Armature+dynamic, HIFI music porter: SoundPEATS H1 review


What is the experience of having a HIFI enthusiast by your side? Every day I look for headphones with superior sound quality in major forums, but I often get disappointed. Large-size dynamic headphones can bring better bass texture and a wider sound field, but the sound clarity and detail performance are not good; the armature driver has better sound resolution, but the sound is colder, and the low frequency performance is poor; the market The only hybrid driver headphones on the market are either poorly tuned or very expensive. Finding a headset that can conquer the ears is simply an impossible task!

It just so happens that I recently received a hybrid driver HIFI earphones from SoundPEATS——SoundPEATS H1, the configuration of the hybrid four units should be able to meet his needs.


SoundPEATS was founded in 2010. It is an emerging brand that focuses on creating high-quality Bluetooth headsets. Unlike other brands, SoundPEATS is mainly for foreign markets. It has only recently entered the domestic market, so many friends do not know this brand very well.

In 2019, SoundPEATS was rated as one of the top 100 Chinese export cross-border brands in the world for opening stores. I believe everyone has an understanding of the strength of the SoundPEATS brand!

The Japanese VGP Award is known as an Oscar in the global audio industry. In 2021, a variety of SoundPEATS products won six VGP awards. The SoundPEATS H1 I want to talk about today is the winner of the 2021 VGP selection award.


Let’s start with a simple unpacking. The SoundPEATS H1 packaging box adheres to the usual style of SoundPEATS. One side is printed with product pictures and product features, and on the other side, find a handsome guy to show the real wearing effect picture.


After opening the box, in addition to earphones, charging case, manual, charging cable and eartips, a pair of comply eartips are also specially sent. What is the specific use of this eartips, we will talk about it later.


The appearance design of the SoundPEATS H1 charging case is the same oval as the previous SoundPEATS Sonic, and the surface is frosted, which is very good. The SoundPEATS logo is printed on the charging case to improve recognition. The power indicator of the charging case is built into the box, allowing us to know the power status of the charging case at any time.


SoundPEATS H1 adopts ergonomic design, the shape of the water drop is very novel, and it is very comfortable to wear. The earphone cavity shell is mixed and matched in two forms: transparent and closed. The earphone cavity is black mesh, and it looks like it will not exceed 10mm in diameter. The gray area where the SoundPEATS Logo on the headset is located is the touch area. Just tap this area to control calls, music, wake up the voice assistant, and enter the game mode.


Interactive aspect

SoundPEATS H1 is still equipped with the QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip. The benefits of this chip have been mentioned more than once in the previous evaluation, so I won’t repeat it here! In the actual experience, SoundPEATS H1 can be connected when the cover is opened; in an open field, there is no problem with the transmission and stability of the 20-meter linear distance. In addition, tap the touch area of ​​the headset lightly, the headset will respond immediately, and the sensitivity of the headset is also very high.


In addition, SoundPEATS H1 has a game mode. In the actual “Honor of King” experience, the picture and sound can be basically consistent. The headset can meet the needs for games, so the delay of the headset is still good.


Sound quality

In order to make the sound quality excellent, SoundPEATS H1 uses the combination of international professional knowles armature driver + 8.6mm dynamic driver + exclusive crossover for the internal structure design.


To test the sound quality of the headphones, I still chose Cai Qin’s “渡口” first. The drums at the beginning are crisp and lacking in depth, but the extension is very deep, making the low frequency part very durable. Cai Qin’s unique voice is very delicate. The real sound is restored very well. Then, I chose Eason Chan&Faye Wong’s “因为爱情”. Eason Chan’s husky voice can be heard very clearly. Faye Wong can hear the drag and the change between true and false in the song. Finally, I chose Eagles’s “Hotel California” to test the sound field. The guitar sound + cheers + applause can be clearly discerned. When the sound is turned to the maximum, there is no glitch at all, and the high frequency performance is also excellent.


The overall tone of SoundPEATS H1 is warmer. The adjustment of the low frequency part has the manufacturer’s own ideas, and it is also very durable. The mid-to-high frequency part fully utilizes the characteristics of hybrid headphones, which is very good!

Call aspect

SoundPEATS H1 uses Comply eartips+CVC8.0 noise reduction technology to process the call environment with professional algorithms, while Comply eartips can further reduce the passive external noise level to 28dB. Through the use of multiple scenes in buses, markets, construction sites, etc., the sound of construction site tools cannot be completely filtered, but compared to similar competing products, this noise reduction effect is still slightly stronger.


Battery life

SoundPEATS H1 has excellent battery life. A single use of the headset can reach about 10 hours, and it can reach about 40 hours with the charging case. This battery life is still very rare among the headphones I evaluated. In addition, SoundPEATS H1 also supports wireless charging, which is more convenient.



Through the two-week test of SoundPEATS H1, the design of the headphones is getting stronger and stronger. The shape of the water drops is very delicate and comfortable to wear. The mix and match of materials and colors shows a sense of technology. The blessing of the Bluetooth 5.2 chip allows the headset to have better stability, higher sensitivity and lower latency. The combination of the hybrid driver guarantees the sound quality and the three-frequency balance, especially in the mid-to-high range.

If you have to find the shortcomings of SoundPEATS H1, you just want to make the texture of the charging case more refined! Generally speaking, SoundPEATS H1 is worthy of its price in terms of design and performance, and is a high-cost mid-range headset.


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