New firmware of Apple AirPods series is pushed to enhance the ability to find lost


Recently, Apple has launched a new 4A400 version of firmware for its AirPods Pro and AirPods Max headset products, focusing on enhancing its lost search capabilities.

Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro is one of the devices with the highest loss rate, and a single earphone is often lost. For this reason, consumers have to buy a single earphone to make up for it. After upgrading the new version of the firmware, AirPods Pro has a lost search capability similar to AirTag. With the help of the bluetooth signal of iPhone devices all over the world, it can locate the last paired headset device, and can provide the user with direction guidance and tell the user how far the device is from itself.

Apple AirPods Max

However, because the AirPods series products do not have the U1 chip, they cannot tell the user the specific location direction, but they can use the sound of the headset to search, which will increase the probability of successful search to a certain extent.


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