In just a few years of development, bluetooth headphones have developed rapidly, and their market share and wired headphones have been evenly divided. In view of the convenience and practicality of bluetooth headphones, more and more people are considering buying Bluetooth headphones. In our daily life, when the student party and office workers go to school and commute, noise is always accompanied by noise, vehicles coming and going, and machinery roaring.

In this case, although various types of bluetooth headphones have actively introduced noise reduction functions, the market for bluetooth headset is mixed, making us dazzled. How can I not step on thunder? Then I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the new Edifier’s new product I started recently——Edifier FitPods noise cancelling earbuds.

Edifier FitPods charging case is a white oval shape, the hand feel is very gentle, the shape is also very round, and the texture is very good. Lightweight and portable, enjoyment without pressure. In terms of quality, the charging case weighs only about 35g, which is very small and exquisite. It is suitable for student parties and office workers, and is very suitable for commuting and carrying.

Edifier FitPods earbuds use an in-ear design. My ears are relatively small, and general earphones can’t fit in, but the size of this earphone is just right. Never fear losing headphones anymore. Inside the package, three pairs of eartips of different sizes are also included, which are designed based on ergonomics. Each eartips has been adapted thousands of times, so there is no need to worry about inappropriateness.

In terms of functions, Edifier Xemai FitPods also supports ambient sound monitoring, AI call noise reduction technology, etc. It covers almost all the functions that you can imagine on the headphones, and it can be perfectly adapted to various environments.

The first is ambient sound monitoring. This is a very useful function. Because many of us are worried that we will not be able to perceive the surrounding environment while wearing headphones to listen to music and there will be a safety hazard. But with the Edifier FitPods earphones, you can perceive the surrounding environment without removing the earphones when listening to music, and the loud speakers can hear clearly, so you don’t have to worry about whether you should wear earphones when you walk.

The second is the noise reduction mode. Edifier FitPods’ 3-microphone noise reduction technology is also very powerful. It adopts hybrid active noise reduction technology. The internal and external two-way microphones pick up environmental noise inside and outside the ear respectively, and generate reverse sound waves and noise to cancel each other, bringing a new depth of noise reduction of -38dB.

In particular, the AI ​​call noise reduction mode is equipped with deep neural network call noise reduction technology. It can accurately pick up voices through intelligent AI. With the support of adaptive algorithms, the caller’s voice and other voices are separated in real time. ACC high-definition sound quality, even in noisy Shopping malls and streets can also provide clear voice quality.

Next is the game mode that I care about most. As a mobile game enthusiast, I attach great importance to the latency of bluetooth headphones. If the latency is very large, the user experience will be very poor. The Edifier FitPods headphones have ultra-low latency as low as 80ms. Whether I am playing “Honor of King” or “PUBG Mobile”, I can perfectly synchronize the audio and video. There will be no delay at all.

The last is battery life. For wireless headphones, battery life is a big part of improving the sense of use. The Edifier Xemai FitPods noise-canceling headphones not only support fast charging but also have a total battery life of up to 20 hours, which can fully meet my daily needs. The charging case uses a Type-C interface design, and it can be used for 60 minutes after 10 minutes of charging. The headphones has a single battery life of about 5 hours, and it can be used for up to 20 hours with the charging case! And when I go for a run every night, I don’t need to worry about sweat soaking the earphones, because it supports IP54 dustproof and waterproof, so I can easily deal with any situation.


Edifier FitPods noise-canceling headphones are more comprehensive and outstanding regardless of their performance. Active noise reduction and gaming experience are excellent, and the price/performance ratio is extremely high. Not only that, the Edifier FitPods also supports the Edifier APP control, you can customize the earbuds according to personal preferences.

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