Xiaomi Air 2 Pro review compared with Huawei Freebuds Pro and Apple AirPods Pro


Nowadays, more and more people choose to wear earphones to travel and spend long and boring commuting time in music, but the city is full of various noises, so we have to increase the volume, which will inevitably damage our hearing in the long run , How to solve it? Active noise-cancelling earphones came into being, which can emit sound waves in the opposite direction to the noise, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

At the same time, with the development of bluetooth technology, TWS true wireless earphones are becoming more and more popular. The Apple AirPods Pro released last year has been favored by everyone due to its powerful noise reduction performance. This year, major manufacturers have launched their own TWS active noise reduction earphones, and Xiaomi is no exception, launching Air 2 Pro. Today I will talk to you about the subjective experience of Xiaomi Air 2 Pro.

Compared with the AirPods Pro in hand, I asked a friend to borrow a Huawei Freebuds Pro for a subjective comparison and evaluation, three true wireless active noise reduction earphones from mobile phone manufacturers, which one has the better experience?

| Unpacking & Appearance

The packaging box of Xiaomi Air 2 Pro is very “large”, comparable to the packaging box of a mobile phone.

It is much larger than the AirPods Pro packaging box.

Open the box, the earphones occupies such a small place.

According to Apple’s standards, this kind of packaging must be quite “unenvironmentally friendly”. In terms of accessories, in addition to earphones, a USB A to type-C data cable is also included to replace eartips and instructions.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

In addition to a pair of eartips on the earphones, 5 pairs of eartips of different sizes are attached to satisfy users with different earhole sizes.

There is still a lot of space in the box that is wasted, not environmentally friendly!

The earphone box is made of frosted plastic, which is very comfortable to the touch.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

There is a wireless charging logo on the back. Xiaomi has also been vigorously promoting wireless charging recently. It has just released 80W super wireless charging technology, and the earphones naturally supports it.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

The USB-C charging port at the bottom.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

The size of the earphone box, Xiaomi Air2 Pro and Huawei Freebuds Pro are similar, a little larger than Apple AirPods Pro.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

Open the lid.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

I was about to take out the earphones. I found that it was difficult to take out the earphones at first. After getting used to it, there would be no problem, but it was still easier to slip. Compared with AirPods Pro, the “difficulty of taking out” of Xiaomi Air2 Pro is much larger.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

Ceramic back cover.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

Compared with the size of the three earphones, Xiaomi Air2 Pro is the largest, while Huawei and Apple are relatively small.

Xiaomi Air2 Pro review Xiaomi Air2 Pro review

I also invited my friends to try on three headsets. The subjective ratings of wearing comfort are as follows:


Air 2 Pro Freebuds Pro AirPods Pro

Wearing comfort




Wearing comfort 7 8


The three earphones I think are the most comfortable to wear are Huawei Freebuds Pro. After wearing it, the airtightness is good, and the ears are comfortable after wearing for a long time; the airtightness of Xiaomi Air 2 Pro is a little bit worse, and the comfort is also good; and AirPods Pro The airtightness is the best among the three earphones, but the hard plastic layer reaches the auricle, making it comfortable to wear for a long time. Of course, in terms of wearing comfort, different people have different ear canal structures. It is strongly recommended to go to the store to experience it, and then consider buying!

| Noise reduction effect-subjective comparison

We tested two scenarios and compared the noise-cancelling earphones of the three earphones. earphones connection device: Xiaomi Air2 Pro: Connect to Xiaomi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition; Huawei Freebuds Pro: Connect to Huawei Mate20; Apple AirPods Pro: Connect to iPad Pro 11.

Scene 1: Subway. Take the subway, wear earphones in the order of Xiaomi, Huawei, and Apple. Change a earphones every time you arrive at a platform. When the subway starts, turn on the noise reduction mode for comparison (Huawei is “dynamic noise reduction”), and make a subjective score:


Air 2 Pro Freebuds Pro AirPods Pro

Scene 1: Subway

6 8


Scene 1: Subway 5 8


In my opinion, in the subway test, HUAWEI Freebuds Pro and AirPods Pro performed very well. The wind noise during subway operation is very good, and the friction sound of wheels and rails is also very good. The sound can be heard very clearly, and the high-frequency current sound both have relatively poor noise reduction, so I gave an 8-point evaluation. The Xiaomi Air 2 Pro can effectively reduce the friction sound of wheels and rails. The wind noise of the subway is also very noise-reducing, but the performance of the wind noise in the subway is very poor, so we all gave low scores.

