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I planned to buy AirPod Pro as early as last year, but I am not very confident about TWS sound quality and noise reduction. It was not until I heard my friend’s AirPod generation that its sound quality was beyond my expectation that I made up my mind. Considering that my iphone7 has been used for three years, it is still 32G. I have been using it in various ways, so I bought an iPhone SE by the way. I just wanted to use it as a player.

During the two weeks I used these two things, they kept amazed me and exceeded my expectations in all aspects, so with this article, I would like to share some experience with you.

AirPods Pro

AirPod Pro has a few points that make me feel good, let’s talk about them one by one below.

The earphone is comfortable to wear
It can be described as nonsensical. During the bumpy ride to and from get off work, I didn’t mean to fall off. For the three official earphone sets, I used the default medium size to just pass the sealing test. I usually hear that it has a balance between listening and sound insulation. Of course, many friends may not be as comfortable as AirPod in terms of fit due to the different ear shapes. It is recommended that you borrow one pair for two hours before purchasing.

AirPods ProAirPods Pro

The sound quality is beyond my expectations
I originally thought it would be similar to the earphones that I bought with a mobile phone, but with an additional wireless function. The high frequency sometimes feels like it can’t go up, but this is expected. The mid-frequency vocals are sufficiently prominent and full, and the instruments are behind the vocals, and songs with little reverberation will not be mixed together. But the AirPod Pro is still a bit uncontrollable, so I only listen to some relatively “quiet” songs. The most surprising is the low frequency, the sense of volume is almost the same as the dive, but the texture is beyond my expectation and it is flexible. Of course, the overall analysis of AirPod Pro can only be considered satisfactory, but for me it is enough as a listening tool. Considering factors such as volume and battery life, I think it has done a very good job.

AirPods Pro

Excellent level of noise reduction
Maybe other more expensive headphones have better sound quality, but sometimes they are useless if noise reduction is not possible. Originally, I thought that the noise reduction quality would be greatly lost, but I didn’t expect it to be completely different from what I thought. At first, if I didn’t read the prompts on the iphone, I couldn’t tell if I had noise reduction enabled. When the noise reduction is turned on, it can isolate more than 70% of the mid- and low-frequency background noise, but the resistance to the high-frequency band is still limited. I have been attracted by the screams of female colleagues many times. When riding on the road, the wind in my ears cannot be completely resisted, which can be said to be a bit regretful. I don’t know if it will be improved after upgrading the firmware.

AirPods Pro

The experience brought by noise reduction can be said to be unprecedentedly good. If there are trucks loading goods outside at work, I can put on headphones, play some soothing music, and continue to focus on work without being affected by noise. I can also fall asleep peacefully on the bus to replenish my energy. I like to stay quietly in the corner when surfing the Internet in a cafe, and wearing headphones feels great.

AirPods Pro

Connect iPhone automatically
I originally thought I had to manually connect the iPhone every time I used it. After all, I had never used a TWS product before. This is very convenient to use, and it is much more convenient to listen to music with SE535 earphone before. There is no psychological burden when you want to listen to the song. There is no sense of disobedience when you hang the AirPod Pro on your ears. When you want to listen, you can just click on the mobile phone playback interface, which is convenient and simple.

AirPods Pro

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