro Headphones

| Summary

I have always liked FIIL’s products before, which have both design, tuning, hardware and good user experience, and of course, relatively affordable prices. FIIL CC Pro has inherited these traditions very well. I think this product still has strong competitiveness in this red sea market.

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