Xiaomi Xiaoai Play bluetooth speaker enhanced version teardown


Based on the “Xiaoai Classmate” intelligent voice assistant and Xiaomi’s powerful ecosystem, Xiaoai speakers occupy a large market share in the current smart speaker market. From the first Xiaoai smart speaker to the recently released Xiaomi Sound high-fidelity smart speaker, dozens of products have been continuously launched. Recently, Xiaomi has launched an enhanced version of Xiaoai Play, an iterative upgrade product.

Compared with the Xiaoai Play smart speaker, the enhanced version of Xiaomi Xiaoai Play speaker has a new LED clock display function, and supports adaptive brightness adjustment, and supports voice setting alarms, setting reminders, countdown and other functions. The built-in infrared transmitter module and “Xiaoai Classmate” intelligent voice can realize voice control of 6000+ brands of home appliances. The stability of the smarter bluetooth Mesh gateway has also been further optimized. Mi Eco can provide massive resources for entertainment such as listening to music and audio books, listening to stories, learning English and other children’s enlightenment education.

52audio previously disassembled the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro noise-cancelling headphones, Xiaomi Air 2 Pro noise-cancelling earphones, Xiaomi Air2 SE, Xiaomi Air 2S, Xiaomi Air 2, Redmi AirDots 3 Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, Redmi AirDots 3, Redmi AirDots 2, Redmi AirDots true wireless bluetooth earphones, and Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker, etc. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of this product.

|1. Xiaomi Xiaoai Play Speaker Enhanced Edition unboxing

The outer packaging of the enhanced version of the Xiaomi Xiaoai Play speaker continues the design of the previous generation, but replaces the latest Xiaomi brand LOGO, the front of the product is displayed on a large area, and the new LED clock is prominently displayed.

The side scene diagram shows the three features of the product: voice control of smart devices, infrared remote control of traditional home appliances, and built-in bluetooth Mesh gateway.

The bottom of the box has some functional parameter information of the product. Product name: smart speaker, product model: L05C, power supply: 12V⎓1A, manufacturer: Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., etc. And xiaomi easy connect, works with mijia logo and product factory barcode information.

The accessories in the box include a power adapter and product manual.

The power adapter still uses a DC interface.

Power adapter printing information, model: AD 0121200103CN-2, input: 100-240V~50/60HZ 0.5A, output: 12V⎓1A, manufacturer: Shenzhen Airline Mechanical Co., Ltd.

The front appearance of the enhanced version of the Xiaomi Xiaoai Play speaker has the logo changed from “MI” LOGO to “xiaomi”, and has made room for the LED clock and moved to the bottom.

LED clock display.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Play

Xiaomi brand LOGO. Sound holes are distributed around the speakers, and a 360° sound guide cone design is adopted.

At the top of the speaker are four function buttons, including pause playback, increase and decrease volume, and microphone switch. Four circular openings are distributed around for the microphone to pick up sound and detect the brightness of the environment.

There is an indicator light in the middle of the function button.

The DC power connector is located on the back of the speaker.

Rubber non-slip foot pads at the bottom of the speaker.

Label information at the bottom, product name: smart speaker, product model: L05C, input: 12V⎓1A, Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., made in China.

|2. Xiaomi Xiaoai Play speaker enhanced version teardown

Enter the disassembly part, remove the non-slip foot pads, remove the screws and open the bottom cover of the cavity.

Four non-slip foot pads.

The inner side of the bottom cover of the sound box is equipped with square ribs to increase the strength.

The sound guide cone structure inside the speaker.

DC power input interface, the wire is wrapped by foam to prevent noise from resonance.

The enhanced version of the sound guide cone structure of the Xiaomi Xiaoai Play speaker.

Above the sound guide cone is the horn unit, which is fixed on the internal cavity.

Speaker disassembly preview.

The function button keycap cover and the white uniform light sticker in the middle make the indicator light softer and create a sense of atmosphere.

The front of the internal cavity of the speaker.

The wires on the back of the cavity are also wrapped with foam and fixed by tape.

Patch WiFi antenna, from South Star.

Side of the external magnetic horn.

Speaker power 5W, 6Ω impedance.

