AUKEY is a well-known cross-border e-commerce company, which is mainly engaged in the research and development, design and sales of self-branded technology consumer products, and has realized the whole process control of product research and development design, marketing promotion, warehousing and distribution. Its TWS true wireless earphones products have higher sales overseas.

Today’s disassembly is the AUKEY EP-M1 true wireless bluetooth earphones. The earphones adopts a handle in-ear design. The weight of a single earphones is as light as 3.5g. It has IPX4 waterproof and can be worn for sports. It supports touch function and can wake up the mobile phone voice assistant; The overall design is relatively simple and may be an entry-level product. Let’s take a look at the detailed disassembly report.


| 1. AUKEY EP-M1 charging case teardown

First, disassemble the charging case and pry open the charging cockpit to take out the complete structure.

The light guide at the bottom of the charging indicator.

The battery is located between the left and right earphone compartments, and the bottom is the motherboard circuit.

The back of the charging case internal structure.

Remove the motherboard and you can see the soft pack battery, from Novel, model NV101730, rated voltage is 3.7V, capacity is 500mAh, and energy is 1.85Wh.

A close-up of the battery protection board. There is an integrated lithium battery protection IC, which is responsible for the overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection of the battery; there is also a thermistor to detect the battery temperature.

The circuit is shown on the side of the motherboard, and the circuit is very simplified.

Circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

INJOINIC IP5518 is a multifunctional power management SoC that integrates 5V boost converter, lithium battery charging management, and battery level indicator, providing a complete power solution for the TWS bluetooth earphones charging compartment. IP5518 can realize independent TWS storage detection of earphones. After detecting that the earphones are in the warehouse, they will automatically enter the earphone charging mode. After the earphones are fully charged, they will automatically enter the sleep state. The quiescent current can be reduced to as low as 20uA. Only a few peripheral components are required for application, and the size of the overall solution is effectively reduced, and the BOM cost is reduced.

According to 52audio, TWS earphones charging cases of Edifier, JLab, Hiby, Baseus, Pioneer, PIHEN and other brands have adopted INJOINIC power management solutions.

There is a protection IC at the input for input overvoltage protection. It is ETAsolutions ETA7008, which supports 36V withstand voltage, built-in 34mΩ resistive MOS tube, supports maximum 4A current, and has a response time of 0.1us.

According to 52audio, audio products of well-known brands including Edifier, 1MORE, XIAOMI, ZMI, realme, BAIDU, Motorola, JVC, Panasonic, JBL, etc. have adopted a large number of ETAsolutions power management chips.

Gold-plated Pogo Pin for charging earphones.

An LED indicator.

| 2. AUKEY EP-M1 earbuds teardown

Let’s continue to disassemble the AUKEY EP-M1 earphone part. The earphone adopts a handle in-ear design, which is moderate in size and light in weight.

The top of the earphone handle is the light guide of the indicator light.

The call microphone pickup hole and two charging contacts on the top of the earphones handle.

Two pressure relief holes/tuning holes in the sound cavity.

A fine dust-proof net at the mouthpiece prevents foreign objects from entering.

Disassemble the earphones along the parting line and use a lot of glue at the seams to improve the waterproof ability.

The sound cavity is mainly a soft pack battery and speaker unit.

The internal layout of the earphone handle is displayed, with indicator lights on the top, charging contacts and microphone on the bottom.

The inside of the headphone handle cover is displayed, and the top is a touch-sensitive foil.

ICM CM1103 series is a two-in-one protection chip specially designed for small lithium batteries in wearable devices such as TWS earphones, watches, bracelets, etc. It adopts ultra-thin and ultra-small DFN2*2 package, and integrates 15V withstand voltage and 2KV ESD protection. The internal resistance charge and discharge control MOSFET, the chip has built-in high-precision voltage, current detection and delay circuits, through the detection of battery voltage and current, the battery can be fully protected from overcharge, overdischarge, charge and discharge overcurrent, and short circuit.

At the same time, the static power consumption of the CM1103 series chip is only 2μA, and the sleep power consumption is less than 50nA, which can ensure the safety of the battery to the greatest extent and extend the battery life and cycle life.

The soft pack battery in the earphones is also from Novel, model NV501012, with a rated voltage of 3.7V, a capacity of 40mAh, and an energy of 0.148Wh.

The internal structure of the sound cavity.

Adsorb the magnet of the charging cockpit and fix it with glue.

There is a dust screen inside the tuning hole.

The size of the dynamic driver is about 10mm.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

Circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

AUKEY EP-M1 true wireless bluetooth earbuds adopts BLUETRUM BT8896A bluetooth audio SoC. This chip is mainly aimed at the TWS earphones market. It has a 32-bit RISC-V processor, supports DSP instruction set, and runs at a frequency of up to 125MHz. The chip adopts QFN20 3×3 small package, suitable for all kinds of TWS small earphones.

BLUETRUM BT8896A is specially designed for TWS earphone applications. The chip is highly integrated and the PCB peripheral materials are streamlined. The communication protocol supports bluetooth 5.0 dual mode and APP application. The decoding format supports SBC/mSBC, AAC, and a built-in 10-band parametric equalizer. Built-in 5V charging contact single-wire communication, built-in lithium battery charging management circuit, suitable for smart charging warehouse applications. Supports seamless switching between primary and secondary ears. The call part has a built-in single MIC ENC noise reduction/AEC echo cancellation algorithm. The original factory provides configurable programming tools to facilitate customers’ products to be quickly put into the market.

According to 52audio, there are already a large number of BLUETRUM bluetooth audio SoCs in audio products from brands such as LeTV, 360, Defunc, Lenovo, Philips, Audio-Technica, UGreen, and Sing Bar.

SMD ceramic antennas are used to transmit wireless signals.

The metal dome connected to the touch-sensitive foil.

Two LED indicators.

The gold-plated Pogo Pin that powers the earphones battery.

The protective cover outside the call microphone.

Laser carving 2050 FX28’s MEMS silicon microphone.

All components of AUKEY EP-M1 true wireless bluetooth earphones.

| Summary

The appearance design of the AUKEY EP-M1 true wireless bluetooth earphones is relatively simple. The housings of the earphones and the charging case are both matte design. There is a charging indicator near the charging case of the charging case. The status indicator of the earphones is more concealed on the top of the earphones handle.

In terms of internal circuits, the charging case inputs power through the USB Type-C interface, and ETAsolutions ETA7008 is responsible for input overvoltage protection; INJOINIC IP5518 integrates 5V boost converter, lithium battery charging management, battery power indicator, TWS ear independent storage detection and other functions , The integration is high, and the peripheral devices are streamlined; the soft pack battery comes from Novel with a capacity of 500mAh.

In the earphone part, the main control chip of the AUKEY EP-M1 true wireless bluetooth earphones is BLUETRUM BT8896A, which supports bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode, built-in 5V charging contact single-wire communication, lithium battery charging management circuit, single MIC ENC noise reduction/AEC echo cancellation algorithm, etc., chip Highly integrated; the earphones transmits wireless signals through a ceramic antenna, a single MEMS silicon microphone is used for call pickup, and a capacitive touch solution; the soft pack battery used in the earphones is also from Novel, with a capacity of 40mAh, and ICM CM1103 provides it with overvoltage Overcurrent protection.

Source: 52audio

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