I believe that many music lovers have bought 1MORE headphones, which is an international brand focusing on the field of headphones. 1MORE has released a series of products such as noise reduction headphones, true wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones, etc., which have been well received by many music lovers. The recently launched 1MORE ColorBuds 2 earbuds have stylish and exquisite appearance, good sound quality, and active noise reduction. Let’s take a look at what kind of experience it has.

|1. 1MORE ColorBuds 2 earbuds unboxing

The packaging box of 1MORE ColorBuds 2 earphones has a simple and beautiful appearance, and still adopts the 1MORE packaging design style, which has obvious recognition. There is a gray 1MORE brand logo on a white background and a rendering of the headset. The accessories in the box include headset, charging case, eartips, charging cable and manual. There are 4 pairs of eartips of different sizes.

1MORE ColorBuds 2 earbuds are available in three colors: gold, white and black, giving music lovers more choices. The earphones look exquisite and stylish, which can be adapted to everyday wear. This time I bought a black model with a low-key and stable appearance. Unlike ordinary bluetooth headsets, the back cover incorporates a jewel-like design, which can show a different color under different light.

The 1MORE ColorBuds 2 headset is small and light as a whole, and a single headset weighs only 4.9g, so it will not be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. The in-ear design is adopted, which can fit the ears better, and the silicone eartips are reinforced, which is natural and comfortable to wear. The design is inspired by the cat’s pupils. There is a “1” logo on the back, and the multi-layer arc surface refraction looks very three-dimensional.

The charging case is made of frosted skin material, which greatly improves the dirt resistance compared with the previous glossy piano lacquer material, and feels delicate and comfortable. The clear “1MORE” logo is printed on the top. The streamlined surface is adopted, and the whole is small and light. It can be easily put in a pocket without bulging or taking up much space, making it easy to carry out.

There is a power indicator in the middle of the front side of the charging case, which can display different lights under different power levels, which is convenient for checking the remaining power. There is also a pairing button in the charging case. In addition to pairing the headset, it can also restore the headset to the factory settings. The back is a Type-C interface, which is more convenient to use than the charging interface designed at the bottom, and there is a non-slip silicone pad at the bottom.

|2. 1MORE ColorBuds 2 earbuds review

1MORE ColorBuds 2 is comfortable to wear, with a lightweight body without a sense of weight. In-ear design + silicone eartips can fit the cochlea better, balance the internal and external air pressure, and can be worn stably during shopping. There is an infrared sensor in the earphone, which can sense the wearing state of the earphone. When listening to music while wearing the earphones, remove any earphone at will, the music will be automatically paused immediately, and the music will resume playing after wearing it.

The back of the headset is a touch area, which can realize functions such as answering/hanging up, playing/pausing and activating the voice assistant. You can also switch the listening mode by long pressing, the default is “active noise reduction” mode. The click function is cancelled, which can avoid accidental touch during use or carrying, and switching songs and adjusting the volume are not without, which can be set through the corresponding APP.

1MORE ColorBuds 2 earphones use the latest Qualcomm bluetooth 5.2 chip, the signal connection is faster and stable, and there is strong anti-interference, even in dense crowds, there will be no disconnection. It can also effectively reduce the delay, and it is smoother than ordinary bluetooth headsets in game play, and there is almost no sense of delay.

1MORE ColorBuds 2 can also be set using 1MORE APP. The APP interface is simple, showing the remaining power of the two earphones and the charging case. You can set the listening mode, automatic playback, touch operation, SoundID, etc. according to your preferences. If you don’t know your hearing preference, you can use SoundID to perform a high degree of matching, and automatically give your hearing preference based on the built-in frequency response curve.

Ordinary bluetooth headsets only have a passive noise reduction function. In noisy places such as buses or subways, it is completely impossible to isolate external noise. The 1MORE ColorBuds 2 earbuds uses QuietMax balanced noise reduction, and the active noise reduction depth can reach 25dB, which can effectively filter out external noise and listen to songs quietly and happily. Turning on active noise reduction in bookstores can isolate the surrounding conversations, and turning on active noise reduction on airplanes can effectively suppress the low noise of aircraft engines.

1MORE ColorBuds 2 is equipped with a 7mm graphene composite dynamic driver, which can better restore the real sound, and a dual magnetic circuit design is added to enrich the details of the music. Through the audition of different styles of music, the three-frequency performance of the headphones is relatively balanced, the treble is transparent, and the sense of layering is rich. You can feel the details of the instrument, the sound field is more penetrating, and the bass performance is shocking and powerful.

1MORE ColorBuds 2 earphones can be used continuously for 8 hours in the normal mode with noise reduction turned off, and the total battery life can be up to 24 hours with the charging case. The active noise reduction mode can be used for 6 hours continuously, and the total battery life can reach 18 hours with the charging case. At the same time, the headset also supports fast charging, which can be charged for 15 minutes and listen to music for 2 hours. There is no need to worry about the power of the headset, and it supports Qi-certified wireless charging, which makes charging more convenient.

|3. Summary

1MORE ColorBuds 2 earbuds are stylish, exquisite and beautiful, and the jewel-like design reveals light trails. The eartips of different sizes are complete, and they are comfortable to wear and fit firmly. Long battery life, supports fast charging and wireless charging. The active noise reduction effect is excellent, and the sound quality is very good. It is a highly cost-effective noise reduction headset that is worth recommending.

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    • I prefer haylou w1, and it is cost-effective. The disadvantage is that there is no ANC function.

      PS:Only represent personal opinions, after all, everyone has a different sense of hearing

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