The shape is bold and unrestrained, completely subverting my imagination of the shape of a headset. This is my evaluation of the Edifier HECATE GX07. In fact, gaming headsets have always been a competing category for various products, and games do represent the first major branch of technological progress. Edifier HECATE, as a brand of Edifier’s specializing in esport games, brings us this time The HECATE GX07 is their flagship product.

After the entire package is disassembled, it contains the Edifier HECATE GX07 earphones, charging case, manual and storage bag. The storage bag is leather-like in touch, and it is very high-quality to open and close by elastic stickers. In addition, there are three pairs of eartips and USB Type-C cable, the accessories are very complete.

The shape of the Edifier HECATE GX07 is full of mecha armor. The structure with the charging case open is designed as a two-wing split structure, which is really novel enough.

The cost of the two-wing design is greatly increased, because two sets of hinge structures and two sets of induction switches are used. In addition to the surface hardware cost, the software also needs to handle the opening and closing functions of a single headset. Fortunately, Edifier HECATE GX07 also supports dual hosts, no matter whether it is used singly or together, there is no problem.

Since it is a game, the RGB lighting effect must not be absent. On the front edge of the Edifier HECATE GX07, there are also two RGB breathing lights. HECATE calls it the “Poison Fang” design. This group of light strips can achieve colorful Breathe gradual lighting. If you think it is light pollution, you can also manually turn it off.

The tail adopts a standard USB Type-C interface. Whether it is for daily use or on business trips, you only need to bring the mobile phone’s charging cable, which can be very compatible. Edifier HECATE GX07 can bring consumers up to 26 hours of battery life. It also has more than 20 hours of battery life in noise cancelling mode. It also supports fast charging. It can last for more than 2 hours after 15 minutes of charging.

In addition to the appearance design, Edifier HECATE GX07 also has a sufficiently excellent performance in noise cancelling. It adopts a dual-microphone noise cancelling configuration. Two microphones are built in a single headset to detect the noise inside and outside the ear canal at the same time and emit it in real time. The reverse sound wave cancellation can achieve a noise cancelling effect of -38dB at the highest.

Of course, it’s not only that. In addition to noise cancelling, Edifier HECATE GX07 also has seven adjustable ambient sound modes, and also supports separate APP control, which can be adjusted by double-clicking the left ear at any time. In terms of noise cancelling, it can be said to be the most complete gaming headset in software.

Of course, it is a gaming headset, and it must be powerful enough for gaming. After entering the game mode, Edifier HECATE GX07 will accurately customize a variety of sound effects according to the game player’s listening habits, similar to footstep sound enhancement and other functions, and can achieve 80ms low latency in the game mode.

In the mobile game “Honor of King”, the Edifier HECATE GX07 performed very smoothly, and there was almost no delay. In the actual operation of the “Game For Peace” FPS game, the delay requirements are more stringent. In the case of multiple guns, there is no problem with listening to the position. However, you can still feel it in the rapid gunfire of fierce firefights. In the case of a slight delay, except for some extreme operating conditions, I myself can still accept the performance of the Edifier HECATE GX07.

In addition to games, sound is also the foundation of a headset. Edifier HECATE GX07 uses an 8mm dynamic driver as the sound unit. In addition to the common AAC, the connection protocol also supports the LHDC protocol. LHDC can effectively and greatly Reduce the delay and increase the bandwidth, support up to 900kbps, 24bit, 96kHz high-resolution audio, there will be better performance in sound quality.

Edifier HECATE GX07’s overall vocal tendency is still surging and full of low frequency. Low frequency is easier for gamers to favor, especially explosions and gunshots have more impact. The human voice is more linear, and perhaps it is more appropriate to describe it as clear and tough. Used to listen to pop songs or rap genre songs that are trending in the low-frequency direction, they perform well enough.

In fact, like Edifier HECATE GX07, products designed for gamers and young people are very lucky to appear. Today’s young people not only value appearance design, but also value experience and texture. Edifier HECATE GX07 is more like the only existence in this subdivision field, as long as you spend more time, you will surely get the recognition of users.

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