Bluetooth 5.2, battery life over 30 hours, FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds


In the fast-paced life of the city, noise is everywhere, and it is not easy to listen to music quietly. The commute to get off work is mainly subway travel, and one and a half hours are spent on the subway every day. In the subway in the morning and evening peak hours, the sound of wheels, footsteps, and conversations. In a noisy environment, using noise-canceling headphones to listen to songs is a good way to pass the time.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Pure and beautiful music can relax the mood and make the otherwise boring journey to work more interesting. For office workers, on subways and buses, it is always inevitable to receive calls from BOSS and customers. They also need to maintain clear and effective communication in noisy environments. Therefore, noise-canceling headphones are a good solution.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Recently, author bought a good headphone, which is the FIIL T1 Pro true wireless active noise reduction headphone. The price of the FIIL T1 Pro wireless headphone is cheap, the details of the audio analysis are well done, and it has an active noise reduction function. How does it perform in the actual scene? Let’s take a look at the author’s sharing experience.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless EarbudsFIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

It can be seen from the outer packaging of the product that the FIIL T1 Pro headphone continues the design style of the T1 series. The more eye-catching is the Bluetooth 5.2 logo on the box. It is worth mentioning that the FIIL T1 Pro battery box supports wireless charging. , Although the speed of wireless charging is not as good as wired charging, the advantage is that it is free and convenient to charge. It is also good to have more charging methods.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

FIIL T1 Pro wireless earbuds’s accessories are relatively rich, including a TYPE-C charging cable and 4 pairs of earplugs of different sizes. The earphones are equipped with medium-sized (M code) earplugs by default. Users can replace them according to their own conditions to obtain More comfortable to wear. Although it supports wireless charging, there is no wireless charger in the accessories, and users need to prepare their own. However, referring to the current price of FIIL T1 Pro headphone, it is also very good.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

The appearance of the battery box and earphones is very similar to FIIL T1 XS, but the connection technology of earphones has been greatly upgraded. For example, FIIL T1 Pro uses the Bluetooth 5.2 connection protocol, which has greatly improved the connection speed, distance and stability. It can be connected quickly by opening the cover, which is enough to deal with more complex usage scenarios.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

There will be voice prompts when FIIL T1 Pro wireless earbuds is connected to the device, allowing users to more intuitively know the working status of the headphone.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Author is a heavy user of headphones. In addition to sound quality and wearing experience, the endurance of headphones is also very important. Generally speaking, the higher the Bluetooth version, the lower the power consumption of the headphone. According to official test results, when FIIL T1 Pro is fully charged, it can listen to music continuously for 7 hours at a time. The charging box can provide an additional 3.5 times of charging, and the comprehensive battery life can reach 32 hours. Calculated based on the author’s own intensity of use, it is enough to charge it once a week. In daily use, there is no need to pay too much attention to the charging of the headphone, which is worry-free and convenient.

FIIL T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

The charging interface of the FIIL T1 Pro headphone battery box is TYPE-C, compatible with the charging cables of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products. If you are traveling far, you can bring a charging cable. The charging box supports fast charging. The actual test is about 1.5 hours to fully charge. The headphone is charged for 5 minutes, which can meet the needs of listening to music for 1 hour. If you find the headphone is out of power when you go out temporarily, you don’t need to be nervous, and the power can be restored in a few minutes.

After the experience, the overall performance of FIIL T1 Pro is pretty good. Firstly, the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol provides a more stable and efficient connection, and calmly responds to complex use scenarios; secondly, the ANC and ENC dual noise reduction is excellent, which can meet the music and call needs of users in a noisy environment; thirdly, there are rich charging methods and wireless Charging is more free and flexible; in the end, the battery life of the FIIL T1 Pro headphone is satisfactory, and it is sufficient to charge it once a week under normal use intensity.

In summary, if you are also a lover of music, watching videos, playing mobile games, and running, you might as well try FIIL T1 Pro wireless earphones. I believe its performance in all aspects will not disappoint you.

FIIL T1 Pro TWS True Wireless Earbuds Active Noice Cancelling Headset Bluetooth 5.2 Earphone IPX5 Waterproof

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