The sound cavity inverted hole to enhance the low-frequency volume.

LED digital display clock.

ISSI IS31FL3236A 36-channel LED driver. Consists of 36 constant current channels, each channel has an independent PWM control, used to drive the LED digital tube.

The LED clock is fixed by a bracket, the rear is hollowed out, and a large area of ​​graphite sticker is set to enhance heat dissipation.

The main board circuit on the top of the sound cavity.

There is a large area of ​​metal sheet under the motherboard, with graphene heat dissipation stickers to enhance heat dissipation and provide stable performance for long-term use.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

On the other side of the motherboard, there are two microphones on the left and right sides of the circuit.

RGB LED indicator light.

The four function buttons are of the same specification.

Infrared light sensor, used to detect the brightness of the environment, and automatically adjust the brightness of the LED clock.

Infrared emission sensor.

The microphone pickup hole on the motherboard is pasted with a dust-proof net and a cushion.

Four infrared emitters are arranged around the main board to form an infrared emitting module, which is used to control home appliances in all directions in the home.

Infrared receiver.

The microphone on the main board is equipped with a rubber sealing cover to improve the radio performance.

MEMS microphone laser carving information G455 9049, used for voice control pickup.

Onboard printed bluetooth antenna.

The triode of silk screen 2A.

Triode of silk screen W28F

Two 1AM triodes with silk-screen printing.

TI TPA3138D2 Class D stereo audio amplifier IC supports inductor-less operation and supports a wide operating range of 3.5V to 14.4V. With mono output, the idle current is only 20mA (12V) in 1SPW mode, which is suitable for portable product applications.

The TVS tube with silk screen 12P is used for input overvoltage surge protection.

Joulwatt JW5052C current mode single chip step-down voltage converter, input range 4.5V-18V, can provide 2A continuous output current and two integrated N-channel MOSFET. At light loads, the regulator works at low frequencies to maintain high efficiency and low output ripple. JW5052C guarantees stability through short circuit protection, thermal protection, current runaway protection and input undervoltage lockout.

Details of Joulwatt JW5052C.

The bluetooth main control chip is covered by a metal shield, and a thermal pad is attached to the top of the shield, which is connected to the metal sheet to dissipate heat.

Pry open the shielding cover.

The IC of silk screen LT.

BES BES2300 is a fully integrated low-power WiFi/BT dual-mode AIoT SoC chip, which integrates high-performance multi-core CPU, low-power WiFi/BT wireless communication system, high-performance audio CODEC, storage subsystem, power management system and many more Highly integrated peripheral interfaces, using RTOS-based AIoT software platform, with outstanding computing performance and good scalability, in addition to being used in smart WiFi speakers, the chip can also be widely used as an intelligent voice module in smart home appliances and other fields.

According to 52audio, there are already a large number of true wireless headset products from Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, JBL, 1More, Honor, Baidu, OnePlus, Transsion, Realme, Anker and other brands that have adopted BES solutions.

All components of Xiaomi Xiaoai Play speaker enhanced edition.

|3. Summary

The enhanced version of the Xiaomi Xiaoai Play speaker continues this series of simple designs in appearance. It also uses a cubic shape, with sound holes distributed around the fuselage, and an internal sound guide cone structure to achieve 360° pronunciation. Compared with the previous generation of products, the difference lies in the application of the new “xiaomi” LOGO and the addition of the LED clock, which provides it with more new functions.

The internal structure configuration is mainly divided into the top main board, the middle cavity, the bottom sound guide cone and the DC power input interface. A digital display screen is fixed on the internal cavity, and an IS31FL3236A LED driver is provided. A speaker with a power of 5W is fixed at the bottom of the cavity, and a TI TPA3138D2 Class D stereo audio amplifier is matched on the motherboard.

The main control chip on the motherboard is BES BES2300 fully integrated low-power WiFi/BT dual-mode AIoT SoC chip, with high integration, outstanding computing performance and good scalability; built-in two MEMS microphones for voice interaction and voice Call function. It is also equipped with a light sensor to detect the brightness of the environment and automatically adjust the brightness of the LED clock. And 4 infrared emitters to form an infrared emitting module, which is used to control home appliances in all directions in the home.

Source: 52audio



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