Scene 2: Noisy street market. Test in a food court, wear earphones in the order of Xiaomi, Huawei, and Apple, listen for 30s, and score subjectively.

This scene can be said to be quite noisy, crowded, and mixed with various sounds. It can effectively reduce noise while waiting, and will not isolate the sound of the horn. It is a qualified noise reduction earphones.


Air 2 Pro Freebuds Pro AirPods Pro

Scene 2: Street

8 7.5


Scene 2: Street 8 7


Our ratings are highly consistent this time, and we all gave Xiaomi Air 2 Pro the highest score. My subjective feeling is that Xiaomi Air 2 Pro suppresses all the noise very well. There is a brother next door watching the game. He can hear a little sound while wearing Freebuds Pro and AirPods Pro, but he can’t hear it with Air 2 Pro. In this scenario, the surrounding human voices are often noisy. Xiaomi Air2 Pro can effectively reduce these sounds. Of course, the other two earphones perform well, and the overall gap between the three earphones is not large.

Scene 3: Oncoming gale. After returning to school, I did a fun test on the way back to the dormitory by bike: Gale. It just happened that the wind was quite strong yesterday, let’s take a look at the performance of the three earphones in reducing wind noise.


Air 2 Pro Freebuds Pro AirPods Pro
Scene 3: Gale 6 8


In this scenario, the difference between the three earphones is very obvious. The performance of Xiaomi Air 2 Pro is a bit poor. After the noise reduction is turned on, there is always a “huhu” sound. I have also tried to replace eartips, but it has no effect. The performance of HUAWEI Freebuds Pro is OK, and there is a little “huhu” sound; while AirPods Pro is This time the performance was very strong, even if the strong wind was blowing on the face, there was almost no “huhu” sound.

I still remember that everyone’s evaluation of AirPods Pro last year was “extremely strong in wind noise reduction.” This is especially obvious in comparison. It seems that Xiaomi Air 2 Pro will continue to strengthen wind noise reduction.

| Connection and battery life

The connection of the three earphones is relatively simple. Take the Xiaomi Air 2 Pro earphones as an example. Open the charging case and get close to the phone. A pop-up window will appear immediately and you can connect with one click.
After connecting, you can manage the noise reduction mode and set the operation of the stand-alone back cover.

The operation of Air2 Pro is different from the other two earphones. It is a long press on the ceramic back cover to trigger gestures. The actual test sensitivity is OK, but I personally think that this operation is not as convenient as the other two earphone handles.

The battery life of Xiaomi Air2 Pro is also one of the selling points. The official advertised that the battery life can be up to 7 hours when the active noise reduction is turned off, and it can be used for up to 28 hours with the charging case.

I simply tested it, and after listening to music for two hours after the active noise reduction was turned on, 80% of the battery remained.

The battery life performance is really good. I also tried the battery life of AirPods Pro. I can listen to music for about 4 hours. From a simple test, the battery life of Xiaomi Air2 Pro is stronger than AirPods Pro. If I have time, I will do a complete battery life test. Right. Finally, let’s talk about the delay. The delays of the three earphones connected to the corresponding devices are very short, and they are good for playing games.

| Summary
The three products are all excellent TWS active noise reduction earphones. Xiaomi Air 2 Pro attracts more consumers because of its low price. Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this earphones:

Advantages: Excellent static noise reduction effect, good experience in transparent mode, simple and convenient operation to connect to Xiaomi mobile phone, excellent battery life

Insufficient: The ability to reduce wind noise is weak, and the volume of the earphones is too large

All three earphones have a “transparent mode”, and the measured performance is similar. I personally think that the transparent mode of Apple AirPods Pro is more “thorough” than the other two, and it is no different from not wearing a earphones. If you ask me for shopping advice, I personally think it is related to mobile phones. What brand of mobile phones are used to buy earphones of any brand. earphones are an important part of the “ecological chain” of various companies. It is best to experience with the corresponding brand, and there is no need to download additional apps, which increases the complexity of operations. Finally, I hope that my subjective experience can help you to buy true wireless active noise reduction earphones.

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