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Speaking of earphones, I believe most users should be familiar with it, especially for music lovers and sports-loving users, they are even more portable. As more and more mobile phones begin to cancel the earphones jack design, coupled with the continuous upgrade of bluetooth technology, bluetooth earphones have begun to be chosen by more and more users. It allows us to get rid of the shackles of wires and bring a more enjoyable music experience . However, there are many bluetooth earphones brands on the market, and how to choose has become a distress for many users.

In fact, for bluetooth earphones, it needs to be considered in terms of connection stability, wearing comfort, sound quality performance, battery life, waterproof performance, etc., and choose according to personal actual needs. Recently I experienced FIIL T1 Lite true wireless sports bluetooth earphones. As a new version of FIIL T1 series, it has been upgraded in terms of stability, comfort, battery life, etc., so that listening to songs, playing games, and watching videos get better Experience. What is the actual experience? Let me take you to learn more about it.

FIIL T1 Lite FIIL T1 Lite

In terms of packaging, the overall design of FIIL T1 Lite is very simple. It uses a white paper packaging box. The front of the product is printed with the physical picture and product name. The back is printed with an introduction to the product’s features, which can give everyone a simple understanding of this earphones.

FIIL T1 Lite

In addition to the FIIL T1 Lite earphones, the box is also equipped with a charging case, charging cable, eartips and instructions for use. There are three different sizes of eartips included, which can be convenient for users to replace and use as needed.

FIIL T1 Lite

The FIIL T1 Lite earphones is equipped with a dedicated charging case, which integrates storage and charging functions. The “FIIL” logo is printed on the top, and the surface is matte treatment, which is comfortable to the touch. The earphones is directly placed in the charging case when it leaves the factory.

FIIL T1 Lite

The middle position on the back of the charging case is the charging port, which is designed with a Type-C interface, which can be used with the current mainstream mobile phone charging line, making it more convenient for users to use.

FIIL T1 Lite

The charging case of the FIIL T1 Lite earphone adopts a flip cover design. After opening the cover, the pairing connection can be automatically performed. The earphone can be used after it is taken out, and it can be automatically charged after being inserted.

FIIL T1 Lite

The FIIL T1 Lite earphones has a simple and stylish appearance. It uses a black and silver gray stitching design. It is compact. A single earphones weighs about 4g. It is lighter and more comfortable to wear. Two of the earphones can be used at the same time or separately, allowing users to use it. More flexible.

FIIL T1 Lite

The front of the earphone is designed in silver gray, the surface is frosted, it looks more metallic, and it also integrates the touch button function. The capacitive touch design is used to play and pause, adjust the volume, and change songs. In addition, The earphones is pre-set with two control modes, simple and all-around control, and users can switch as needed.

FIIL T1 LiteFIIL T1 Lite

The “L” and “R” logos are printed on the side of the earphones, which can help users quickly distinguish between the left and right ears, making it more convenient to wear. The silver-gray hole on the side is a microphone for voice calls, and an integrated LED indicator. You can check the earphones status according to the color of the indicator light.

FIIL T1 Lite

There are two metal contacts on the back of the earphones. These are the charging contacts of the earphones. It adopts a magnetic charging design. Putting it into the charging case will automatically absorb and charge, and it can be recharged at any time.

FIIL T1 Lite FIIL T1 Lite

FIIL T1 Lite earphones are also presented with 3 sets of silicone eartips of different sizes, which can be disassembled and replaced as needed. Choose eartips that suit your ears, which can bring a more comfortable wearing experience.

The key chip inside FIIL T1 Lite has undergone a new upgrade, supporting bluetooth 5.2 technology, combined with FIIL’s antenna adjustment technology, making the earphones connection faster and more stable. The earphone adopts a dual host design, and the left and right ears can be connected to the mobile phone simultaneously. The two earphones can be used at the same time or separately, which allows users to use them more flexibly.

The use of the earphones is very simple. The first time you use it, you need to pair it first. Search for the device named “FIIL T1 Lite” on the mobile phone and click to connect. When the device is successfully connected, the next time it enters the connection range, open the cover The connection will be made automatically.

The FIIL T1 Lite earphones adopts an ergonomic streamlined curvature design, based on tens of thousands of Chinese ear data modeling, can bring a more solid and comfortable wearing experience, plus a single earphones weighs only 4g, it is almost impossible to feel when wearing its existence. Through the actual wearing experience, the earphones is firmly worn, and it will not fall even if you perform strenuous exercise such as running and jumping, and there will be no swelling and pain in the ears even if worn for a long time, and the comfort is very good. In addition, the earphones have also added a nano waterproof coating design, which supports IPX7 waterproof, and is not afraid of rain and sweat, and can be used outdoors even in rain.

FIIL T1 Lite

FIIL T1 Lite uses a high-definition decoding chip that meets the requirements of Hi-Res, plus a 6.1mm neodymium magnet dynamic unit and a high-density composite diaphragm, which can make the low frequency thick and the sound field more open. What is the actual sound quality, let me take you to experience it.

FIIL earphones, as a mid-to-high end earphone brand founded by Wang Feng, are here for trial listening with Wang Feng’s 《怒放的生命》and 《北京北京》. Through actual experience, the three-band performance of the earphones is relatively balanced, the bass performance is good, the volume is relatively large, and the human voice is thick. Personally, I feel that it is more suitable for listening to some popular songs with a strong sense of rhythm.

In addition to being used to listen to songs, FIIL T1 Lite has been specifically optimized for short videos in terms of connection, battery life, sound insulation, and comfort. When watching videos and short videos, there is no sound and picture out of sync. It is to have a certain sense of reality when watching short videos.

FIIL T1 Lite also has a “fill+” dedicated APP on the mobile phone, which can set the earphones accordingly. Not only can you check the remaining power of the earphones and charging case, but you can also perform preset EQ sound effects and volume adjustments. In addition, you can also set the control mode and low-latency mode to make the earphones more versatile.

For bluetooth earphones, everyone is also very concerned about the delay effect. FIIL T1 Lite adopts a dual host design, which allows the left and right ears to be connected to the mobile phone simultaneously, and the use of bluetooth 5.2 technology can bring ultra-low latency. Of course, compared to watching videos, the delay effect of the earphones is more tested when playing games. After turning on the “low latency mode” of the earphones, the test was conducted through the “PUBG Mobile”, and the whole game process basically has no sense of delay.

FIIL T1 Lite

In terms of battery life, the FIIL T1 Lite earphones can listen to music continuously for about 7 hours after being fully charged. In addition, the charging case can be fully charged for 3.5 times, which can provide the earphones with up to 32 hours of battery life. The earphones can be automatically charged after being placed in the charging case. And you can listen to songs for 1 hour after charging for 5 minutes, and the battery life is still very good.

For the FIIL T1 Lite true wireless sports bluetooth earphones, it is small and light, firm and comfortable to wear. Among them, the performance of connection stability, waterproof performance, and battery life are good. Bluetooth 5.2 technology can make the connection faster and more Stable; support IPX7 waterproof, no fear of rain and sweat, making exercise more fun; battery life up to 32 hours, can bring a lasting music experience. If there are shortcomings, the sound quality can be further optimized, and the sound mode in the mobile APP is not rich enough. But combined with the low price, this earphones is still very good if you use it daily.


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