Hello everyone, I’m QUCOX, and a fan recently sent me a private message. Why don’t you share mid-to-low-end headsets? Many headphones at home are in ash. Next, in order to respond to the requests of fans, I will share with you a cost-effective true wireless bluetooth earphones —— Baseus Bowie E3.

Package of Baseus Baseus E3

The packaging box of the Baseus E3 is well designed, with the product name and product image printed on the front. The product features are printed on the side, and the real picture and manufacturer information are printed on the back.

Open the packing box, which contains charging case, earphones, charging cable, manual and warranty card.

Appearance Design

The first impression of the Baseus Bowie E3 charging case and earphones is that the Apple earphones are full of style. Both the appearance and the exquisite workmanship are similar to the twin brothers of AirPods. If it weren’t for the Baseus brand logo printed on the charging case, many people would really misunderstand it.

In addition, the battery indicator of the charging case is designed on the front, the bluetooth connection button is located on the back of the charging case, and the Type-C charging port is located at the bottom of the charging case. The earphone cavity is very large, visually measuring more than 12mm. In order to distinguish the left and right earphones conveniently, the words L/R are marked on the end of the earphone handle.

Interactive Aspect

Baseus Bowie E3 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip. In the actual test of stable transmission distance, the headset can transmit stably without disconnection at a linear distance of 20m. And since using it for half a month, open the box and pair devices automatically, there has been no connection failure.

As for the touch experience, you only need to tap the sensing area of ​​the headset lightly to easily control the music, calls, and low-latency mode, and the response speed is also very fast. In addition, the headset has a low-latency mode. Since my level of “Game For Peace” is really bad, I chose “Honor of King” for testing. In actual experience, commands and sounds can achieve synchronization effects, which can meet the requirements of the game.

In addition, Baseus E3 supports the exclusive Baseus APP. Through the Baseus APP, you can not only customize the headset name, headset touch function, and check the headset power. It can also search for earphones at close and long distances. These functions are very practical.

Sound Quality of Baseus E3

Baseus E3 is equipped with 13mm full-frequency PU composite titanium-coated diaphragm sound unit. In terms of low frequency, the front three-way drum in “Ferry” is loud, the low frequency extension is very deep, and the lowness is slightly insufficient. In the mid-range, Tsai Qin’s very heavy, vicissitudes and rich texture of timbre is vividly expressed. The magnetic voice in Luo Dayou’s “Childhood” is clear and has a strong sense of substitution, as if it brought me back to my childhood.

The resolving power of the headset is also very strong, and it is very clear verbatim. In terms of high frequency, the crisp, full and translucent sound of Pipa in “Ambush on Ten Sides” is well presented, and there is no harsh sound at the loudest.

Battery Life and Others

Baseus E3 is equipped with a 35mAh battery, and the charging case is equipped with a 330mAh battery. Since the charging case supports fast charging protocol, it can be fully charged in about 1 hour. Through actual measurement, the hybrid battery life of the earbuds+charging case can reach about 26 hours. The earbuds have a single battery life of about 5 hours.

Baseus Bowie E3 supports IP64 dustproof and waterproof, and there is no problem for outdoor use. But if you use it while swimming, there are still certain risks. The semi-in-ear design of the earphone +4g weight makes it comfortable and light to wear.


Baseus E3 is not only the appearance of Apple headphones, but the sound quality is not much different from AirPods. Especially in the mid and high frequency, it can be called AirPods Youth Edition, which should be a very appropriate name.

The headset is comfortable to wear and has a high level of protection. The battery life can also meet the needs of charging once a week. The exclusive APP also has an intimate anti-loss function. Perhaps the material of the charging case paint is too stained with fingerprints, which is its only drawback. However, compared to the price of one hundred yuan, Baseus Bowie E3 is still one of the representatives of cost-effective headphones.

Check the BASEUS E3 price:

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